Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine's Day Post!

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It is Valentine's Day! I've always loved this day. I know it gets a lot of flack. Especially from people who may be single, or people who put a lot of importance on the silly things, and it gets called a Hallmark holiday, blah blah blah.

I'm sorry, you should check who's blog you're on- hopeless romantic over here :)

Most of the Valentine's Day I have had I was single and I loved them all the same. I was the dork in school who sent all her best girlfriend's lollipops with messages that the band was selling. Or planned a girl's night where we watched romantic comedies and painted our nails. Or stayed up late to watch Fatal Attraction with my mom (don't ask, it was on TV and it scared the shit out of me).

Anyway, the point is- I just enjoy a day that is all about love. Be it love between friends or lovers or family. It's nice to just tell people you love them and spend some time with them. And that is why I love today!

This year is the first year Mr. McKay and I actually have some pocket money we could use to buy each other gifts. I thought about getting him something special. I wanted to show him how much I appreciate him- and really, who doesn't love getting gifts??

I lost some weight and my wedding and engagement rings no longer fit me. I could have had them resized, that would have been some sort of loving gesture, right? Or I could have bought something just for him, something he really wanted. Or something sexy, that I could wear for him maybe?

Well, about a week ago I had to buy new pads for Roller Derby. New pads and a mouth guard got pretty pricey. Suddenly, all the extra pocket money we had was gone. I informed him of this before I hit the complete button on my online order. He just shrugged it off and told me to order them.

"But, I should get you something for Valentine's Day instead," I said.


"I don't know. These are expensive and we should just spend the money on us instead."

"Order them. I'd like you to stay unbroken." Then he leaned over and kissed me, "Happy Valentine's Day, Roller Girl."

To say I swooned would be putting it mildly, but it's stuff like that that gets me, you know?

We are spending the night in. Inexpensive, but fun. And who knows, maybe I'll let him bang me with my skates on :)

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Readers- I love you all :)

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  1. So freakin' sweet. Glad you're so perky about V-Day

  2. I love him even more! That is the best Valentine's story ever!! Happy Valentine's Day lady. Go put on something sexy and get spanked.