Friday, February 21, 2014

Saturday Spankings- Implements and Fairy Tales

Hi, welcome back to Saturday Spankings! I am picking up in the next scene of Jake and Coral's story in Ever Afters: The Winter Storm, the soon to be released co-authored book by me, Katherine Deane and Renee Rose!

Coral has just escorted Jake down to the BDSM dungeon in the lodge. He sees an armoire in the corner and asks Coral what's inside.

“What's in there?” Jake asked.
There was hope for him yet.
“Implements!” Coral couldn't keep the excitement from her voice and he chuckled at her response.
“Have you tried all of these out?”
“No, not all of them,” she answered honestly. There were a couple of heavy wooden paddles in there that scared her more than turned her on.

Jake reached up and ran his hand down the length of a leather riding crop. She felt her core clench with desire.

Welcome to New Kristiandom, a world filled with fantasy and paranormal. A world where old fashioned meets contemporary, where fairy tales and real life collide. Where truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  Where romance and fetish are the norm and everyone gets a “Happily Ever After”.

This is the first story of the characters who shape this world. These are the ‘Ever Afters’.

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  1. Fun snippet, Casey. I can really feel her excitement. Congrats on the upcoming release! :)

  2. love it! interesting that there are paddles that scare her more than turn her on :)

  3. Not all spanking implements are created equal. Congratulations on the upcoming release.

  4. Loved this snippet. I was surprised he didn't ask which she hadn't tried yet...congrats on the upcoming release!

  5. Yes, she does sound excited at first ... great tease!

  6. Did you say you missed the deadline to link up to sat spanks? I've been off all week! Very cute snippet - I'm looking forward to the release!

  7. loved her excitement!
    And mmmmm, implements!
    I agree :)
    especially, the riding crop!

  8. Cute snippet, Casey. Her excitement is palpable. Hope she gets what she's wishing for.

  9. Oooh fun! love this snippet Casey. ;)