Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dungeon Crawl- Post Spanking Inspection


Welcome, welcome! It's your weekly dose of Dungeon Crawl
Today I have another dose of Loving Lena the second in my Ravenswood Manor Series. It is currently being formatted and uploaded, so look for it to purchase at some point tomorrow!

It this little selection Wesley is teasing Lena later in the day after her first spanking has taken place.

Running his hands down her body, he pulled himself off of her, sitting back on his side of the bed. He leaned against the pillows, propping himself up in a seated position.

She looked at him in question, but then he pulled her across his lap.

"What are you doing?" She looked back at him over her shoulder.

He ran a hand up her naked thigh and she shivered at his soft touch. "I am inspecting for damage."
His hand caressed her naked cheeks and she wiggled her hips over his lap. He pinched her bottom and she let out a giggle, "Now, now, hold still while I look you over," he said in mock annoyance.

"Yes, sir," she answered in a breathy moan.

He went on caressing and massaging until she was spreading her legs open, begging for his touch to wander to other places. "I think it all looks good here," he went on. "Hardly even pink anymore."

She let out a sigh and pushed her hips up, inviting him to touch her.

"Are you asking me for something?"

"Wesley," she moaned.


She opened her legs wider and rubbed herself on his thigh. "Please," she begged.

His fingers found her molten core and she let out a low moan.

"My, my, I have been keeping you wanting. You should have let me know there were matters that needed to be attended to," he teased.

Look for Loving Lena, on sale tomorrow! Or see where it all began in Book 1, Emmaline's Groom!

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  1. I'm quite sure he will be happy to take care of her needs.

  2. Tomorrow, huh. Happy sigh. I'll add it to my TBR-pile this summer, Casey.

    Good luck to Lena!

  3. He does not disappoint her, Leigh!

    Thanks so much, Han! :)