Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Past- Free Spanking Story

We are in the depths of holiday chaos here in the McKay house. But through the shopping, and prepping, and family cheer (hear the sarcasm?)- I did take some time to reflect that things were not so easy just a short time ago.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and also because I may have used some poetic license in some parts), but this is a mostly true story.

Merry Christmas, readers! Here is a gift for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading all my crazy posts :)

A Tale of Christmas Past (A Slightly True Story)

Krista rolled her shoulders trying to shake out the tension as she set up the baking supplies on the counter. Thankful she had only worked the one job today she tried to put her aching feet out of her mind. She took a sip of her hot chocolate, trying to wake herself up a bit before Josh got home. She was hoping once the cookies were baked, and she had spent some much needed quality time with her husband, she would be able to get to bed at a decent time for the first night this week. She snipped the top off of the back of chocolate chips, popping a few in her mouth as she read through the recipe.
Her heart just wasn't in it. This was usually one of her favorite times of year, but she was finding it hard to get into the spirit of things this year. She knew Josh would appreciate the cookies, and hell she could definitely use a sugar fix.
She heard the answering machine click on in the living room and she ran to it, pulling the plug from the wall, silencing it before the message could start. The bill collectors could get a busy signal for a few hours, she thought, as she swallowed down the lump in her throat that formed every time she thought of their mounting debts. The phone would be the next thing to get shut off anyway, then they wouldn't have to deal with the messages they had both stopped listening to and didn't even bother deleting anymore.
As she turned to go back into the kitchen her eye caught the Christmas tree in the corner. The artificial tree was a little lopsided, most likely from the cat that kept climbing it. The lights were hanging precariously off the side and the ten ornaments that were up were scattered with no rhyme or reason. Krista felt the first genuine smile she'd had in days pull at her lips. Josh had done his best to decorate the tree for her, but his decorating skills left much to be desired. She loved that he had tried and she knew he was trying to cheer her up. She normally decked out the house right after Thanksgiving, but this year she was too tired and deflated.
The cookie baking was her way to thank him, for trying to bring a little Christmas cheer into their home, and for holding her while she had cried herself to sleep last night. She also didn't want him to think she blamed him. She didn't. They were in a financial mess that neither of them could have seen coming. They were trying desperately to claw their way out, but it wasn't happening quick enough. She understood now why a lot of relationships suffered over money problems. But they had decided early on that they would remain united and not let this take them under.
She set the oven to preheat, hoping the heat from it would warm her up. Glancing at the clock she hoped Josh would be home to help her with the cookies, that was part of her plan. She also hoped his mood wasn't completely dismal, it was hard to get him out of his funk when he first got home. She suddenly got very nervous that her plan was stupid, if he rejected her she didn't know if she could take it. Would he just politely tell her he wasn't in the mood? Again?
She was about to run upstairs to change and shelve her sexy cookie baking plan for another night when they would be less stressed and more in the mood, when she heard the front door open. She took a deep breath to center herself. She was diving in head first, there was really no way to explain why she was baking cookies in nothing but an apron and a sexy pair of panties.
“Hello?” Josh called as he slammed the front door behind him.
He sounded tired. She knew he couldn't see her where she stood in the kitchen. She hesitated, not knowing if she should walk in and show him what she was up to, or hide a bit longer.
“I'm in here,” she answered. She was hiding- chicken.
She heard him sigh as he sat on the couch and the thunk of his sneakers as he kicked them off into the middle of the floor.
“How was your day?” he asked.
“Oh you know, same old same old. Frantic shoppers. Long lines, no breaks. Merry Christmas.” She didn't mean for that last part to come out as sarcastic as it did. When had she gotten so jaded?
She heard him murmuring his agreement and hated that she had already started in on the negative. She was trying to change up the pace tonight. A little less bitching, a little more fun.
“What are you doing in there?”
Now was the moment of truth. This would either work, or end disastrously. She just hoped he didn't laugh.
“Baking cookies.”
She laughed at his gleeful “Yay!”
“Want to help?”
“Egh, yeah, I guess.” He clearly did not want to help.
She left her back to the kitchen doorway, knowing the eyeful he would get of her from behind. She closed her eyes as she heard his approaching footsteps.
“Wow.” She barely heard his breathy whisper before his arms wrapped around her from behind.
“What is this?”
“Hmm? I'm baking cookies.” She smiled, shivering as his warm body came into contact with her cold skin.
“Aren't you cold?” He laughed while he asked. He was always making fun of her for the many layers she wore during the winter, she could never bundle up enough.
“Yes!” she admitted and laughed as he hands slid under her apron.
“I'll warm you up.”
He was kissing her neck and she leaned back into him.
“Cookies, we need to get the cookies in the oven.”
He murmured an affirmative sound and kept kissing down her neck.
“Wait! I need to measure, I can't think.”
She was elated he appreciated her gesture, but she really wanted to get these cookies in the oven.
“Okay, you measure, I'll watch.”
His hands stilled, but they were still under her apron. Her hands shook as she measured out the flour and sugar. She repeated the measurements out loud, trying to keep herself on task.
“And two handfuls of these,” Josh replied as he grabbed her breasts in his warm hands. She tried to ignore him and keep measuring, but she moaned when his thumbs flicked over her hardened nipples.
She got all of the ingredients into the bowl as his hands continued to roam her body. He massaged her ass with one hand and slid his hand down her tummy with the other, her hands stilled as his finger played with the waistband of her panties.
“Now what?” he prompted.
“I just need to mix it.”
She stirred and he picked up the chocolate chips.
“When do these go in?” He popped a few in his mouth and held some to her lips for her to take.
She caught them on her tongue and drew his finger into her mouth, sucking on it seductively.
He dumped the entire bag of chips on top of the mass of dough in the bowl. He pulled the spoon out of her hand, dropping it on the counter and pulled her away.
“Okay, done.”
She laughed.
“Wait, we just have to spoon them onto the cookie sheets.”
He growled at her and she couldn't stop the giggling coming out of her. Yes, this was the light-hearted playfulness she needed.
They got the cookies lined up in record time, working together silently. Josh smacking Krista's hand away whenever she tried to fix one of his dough balls she thought was too big or too small. Once they were done, the cookie sheet slid into the oven, and the timer set, Josh pulled her from the counter then took a few steps back.
She felt her face flush with heat as his eyes raked over her body. They had been married for three years, but her heart still thumped in her chest when he gave her that heavy-lidded look.
“What brought this on?”
She opened her mouth to speak, but her words faltered when she tried to respond. Wasn't he enjoying himself?
He must have noticed her confusion because he pulled her into a hug. “I love it, don't get me wrong. Anytime you want to bake like this, I am all for it!”
Relief flooded her and she stood on her tip toes to kiss him.
“I've been so stressed. I'm sorry I haven't been very Christmas-y. I thought the cookies would get us more into the spirit, and well-” She hid her face in his shoulder not knowing how to finish.
He pulled her away from him to look at her.
“You haven't been very interested in 'other activities' lately.” She dropped her gaze, feeling her face heat up, she couldn't look directly at him and talk about this.
“I didn't think you wanted to.”
“I asked you to!”
“You seemed so tired.”
Silence hung between them. Krista tried to tug the apron down a bit, feeling very exposed now that they were having a normal conversation.
She let out a yelp of surprise as he swept her up and carried her into the living room.
“Let's get you out of this.”
Josh turned her around and untied the apron. It wasn't even a sexy apron, just a plain black one someone had given them at her bridal shower. She wished she could have afforded a cute 1950's looking one, but maybe some other Christmas. It seemed wearing barely-there lacey panties under anything instantly made it sexy.
He pushed her towards the couch, but instead of guiding her towards the seat he pulled her towards the side. He urged her to bend over the arm and she willingly complied. It had been weeks since they had sex and even longer since he had spanked her. She was dying to have all kinds of itches scratched.
His hand came down hard on her left cheek and she jumped at the contact. She settled back in and he spanked again, she let out a moan. He was spanking harder than a sexy spanking, or she just really wasn't used to it.
She felt his hand tangle in her hair. It had gotten longer than normal because she didn't have the money to get it cut. As she felt him wrap it around his hand and tug she decided she might never cut it again. She had to arch her back and lift her chest up to relieve the strain on her scalp, but the the tension went right to her core and she felt the wetness between her legs.
“You've been so stressed,” he said as he spanked her, his slaps falling at a punishing pace.
She snorted in response, that was the understatement of the century. She felt like she was wound so tight she could snap at a moment's notice. She let a whimper escape, not so much from the spanking, but from all the emotions she had bottled up inside. He stopped and rubbed his hand across her heated cheeks. He slid her panties down and then helped her stand before he guided her to lay down on her back on the couch. He stood before her, quickly shedding his clothes, before covering her with his body.
He rubbed a finger over her clit as he took one of her nipples in his mouth. She arched into him and moaned, feeling her climax already building. After the baking foreplay and the spanking it didn't take much to have her crying out in pleasure.
He sank into her as she was still quivering underneath him. His thrusts came fast and hard, she grabbed onto his shoulders to brace herself. She was lost again, being pushed to the heights again, when she heard beeping.
“The cookies,” Krista groaned as Josh continued his pace.
She wanted to push him off so she could get the cookies before they burned, but instead her legs wrapped around his waist and drew him in deeper.
He groaned something unintelligible and pushed himself up, she though for a second that he was going to get the cookies, but he switched their places. He laid back on the couch bringing her on top of him. When she was on top she felt so full, she rocked her hips, sliding herself up and down his length. Josh leaned back watching her on top of him, he brought his hands up to cup her breasts as she moved up and down.
She felt him pulse inside of her as a guttural growl came from his throat. They both cried out and she collapsed on top of him, curling her arms under her on his sweaty chest.
Krista let her eyes close as she listened to his heart pound in her ear. Then she heard him give an exaggerated sniff and she realized she could smell something burning.
“The cookies!” she exclaimed as she jumped off of him and ran for the kitchen.
She grabbed a pot holder and placed them on top of the stove. They weren't too bad, just a tad overdone. The bottoms were a little charred, but they weren't inedible.

She brought some warm cookies out and curled up with Josh. That's where they stayed, curled up in a blanket, eating warm cookies, under the glowing lights of their crooked Christmas tree.


  1. This was a very well written short story- i loved it- can't wait to read more of your blogs. Thanks

  2. Dude, I so want to bake chocolate chip cookies right now! That was super cute and sexy... and I just reminded my husband that I want a cute apron for Christmas.

    I love your Christmas story Casey.


  3. Thanks so much for the nice comments :) I'm glad you enjoyed my story.

    Natasha- The next time the kids go to the grandparents you need to break out a cute apron ;)