Monday, June 23, 2014

Teasing and Threats

We are getting so close to the end in the Spanking from A-Z Blogging Challenge!

T is for Teasing and Threats

In books, just like in real life, there is a lot of parts to a spanking. It's not just the actual act of the spanking. Yeah, you have to figure out logistics (otk, standing, over the desk), implement, length, and intensity.

I read spanking romance for the spankings. But it is not just about the spankings. 

Are you confused yet?

I like the lead up. A threat, some teasing, a promise that a spanking is to come.

Yes, I also like a lot of spankings, but if there is no build up, then it feels like it's over before you even got started. It's like sex with no foreplay.

It was like before I found spanking romances and I was reading books with strong alpha males. They would always hint around like they were going to do something to take the heroine in hand. My heart would flutter, my pulse would quicken, had I finally found a book that would go there?

I would tear through the pages, reading faster and faster, trying to get to the part where he made good on his threat.

Most of the time they would just tumble into bed together, make some sweet love, and she was putty in his hands. Okay, I guess that is one resolution. It was never what I had in mind. So I was always adding the spankings in my head.

Now that we have a whole genre of spanking romance-- I am never left hanging. But sometimes a story can almost feel just as incomplete if there isn't any lead up.

I need a heated look.

A stern gaze.

"Wait until we get home."

A pat on the butt.

Seriously, just a few words will have me panting and reading on!

It's similar to wandering through the housewares section with my husband. i think he plays a game called "How Embarrassed Can I Make You?"

A display of wooden spoons? He selects one and holds it out to me, raising his eyebrows suggestively. I flush with heat as the aisle is crowded and what if other shoppers pick up on his cues?

A bamboo cutting board shaped like a paddle? He'll point it out to me, "Do you think you need that? We could probably find some use for it."

It's like foreplay in the kitchen gadget aisle. It will have me ready to go all day.

And that's what I like in my books too.

Know any good teasing heroes? Let me know so I can add them to my reading list!


  1. I love the spanking tease also. And I'm always sad when it's in a regular romance and they never follow through with any kind of spanking!

  2. mmmm, spanking foreplay, I love it!
    I absolutely love the tease!
    Great post, Casey

  3. I love the teasing before a spanking too! And the very best spanking romances have a good build up to a spanking so that you have plenty of time to get all hot and bothered with anticipation.

    Recent good examples off the top of my head have been Patty Devlin's The Lawman's Lessons where the lawman threatens the heroine with a spanking fairly early on and when she doesn't change her attitude he says something like "It was always going to come to this". The idea of him feeling like spanking her backside was an inescapable inevitability really hot.

    There's a great teasing scene in Loving Lena, of course, where Wesley bends Lena over the desk and leaves her there for ages. Loved that bit.

    Love the idea of you and Mr Casey in the kitchenware shop. You two sound so cute!