Friday, February 14, 2014

Fairy Tale Spanks

I've been a Sat Spanks no show for a while. I just don't write as quickly as my peers! I've had nothing to share.

Until now :)

I co-authored a book with some fine ladies and some good friends: Katherine Deane and Renee Rose.

It's called Ever Afters: The Winter Storm

We are all really excited about it and now you get to have a little sneak preview snippet. 

We all took our own take on a fairy tale/ fairy tale characters. This is a little bit of what it's about, we don't have a blurb yet:

Welcome to New Kristiandom, a world filled with fantasy and paranormal. A world where old fashioned meets contemporary, where fairy tales and real life collide. Where truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  Where romance and fetish are the norm and everyone gets a “Happily Ever After”.

This is the first story of the characters who shape this world. These are the ‘Ever Afters’.

In this snippet, my main character Coral has just been scolded by her boss, Mr. Wolfe, for being out in a blizzard. He also introduces her to Jake Hill, a guest who is waiting out the blizzard at the lodge.

Both men stood assessing her now, but she still couldn't get her voice to obey. She gave another affirmative nod. Jake let out a deep chuckle and Mr. Wolfe narrowed his eyes at her before he turned on his heel and walked away muttering something about stubborn women and people falling down hills. Jake winked at her, then turned and followed Mr. Wolfe down the long corridor.
Coral heaved a sigh of relief. She had been prepared for another lecture, and although Mr. Wolfe ran his lodge with a heavy hand he had never threatened to spank her before. The thought of it made her belly flip. And who was this beautiful stranger who had taken up temporary residence?

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  1. I like the title very much and looking forward to read the complete story(ies). Are you dying to see a cover and blurb???? :)

  2. Love the tease and the anticipation. Looking forward to more.

  3. Intriguing snippet and blurb. Also like the tone of the piece.

  4. What a fun collaboration! I love fairy tales.

  5. Scrutinized by two men at the same time. I'd have lost my voice too. Love her curiosity about the temporary resident.

  6. Yay, Casey! I'm so excited you chose this scene to share!

    Make sure everyone knows, you came up with this awesome title!

    Coral and Jake are so hot together!

    Yay! Are you having fun yet?

  7. Very intriguing snippet. There's a lot more going on here then what you're showing us.

  8. Very intriguing snippet, Casey, and congrats on the new book. Love it that the three of you collaborated together.

  9. I do love a collaboration! Sounds like fun!