Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dirty Talking- Spanking from A-Z

I am up to "D" on the A-Z Blog Challenge. Today I am talking about Dirty Talk!

You know, when you and your significant other have a little alone time and you whisper dirty things in each other's ears?

Except, no, I do not know because I am terrible at this. I blame the years of quiet, sneaking around sex before we moved out on our own.

My phrases during sex are uninspired and unvaried. I mostly say things like "Yes, I like that." (A little feedback never hurt anyone) Or, "Don't stop." 

Sometimes I think of dirty things to say, but I choke on the words before they get out of my mouth. I am afraid I will start laughing, or he will start laughing, or I will sound like I am trying to steal dialogue from a late night, soft core, cable porn.

My husband has branched out into the the dirty talking recently. Most specifically name-calling. I guess when your wife likes to be spanked, asks you to dominate her in the bedroom, and gets off on hair pulling you might connect the dots and think name-calling is not too far off the mark.

So there I am giving him some oral sex, when somewhere off in the distance I hear him call me a slut. That shouldn't turn me on as much as it does, but nevertheless it does.

First of all, it doesn't even make sense, because I am not a slut, and never have been. Secondly, why would my husband even call me that? But anyway, I found it insanely hot and it ended up being a memorable night.

A few weeks later I was sending him dirty text messages (because I can write dirty things, I just have trouble saying them) and he mentioned how he had been worried he crossed the line that night. 

Turns out he had actually called me "My little anal slut", which I apparently missed the entire beginning of. I find this way hotter than being called a slut.

Can we just examine how trusting this man is for a second? He decided to bust out this phrase while his penis was in my mouth. He told me he was afraid I was going to get mad and stop mid- blow job, and I'm like, you weren't afraid of the teeth?? That is some trust right there.

Anyway, we have established that I like this and I think it has now been added to the repetoire. I think I am still trying to work up the nerve to say anything. My husband did say that dirty talking is easier when we have had some drinks. I do get pretty chatty when I'm drinking, I'll have to take notice next time to see if anything dirty slips out of my mouth.

What is your stance on dirty talk? Turn on or turn off?

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  1. I'm cracking up about your comment weren't you afraid of the teeth? Come on Casey, you know you're not going to do any real harm to the family jewels, at worst pinch them a bit!!!Dirty talk definitely has it's place.

  2. Of course I would never bite him, but I would have that thought more than once if I were a dude, I am just saying it takes a lot of trust to let someone near that with teeth!

  3. Truthfully, I find dirty talk so awkward most of the time. Sometimes not, but I haven't stopped to examine why that is.

  4. LOL, Casey. No teeth! :)
    I'm not very good at dirty talk either :)

  5. Dirty talk, as in name calling doesn't do much for me. Guess I'm old school, or just plain old, lol, but if my husband called me a slut he wouldn't have to worry about oral for a while. Now, if he whispers what he want to do to me when he gets me alone, he can be pretty graphic and that's cool, but no names unless they are affectionate.

  6. I don't know! I'd probably be into it. I could never so it back though. Speaking the words out loud? OMG!!!

  7. Jolynn is the dirty talker at our house. She tries to get me to say stuff, and then I can't. Eventually, she gets me to say it.

    I can swear all day like a sailor, but that's as far as it goes.

    Casey, you must have selective hearing during blowjob time.

  8. I'm horrible at dirty talk. I'm always worried about saying something so filthy and outlandish it throws off my hubbie's stroke. That happened once and made me horribly self conscious.

    He, on the other hand, has jumped in with both feet. He discovered this did something for me and uses it as often as possible. Sometimes I think he sneak reads my books, b/c some of the dirty stuff is pretty spot on.

    And I love the unexpected dirty name calling. Most often my hubbie will go in a "oh, that's a good/naughty girl" direction, and sometimes he'll break out the "dirty little slut", but not as often. I was also shocked by how much I liked it. I guess it's b/c it was him, and in the moment.

  9. My husband pointed out that we are both better at dirty talking when we have been drinking. I think he's right.

    As for the name calling thing, you are right Aubrey, it's because it's with my husband and in the moment. Also, it's not true. If he called me something that rang true I would get pissed-- "Who's my mediocre housekeeper?"
    That would get him slapped.