Friday, February 21, 2014

Round Table Discussion- Spanking Relationships

Welcome to this edition of the Round Table Discussion, brought you by Spanking Romance Reviews. Today's topic was brought to us by Patricia Green:

Being of an Age and Spanking: a discussion about how one changes as a spanking partner over the years of a relationship 
From Patricia:
You’re 30 and spanking is a big part of your life. It shapes how you behave in many ways, and strikes a chord when you read about others living the same way. But how will you feel about it when you’re 50, or 60, or 70? You won’t be the same person at those ages, and your relationship will grow and mature as the years pass by.
Where do you see your spanking relationship as you get older? What do you anticipate? What do you dread? How do you feel about others who are older and still have spanking in their lives? Is that too weird a mental picture? Please think about it and share your take on spanking as we grow older.

Where do you see your spanking relationship as you get older? What do you anticipate? What do you dread?

I feel like my spanking relationship just started. We are in our early thirties, we've been married less than five years, it is all still very new to us. We don't practice Domestic Discipline, we are just into some good kinky fun. So where do I see us as we get older? I am hoping the novelty doesn't wear off.

Right now I will hint about wanting a spanking. I will flat out ask if he is not getting the hint. I think my husband is still amused by me. But he always mentions that the spanking is my thing, he gets nothing out of it. I do wonder sometimes if he will just stop wanting to participate in it. I have no reason to think this, just my own overactive mind.

Then there is the prospect of children. We are planning on having some at some point. That will definitely change the way we live our lives, never mind just the spanking and kinky part. We go through different phases of life and have to change the way we do things to adjust. That is just a normal part of living. But I am hopeful that we will still make time for each other and still want to do all the things that makes us so connected now.

I don't just mean the spanking and the sex toys and all the other things we do. I mean the communicating, the trust, meeting each other's needs. It started out as some foreplay and some kink and it evolved into the way we live our lives. I know we have grown closer, we listen to each other better, we respect each other more. I can feel it and I can see it. I guess in a way I am afraid we might lose that.

How do you feel about others who are older and still have spanking in their lives? Is that too weird a mental picture? Please think about it and share your take on spanking as we grow older.

I am a romantic and I love seeing people in love. So I notice couples and the way they interact- young, old, it doesn't matter. Do I ever look at an older couple and wonder if they spank or have some kinky life behind closed doors? Yes, all the time. And it makes me smile. I don't really get a mental picture, that seems like an invasion of privacy if they are standing right in front of me.

I think it actually makes more sense for an older couple to have a spanking relationship. I think if you have had more experience in life and love it would make a relationship like that run smoother.

At least that is what I think. But really, what do I know?

In the future I picture myself still living happily with my husband. Just living and loving and doing what feels right. I'm not naïve enough to think nothing will change, but I think I am optimistic enough to think it will always change for the better. 

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  1. One thing that strikes me from your posts is how much FUN you have with your husband. Whether your sex toys work or fail (lol), you're having a good time. That's the way it should be.

  2. I like and agree with what Cara said. I think you and the man have an awesome relationship and I love that you look at the changes that are inevitable in a positive way. That will make it positive.

    I agree on the closeness and intimacy, it's huge and I love seeing older people holding hands or standing a little too close to each other. I always think 'they must spank' for some reason. Whatever it is, I hope they're happy.

    Nice post, as usual.

  3. thanks for taking part, Casey- it was good to read. But yes, Cara's right- the fun you and your husband have always shine through in your posts- beautiful to read. I enjoyed how you mentioned you getting a mental picture of other people in intimate situations because it feels like an invasion of privacy

  4. Thanks! We do have a lot of fun and I'm glad it comes through in my posts. I can't even imagine living with someone who didn't have a sense of humor.
    Thanks for all the sweet comments :)

  5. I agree with the other's too, the fun in your relationship is always apparent, and as long as you keep on having fun, changes like children etc won't hinder but enrich. Sure, you might have to sneak about the place instead of as and when the mood takes, but you will find a way.
    (Thank god for schooldays :D)

  6. Well your post made me feel good I tend to read things from you guys and think ugh why did we wait so long??!! But things happen for a reason. And it is different when you are older. Menopause, hormones, exhaustion, and adult college kids in the house make you very creative. Very. I am 52 and bob is going to be 58 this year, we are that old couple. I hope people wonder about us. We kids and hold hands a lot in public and he snacks me in the ass no matter who is around. I love that!

    I work with young people and they see something with us. I get asked about our relationship a lot. They have noticed bob saying "okay you've had enough" at bars and I comply or "c'mon it's time to get you home" and I jump up no questions. It's not what they see at work. But they know we are in love.

    Thanks great post!!!

  7. When you start out with a converted vanilla, TTWD gets more tricky but as you've proven through your posts, it's not impossible to get what you need. Some things change over time, some things won't--but the intimacy and closeness that spanking brings between lovers is one of the those things that get deeper and more intimate the longer and the more comfortable we get doing this.

    You guys seem to keep things so fun and lively, I can't help but think you're going about the conversion of your particular "vanilla" just perfectly. :)

  8. You and your husband appear to have an open dialog in order to get your needs met. That's a great thing, whether spanking is a part or not. In many ways, we can think of spanking as just another part of our consideration for each other -- like making a breakfast the other person likes best, or making them laugh when they're down. Sounds like you've got that going. Keep it up, one thing at a time, and it will never fade away.

  9. I always love your posts, Casey!
    They are so fun and authentic!
    That's what you guys have, and it's pretty doggone special!


    LOL, like Tara said, when the kids come, you just learn to be a bit sneakier about it.

    Great post!!

  10. I agree w/the other comments, I love how much fun you and your husban have together. Laughing together can be almost as intimate as sex...and you're never too old to laugh.