Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dungeon Crawl

Welcome to the Dungeon Crawl, powered by Romancing the Kink!

I feel like I am going to get kicked out of this thing for not being dark and edgy enough, so soak it up now people! I may be asked not to come back.

Take the above picture for instance (these graphics are awesome btw!), I think the thing in the corner is a spanking bench. And in my head I am thinking that a man just spent all day doing manly things and building this spanking bench. (That's why there is an ax, that is an ax, right?) Anyway, now he is all sweaty and saw dusty and ornery from, you know, axing, and he is going to turn his woman over that bench and spank the daylights out of her.

I don't know why. I don't need a motive, it's my fantasy. She did something spankable, obvi!

Anyway, I am not sure that's what the people at RTK wanted when they started their Dungeon Crawl, now I am just taking over and getting all spanky with it.

But spanking is BDSM too!

Okay, how about figging? I have figging!

This is from my book Cursed Waters it's got zombies and figging!

 Trevor gave her a quick kiss and piled two pillows on top of each other. Then he guided her across them. She felt completely vulnerable, her ass sticking up higher than the rest of her, served up to him for whatever he may wish to do. The thought scared her and turned her on all at once.
Trevor pressed down on the ginger, causing a slight heat to emit throughout her. “How does it feel?” he questioned, “Does it feel like it's getting hot yet?”
“A little,” she answered honestly, hoping it didn't turn into an unbearable burning. Roxy could barely feel the heat right now.
“I think it takes a while to heat up,” he replied. “Maybe I should make you keep it in when we go out.”
She jerked her head up to look at him and he laughed at her reaction. “I was kidding,” he reassured, then moved to pick up the belt, “but I wasn't kidding about this.”
Trevor brought his arm up and Roxy tensed and winced in anticipation. The crack of the belt echoed off of the walls in her bedroom and the delicious burn the leather left in it's wake awakened all her senses. Trevor brought it down again, lower this time, catching the tops of her thighs and she jumped.
“Try to stay still,” he warned. She wanted to tell him not to hit so low but he swung again, causing the words to die on her lips. Every time he brought his arm up, she tensed, causing the ginger to release a burning inside. Then after the belt left its mark she had a burning outside to match. Roxy lost count as Trevor whipped her burning flesh. She didn't recognize the moans and guttural growls coming from her own mouth. She felt hot tears coursing down her face. But it wasn't from pain, all of her senses were on fire, she was burning with desire and begging him to take her and put her out of her misery.
Roxy felt the bed dip behind her as Trevor brought himself up on his knees. His hands caressed her punished flesh and she mewled against his tender touch. He pressed the ginger deeper into her as he plunged his hardened length into her wanting core. Roxy screamed out and twisted the sheets in her fists. Trevor pounded into her from behind, her hips pressing further into the pillows stacked beneath her.

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  1. Damn, Gina! I don't even know what that means, but I said it while reading your excerpt.

    Just smokin'!!

    And YES, spanking -- and figging too -- is most definitely included in BDSM (tell your friends).

    And you are SO invited to next week's hop, Casey:)

  2. Wonderful scene Casey. I can't wait to read more!

  3. Wonderful scene Casey. I can't wait to read more!

  4. There's an axe in the pic? ???

    I think you chose a suitable excerpt...figging is always always HOT! ;)

  5. Yay! I am already invited back. Thanks, Trent!
    Thank you, Marybeth :)

    Natasha- is that not an axe sticking out of the bench?? I thought it was, maybe not?

  6. I don't think you're getting booted from this hop, girl that was awesome! And yes, that's an axe. Kinda scared me a little.

    Speaking of scared figging scares the crap outta me. I'm waiting for someone to tell me it doesn't HURT. But it always sounds like it makes people horny so that's a good thing...

  7. Something I've never tried but this excerpt does make it sound intriguing. Nicely done, Casey :)

  8. Great figging, definitely something for a dungeon!

  9. belts and ginger and hard lengths deep inside. Damn that's hot. There should be a physical exam from your doctor required before participating in this HOT dungeon crawl. Damn! I got the palpitations...

  10. oh YEAH, figging rocks~ I loved this scene.

  11. Oh course you are invited! All are welcome, this is BDSM BAY-BEH! (Why do I like to say it like that? I don't know. It's just funny to me.) And it definitely includes spanking, caning, DD, figging (woot), etc. etc. And yeah, figging is FUN. ;)

    ... and ... back to the writing here. AHEM. And HOLY BLEEP (haha), most excellent, Casey!

    PS: The pic (I have the large version) is definitely a bench of some sort, or something to be bent over.

  12. Oh, love the combination of spanking and figging. Love. Love. Sounds like you did a good job to me!

  13. Spanking is part of BSDSM too... hell yes it is and what a HOT excerpt, inside and out.
    You did a wonderful job with the use of ginger.
    Loved her reaction to being told she may have to keep it in her while they went out. To bad he was kidding about that. ~giggles~