Monday, June 30, 2014

Zombies and Spankings! (But No Spanking Zombies)

I made it all the way to the end! 26 posts in 30 days. A special thanks to Celeste Jones for posing the challenge, it was definitely challenging but fun. Check out Spanking Romance for everyone who participated in the Spanking from A-Z Blogging Challenge.

So today Z is for Zombies. The second book I put out, Cursed Waters, is near and dear to my heart. I actually started it a few years ago but was trying to make it a young adult book-- it didn't work.

There is a lot from my real life that I wrote into Cursed Waters, and it took me a long time to get it out, and have it make sense. Oh, and there's zombies in it. But not like a lot of zombies, or a lot of gore, they are sort of just an obstacle that my main character Roxy faces. And in a way they bring her back together with her ex-boyfriend, Trevor.

I think sometimes in life we need weird situations that push us together, and relationships either grow stronger because of them, or you end up seeing someone for who they really are. 

A hurricane has struck Roxy's seaside hometown. Trevor is stranded at her apartment with her, and has warned her not to venture outside in the storm. But really, did we expect her to listen?

Roxy lifted her head up and realized she was definitely not alone. There were about half a dozen people milling around on the sidewalks. Slowly, milling around, as if they were out for a stroll, as if they weren't walking in a hurricane, almost as if they were zombies. She quickly shook herself, no, not that, there was no such thing. She dodged around the slow walker in front of her, running towards the parking lot. She needed to get to her car, get the book, and get back before Trevor realized she was gone.
Trying to keep her head up, so she could avoid running into anyone, the rain and wind whipped against her face and stung her eyes. She squinted, trying to clear her vision, then let out a yelp as her feet tangled in a fallen branch. Roxy saw the sidewalk advancing towards her and she placed her hands out in front to brace for her fall. Her palms and knees stung as the skin scraped away on the rough concrete of the sidewalk.
She felt hands on her waist, lifting her off the hard, wet sidewalk. She panicked and tried to remember what Seaweed had told her about fighting zombies. Failing to recall any zombie fighting techniques, Roxy turned and swung at her attacker, fists flying. Her wrists were caught before she ever landed one punch. Surprised, she looked up into Trevor's angry glare.
Are you nuts?” he yelled. Roxy barely heard him over the sounds of the whipping wind.
Her heart was pounding and she was too stunned to answer his question. She saw one of the slow walkers coming up behind Trevor and gestured for him to turn around. It was a man, his features drawn and gaunt, he looked past them as if not even seeing them blocking his way. Roxy pulled on Trevor's hands, which were still wrapped around her wrists, and the two of them ducked into a doorway of a storefront.
The slow moving man stumbled past them. Roxy and Trevor shot each other curious looks. Trevor stuck his head out of the alcove looking both ways up and down the sidewalk. He grabbed Roxy's elbow and jerked her back in the direction towards her apartment. She dug her heels in, pulling back, when Trevor spun around she gestured towards the flooded lot and her car. He shook his head and pulled her again. They got into a brief tug of war in the middle of the sidewalk. Roxy was pulling on Trevor with all her strength trying to get him to release her arms.

He pulled Roxy tight against him with one arm, slamming her into his muscular chest. He reached around with his other arm and placed a hard smack on her rain coat covered ass. Her eyes flew to his in surprise and her body stiffened. Trevor loosened his hold on her, but still gripping her elbow, he pulled her to follow behind him and this time she complied.
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  1. I absolutely LOVED this book. And it totally would've made a great YA book (minus the hot figging and oh yeah, the spanking). It's totally entertaining, funny, sweet and hot. The usual Casey fare...

  2. You know we're all going to say the same thing, right? It didn't work as YA because you had to keep taking the spankings out!!!

  3. I totally loved this book! You would make such a great YA writer, Casey. I don't want you to though because I am selfish and want you to keep writing the spankings.

  4. Maybe I could be a YA writer if I weren't thinking about kinky stuff all the time... it's hard to turn it off, you know?