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Discipline vs Punishment- A Spanking Round Table Discussion

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Today we are hosted by Thianna D and she came up with the topic of Discipline vs Punishment-- What is the difference to you?

At first, I would say there is no difference to me. When reading a spanking romance these are both hot button words. If the hero walks in a room and tells the heroine "You have disobeyed me, you will be punished." It has the same effect as "You have disobeyed me, you will be disciplined." Yum.

Even the word disobeyed kind of gets my motor going.

They don't mean the same thing. Discipline is following rules and staying within set guidelines. Someone can be a disciplined runner, or you can have a disciplined diet. Punishment is a consequence for not being disciplined.

It doesn't bother me at all if they are used interchangeably in a book. I may even use them in place of one or the other. At the end of the day if a reader is reading a spanking romance I think they will let it slide and won't mince the definition of your words.

I think I went straight to how it applies to reading and writing rather than real life because I do not have a domestic discipline marriage. But that doesn't mean there isn't some type of discipline or any punishments for that matter.

For instance, my husband hates if I use my cell phone while driving (okay, it is against the law and very unsafe-- but people still do it). I never text while I'm driving but I would occasionally make a phone call or two on my way from one place to another. I call it multitasking. Otherwise I have all that wasted time I could have been using while I was in the car!

(Side note- I at one point had a blue tooth, but I ran it over... so yes, perhaps my husband is right to be concerned that I would be distracted while driving.)

He mentioned to me about a month ago that the state that we live in just upped their penalty for cell phone usage while driving. He just casually mentioned it and then gave me one of those looks, no not a look like he would spank me, a look like 'I will never let you hear the end of this, we will be 90 and I will still be ragging you for getting a ticket.'

I am a big girl, I could pay my own damn fine if I happened to get pulled over for talking on my cell phone. But I know my husband would be annoyed and probably disappointed in me too. He's mentioned that it is unsafe and he would like me not to kill myself. So, I would feel terrible if something happened when I was specifically doing something he has asked me not to do. 

Is that a form of discipline? I think so, someone else is imposing expectations on me and I am following them. In this case there is not definite punishment (although the ticket itself would be a consequence), unless you count the fact that he would never drop it, ever.

I also think it works both ways. I am sure there are things he does or doesn't do because I have asked him to. These probably have less to do with safety and more to do with cleanliness-- not that either of us are at all disciplined about the cleaning of our house. But I like to think it is a bit cleaner since I live here.

One thing that I definitely see as a discipline/punishment scenario is writing. When I first started writing I would complain about not having enough time, or getting easily distracted and not meeting the goals I was setting for myself. My husband finally told me to just write, or not to write, but to stop whining about it. If I wanted to do it-- I would find the time.

"You don't understand," I said. "It just isn't that easy."

"Fine, no spankings until you get some writing done."

"Um, what?"

"You heard me."

It actually does motivate me. It isn't like he keeps track of when I am writing or when I'm not, and I could probably easily lie about it. But when I do accomplish a lot I like to share and tell him all about it... and then I usually get rewarded :)

Does he withhold spankings when I haven't accomplished my goals? Occasionally. Mostly he will tease me, but I have ways of convincing him to give me what I want, I just have to work a little harder at it.

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Reveling in His Bonds- WIP it Up Wednesday

Welcome back to WIP it Up Wednesday! Last week I gave you a sneak peek of my new yet to be titled contemporary spanking romance. I still need a title-- it's saved on my computer as "Caitlin and Simon" so that is what we shall call it!

Our duo has just reunited again after their awkward 'morning after' encounter where we found them last time. Simon has not found another reason to threaten a spanking yet, but I am sure there is more of that to come, for right now Caitlin and Simon are just addressing some basic needs.

She straddled his hips, her knees digging into the cushions on either side of him. She rocked herself over his denim covered erection and felt his unmistakable length pressing against her.

Simon moaned into her mouth as she continued rocking. He wound one hand in her hair and tugged her head back, disconnecting their kiss, but continuing his own journey kissing down her neck, sucking and nipping as he went. His hand held her in place, gentle pressure on her scalp as he tugged harder. His other hand snaked around her hips and clamped her against him, stilling her movements.

"Keep that up and I'll come in my pants," he murmured against her as he continued his assault down her throat.

She let out a sound, something between a moan and a growl, her movements limited from his strong hands on her body. She could no longer rock her hips, and her head was bent back at an odd angle from his hand in her hair. But instead of being uncomfortable she reveled in his bonds. She didn't have to think about what move to make next. He was making all the moves for her, she just had to sit back and let it happen. Her pussy gushed as his tongue found the dip in her cleavage.

Still in the works and still unedited, so please be nice!

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The Thrill of Being in Trouble- Saturday Spankings

Hello, you Saturday Spankos! Today I have a snippet from my book A Taste of Discipline. It has been out since April, but it is now available on a variety of platforms, not just Amazon. It's a steal at 99 cents! A shorter 14K story that's sure to hit the spot.

In this scene Sam has been baiting her husband Ryan into having some sort of a reaction to her. She's in a particularly bitchy mood and it's annoying her even more that he seems so cool and collected. 

She may have bitten off more than she can chew:

"Samantha," he said, her full name again. It did something to her, the thrill of being in trouble excited her just the tiniest bit.

She chose to fully ignore his warning and tried to push past him again.

He took hold of her arm and pressed her down into the table she was trying to walk past. She didn't put up a fight, she didn't even say anything. This is what she had been aiming for, but it still surprised her every time he decided to take action.

Ryan swatted her bottom a few times over her pants before he walked across the kitchen. He plucked a wooden spoon out of the crock that was on the counter and came back over to her. 

Sam is a classically trained chef. She runs her kitchen like a well-oiled machine, and steam rolls anyone who gets in the way of that. She likes to be in control and has a hard time adjusting when she can't be.

Ryan is her husband and partner. As the manager of the restaurant they own, he tries to ensure that his wife is not over working herself and not blowing up at their employees.

They're trying to find a balance in life, love, and cooking. It just might take a little discipline.

This book includes themes of domestic discipline, spankings, graphic sex, anal play, and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.

All Romance Ebooks

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The Spanking She Earned-- WIP it up Wednesday!

Hi! Welcome to Wip It Up Wednesday! I didn't even know this was a thing, but now I am all signed up and joining. Look at me, I am such a joiner!

This is from my new work in progress. It is yet to be titled. It's also yet to be edited, and might change...

I actually normally never share stuff from WIPs because it makes me feel like I am letting people into my house and I forgot to put pants on.

This time is a little different though, I am almost finished writing this one, and I actually know how it's going to end! Unheard of around here! Normally I pull up straight to the end and I'm thinking "Boy, I hope these crazy kids can work it out..."

Okay, enough chit chat. Let me set this up for you. Caitlin lives next door to Simon. He is actually friends with her roommate and the two have been nothing more than casual acquaintances-- which makes it awkward when Caitlin wakes up in Simon's bed the morning after a wild party.

"I'm moving in with Amanda, well, just moved in yesterday, so I guess I'll see more of you." She smiled, but when he didn't respond she shifted on the edge of the bed, her hands nervously twisting in her lap. 

When she moved to stand he caught her arm. "The next time I have to save you, there will be consequences."

She let out an uncomfortable laugh, "What?"

"That's the problem with girls like you, they don't know their own limits."

"The problem with girls like me?" Indignation laced her voice, she puffed her chest up, which was cute as she was swimming in his t-shirt and her hair was a halo of frizz around her head. She pulled her arm out of his grip. "I can take care of myself."

"I'm sure you can, but I'm warning you. The next time you get yourself into trouble like that I might just give you the spanking you earned."

Her eyes went wide and her face flushed red.

He expected a retort, why had he just said that? Yes, he wanted to paddle her bottom until it was cherry red. She had no business drinking so much and putting herself in harm's way. But he barely knew this girl, if she told him to go to hell it would be merited.

She stepped around him, "I need to go," she mumbled, as she scurried out his bedroom door

He didn't even hear her feet on the stairs before the front door slammed shut behind her. He shook his head, it figured, he finally got a pretty girl in his bed and she flew out the door the next morning without a second glance.

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Corbin's Bend Blog Blitz- Tara Finnegan- Author Spotlight

 When their preference for BDSM becomes embarrassingly public, Angela and Jim O’Brien decide to start afresh in Corbin’s Bend, a community based on a common ethos of spanking, a place where Ange hopes they can belong.

Ange soon learns that in this new environment, Jim is not beyond chastising her with a good sound spanking as the couple face their past demons and try to recover the closeness they once shared. New challenges soon face the couple. Will their difficulties destroy them or can their move be what Ange initially hoped for, an exile to unity?

Warning: Exile to Unity is an erotic romance containing spankings, anal play and elements of BDSM in a committed consensual relationship. If you find this material offensive, please don't buy the book.

            “Are you ready for your final punishment?”
            “Yes, Sir.”
            “Lie on your back and open your legs.”
            “Why, what are you going to do?” Realization dawned on her; he was going to punish her pussy. A trill of fear jolted through her. “No, please don’t, not there.”
            “Ange, do it, don’t make me force you. Be a good girl, and after your punishment, you’ll get your pleasure.”
            Reluctantly she turned around and positioned herself as he asked. He pulled her legs wider apart, and handed her a cushion to bite into to muffle any sounds she might be unable to avoid. He knelt on the floor between her legs, kissed her swollen labia, lightly flicking his tongue over her engorged clitoris. She shivered. He drew back and brought his hand down hard. Ange swore into the cushion with a high pitched shriek, thankfully muffled by the plush. Her hips bucked under her. Jim pushed her back into position, gently but firmly. As she quietened, he repeated it. Tears pricked her eyes as he repeated it over and over, allowing enough time between each spank for the sting to just subside before smacking down again. After each time he brought his hand down, she instinctively bucked and closed her legs tight. Only the threat of tying her legs apart and adding more convinced her to open them again. Her clit throbbed and stung. By the time the full sentence had been carried out she was sobbing, begging mercy. But in spite of her tears, her body was relaxed and supplicant, ready to receive his pleasure. Her feminine juices were tricking down between the crack in her bottom cheeks. Her clit was ready to explode with pleasure, induced by the earlier pain as Jim soothed it with soft feather light touches.
            “Hush, baby, you did very well, it’s over, all done. Good girl. I’ll kiss it all better now.” Jim’s voice was soft and tender as if speaking to one of the children after they had taken a tumble and grazed their knee. Ange felt comfort envelope her.
            He placed his head back between her legs and soothed her scorched lady lips with moist tender licks, murmuring his appreciation of the delicious taste of her nectar. Ange whimpered in pleasure as his tongue probed into her core, thrusting and tasting greedily. Her hips rocked in unison as she opened her body to receive his welcome ministrations. The tension in her muscles rose again. Her clit was seemed to be more alive than it had ever been before and within minutes her body convulsed into the most intense orgasm as her hips jerked and knees clenched under his commanding tongue.

Ten Fun Facts
I’m married with three children.
On a sunny day, my garden is the best place in the world. Although garden is a loose term, field that surrounds my house would be more apt.
I love water: the sound of it, the feel of it, the smell of it. It soothes me. Sea, lake, river, stream, swimming pool, or even the humble bath: I don’t actually mind, just as long as it’s water.
My music of choice is either opera, classical or eighties or sixties pop. Rock works too. Odd mix I know, but hey that’s me!
I love animals and wildlife but crawly things scare the pants off me. I’d sooner have a mouse in my house than an itsy bitsy house spider.
I was given a gift of Pride and Prejudice for my twelfth birthday. I couldn’t count how many times I have read and re-read all of Jane Austen’s works since then.
I cannot exist without coffee.
I had to delete Candy Crush Saga from my phone and computer – it was driving me nuts and keeping me from working.
I swear way too much.
One of the people currently living that I most admire is Malala Yousafzai, a teenager who despite the serious attempt on her life, has the courage to continue to campaign for the right of girls to be educated under the Taliban regime. I just think she is amazing. It’s people like her that make this world a better place.

Accidental writer from the west of Ireland, Tara writes spanking romance with elements of light BDSM.

When not writing, she is a wife, mother, taxi-service, gofer and general finder of lost items!

Previous publications are My Naughty Little Secret and Mastering Maeve, also available on Amazon, Blushing Books and Barnes and Noble.
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We Forgot How to Have Vanilla Sex...

Something happened in my house on Sunday night. We had terrible sex. It could have been the culmination of a lot of things and I guess when you are in a relationship for a while every single time you have sex won't be a knock out of the park home run. But, it was particularly bad.

The last few times we decided we were going to fool around, something seemed to happen. I had a migraine, my husband tweaked his back, we both ate too much at a barbecue-- you know, just unsexy everyday life things that can put a damper on the sex life.

I am always horny and ready to go (I think it's an occupational hazard with what I write), so I usually initiate. It is a rare occasion that I am not in the mood and my husband is. Sunday was one of those days.

He had just gotten into bed and I had only been laying there for about ten minutes before him, but I was already well on my way to sleeping. He reaches under the sheet and strokes my thigh-

"You have pants on?" (A rare summertime occurrence, as I get hot and sleep in my underwear most nights)

"Mmrph," is my response.

"Are you asleep?"

"No." (Lies all lies.)

"Can I take your pants off?"

Now I'm awake! My eyes pop open at that and my husband proceeds to go down on me and give me an earth shattering orgasm. The poor guy had to work for it too, because like I said, it was that rare occasion I wasn't already in the right mindset.

I proceed to collapse back onto the bed like a pile of goo and my eyes start falling shut.

"You going back to sleep?" he asks me, sounding mildly amused.

And here is the thing about my husband, and maybe perhaps why I love him so much-- if I had said, Yes, I am going to sleep now, because you woke me up and started this and I am tired. Goodnight. That would have been the end of it. He would have kissed me and told me he loved me and let me go to sleep.

The tiny, selfish part of me wanted to take my orgasm and go directly into a restful slumber. But the rest of me rallied to wake back up and see this thing through.

I raise up on my knees, ready to return the oral favor, but my husband takes a left turn and pulls me on top of him.

Oh? Actual sex? Like vaginal intercourse? For some reason this has fallen out of our sexual routine. We're usually trading oral pleasures, or we go at it doggy style- bent over the arm chair in the living room, or bent over the bed for some anal action. But just straight up intercourse? A rarity as of late.

Now I am on top, looking down at my husband and I'm trying to remember how to do this. Is this all I do? I know- this sounds kind of ridiculous, but I couldn't even enjoy myself because I kept thinking I was doing it wrong. And he clearly was not finding it too awesome because he was making no sound. Nothing. Our bedroom was filled with the sounds of the bed squeaking and occasionally smacking into the wall-- but no one making yummy, dirty sex noises.

I am transported back to when I was a shy and inexperienced virgin making love to my husband (my then boyfriend) for the first few times. I was self conscious, I was over thinking, I was obsessing so much about what was going on that I was not in the moment. And I was so insanely worried that I was doing it all wrong I was getting upset.

Hours later (okay, probably minutes, but it felt like forever) we are both covered in a sheen of sweat, my hips are aching, and I am not sure how much longer I can keep this up-- my husband taps the side of my thigh and goes "Oookaay."

Just like that. Like, this is not our night, we're good. I am done with this.

I climb off and lay beside him, looking into his eyes, "Was I doing something wrong?"

"No, no," he rushes to assure me, "It was me. I'm a little off."

We talk for a minute about what could have been throwing off our game. He admits he was thinking we were going to fall off the bed as we were very close to the edge. I kept thinking I was going to hurt his back as I was sitting on top of him. So neither of us were focused on the task at hand.

I also brought up the fact that there had been no foreplay. No spanking, no toys, virtually no lead up. We never let ourselves get hot and bothered, reaching a point of combustion. Maybe this is why married people sex is such a joke-- do people live their lives like this?

I'm not saying we need to break out nipple clamps and butt plugs every time we fool around. But apparently I need some sort of sexy lead up. Even if he's teasing me while we stand on line at the grocery store check out. Something to ignite the fire before we get down to it.

Here we were thinking we have awesome sex all the time, we can just skip the preamble and bang. Well, nope, that was a terrible idea.

There is a good ending to the story. I gave him a blow job and he achieved his screaming completion. We cuddled up and slept like logs and continued our conversation the next day about how maybe we just forgot how to have vanilla sex.

Maybe it wasn't the vanilla sex at all that was the problem. I mean I'm sure it hits the spot with millions and billions of people. But for now I will just say-- sorry Vanilla Sex, it's not you, it's us.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Interview with Katherine Deane- Running, Writing, and Spankings

I have Katherine Deane over today, talking about her new book, The Coach's Discipline and she was kind enough to share an excerpt with us!

Casey: Thanks for coming by Katherine! You always have such fun and interesting interviews on your blog but I am excited that you let me turn the tables on you!

I know this new release of yours, The Coach's Discipline, has been in the works for a while. You've mentioned that some of it is based on real experiences you have had and I know you are a runner in real life. So time to dish-- is there a real Coach Fox? Is he based on a real person or is he purely a work of imagination?

Katherine Deane: Thanks for turning the tables on me, Casey! Unfortunately, there is no Coach Fox. With that being said, I did use attributes from several guys I used to run with and train under. A few had such dominant personalities, they would have made great spankers, but alas, I never got a spanking vibe off any of them. 

Casey: Do you use anything you have learned from running in your writing process? For example, staying focused, pushing through when you feel like giving up, and keeping pace? Does anything transfer, or am I really stretching here and they are actually nothing alike?

Katherine: Actually, that’s a perfect analogy! Part of my biggest problem, when I started writing a few years ago, was that I had not done any training. I relate that to having no base for running. What I attempted to do two years ago was compete at the 10K National level (by just going out and writing a story ), when I should have trained and built some base first. I finally “built my base” by blogging, taking a few online writing classes, reviewing, and playing around with other smaller stories. (this was the equivalent of running steady mileage and racing shorter, less competitive races, to get myself strengthened for the “longer” goal.)
Nice leap there, Casey! ;) I think you are really a runner after all.

Casey: A lot of us authors are also avid readers. I know you were reading romances and spanking fiction before you started writing, but what gave you the final push to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys, so to speak)?

Katherine: Beta reading. Ok, I know that sounds silly, but reading other authors’ works in different stages of development helped me to “practice write” a little. I was able to open my mind, and visualize – “well, if I were writing this part right now, I might have so and so do this.”
Or, “ooh, it would be so cool if such and such actually… what do you think?”
So I guess it gave me a little confidence to know that my creativity was there, and that I could possibly put the thoughts on “paper”.

Casey: What is your favorite way to relax? I know you have a busy life with family, and writing and various other activities, but when you find you have an hour of downtime, what do you like to do?

Katherine: Besides running and lawn mowing? ;)
I really like to sit in the lazy chair at night, with my feet propped up; a glass of red wine in one hand, the Nook in the other; and chocolate on the table within easy reach. 

Casey: Now that you have two books under your belt—The Coach's Discipline and The Winter Storm (which we got to co-author together along with the fabulous Renee Rose!)-- what can fans expect next from Katherine Deane?

Katherine: Now that I have finally finished my baby, the contemporary; I am back in my usual happy place – paranormal and fantasy!

I started Redd’s story a few weeks ago. (She is the slayer from The Winter Storm) This one will be really fast paced, with lots of action. It’s kind of “Buffy meets the Black Dagger Brother Hood” 

Thanks for having me today!


(In this excerpt, Nick and Claire are playing in the training room)

Taking a piece of ice from his bucket, he massaged her ear, enjoying her little shudders, as she tried not to move.
He trailed the cube, down the smooth line of her neck, over to her back, and down to her hip.
“Ungh,” she groaned, and tightened her fists onto the table.
“Remember, don’t move.”
“Yes, Coach.” She bit her lip and breathed heavily into her hands.
Taking the ice, he massaged a circle around her pink bottom, pressing lightly into the crease between her cheeks, up the crease ,and back down to her inner thighs.
She mewled and tightened her legs and butt, but made no other move as she lay there.
“How’s that feel, Jacobs?” He followed the line up her inner thigh, coming short of her wet pussy, leaving her groaning, and exhaling deep breaths.
“So… cold.” She wrinkled her forehead under her mask, and took more stuttered breaths. “But it’s also quite, mmm, hot!” she squealed as he placed the ice cube between her legs barely brushing her wet pussy lips.
“Do you want more?” He stroked the ice backward from her wet lips along the line of her bottom cheeks , stopping to press against the puckered hole.
“Oh God!” She shrieked, and almost sprung from the table. But he gave her a swift smack to the warm pink side of her bare ass, and she got the message.

Marathon runner Claire Jacobs has always dreamed of making it to the Olympics, but she has a habit of getting in her own way. With the help of Nick Fox, a legendary coach known for his unconventional techniques, she prepares for one last shot at her dream. Traumatic memories of her experience with her last coach still haunt Claire, though, and in spite of his reputation she finds it hard to trust Nick’s authority.

The more time he spends with Claire, the more Nick finds himself enchanted by her drive and deep commitment to her fellow runners. But when her self-destructive behavior crosses the line, Nick realizes he has only one option to help the woman he has come to care about so much—he will need to give her the first spanking of her life and make sure it is one she will not forget.

Despite his firm discipline, Claire quickly comes to crave Nick’s dominance and direction, and soon he has grown to be much more than just her coach. But when jealousy and misunderstandings threaten to tear the team apart, will she run away as she always has in the past, or can she trust in her newfound love and race toward her goals with an open heart?

Publisher’s Note: The Coach’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Buy it today:

Amazon UK

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Spanked in the Corner- Saturday Spankings

Hello to the Saturday Spankers! I missed last week-- in my defense it was a holiday weekend here in the US, and I have lost track of what day of the week it is.

First order of business- my girl, Katherine Deane, has a book coming out this weekend. Her debut solo novel, it's called The Coach's Discipline. I've already read it and it is an awesome book, so I know you all want to buy it! There is a little facebook launch party going on in honor of the release CLICK HERE to join in the fun, it is taking place today July 12th at noon EST.

(Just to let you all know, Katherine Deane happens to be one of my besties, so you need to show her some love or I will get all derby on your ass.)

On to the spankings!

Last time I shared a part of a scene where Lena was being punished by Wesley for not taking her own health into consideration. And then she also got a little sassy with him. Wesley was not amused-- you can catch up here.

She turned to look at him and saw the spoon in his hand, her eyes meeting his, she gave him a pleading look.

He would not be deterred by her. He moved her hands on the wall, placing them higher and urging her upper body forward so she was bracing her weight on her hands. Then he tapped the fronts of her thighs, wordlessly guiding her to take a step back.

The position resulted in her reddened bottom jutting out further than the rest of her body.

He stood beside her, an arm at her waist, keeping her in place. He hefted the heavy wooden spoon in his hand and was just lining up his first swing when she turned to look at him again.

"Please, Wesley. I am sorry."

Loving Lena is available for purchase at a number of online ebook retailers:

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Clandestine Affairs and the Art of the Booty Call

We were out with friends last night and the topic of booty calls came up (as they will), which prompted my husband to launch into a story about one of our ill-fated booty calls.

It was when we first got back together again. We were both still living at home and times when a house would be empty were few and far between. I got a call at around noon on a Saturday that his parents had taken his grandparents to a matinee and lunch. The house was empty! We weren't sure how late they would be but we figured we had at least three hours. Because who would be done with lunch and a show by 12:30??

We are up in his bedroom and ripping off each other's clothes, they get tossed around. We both just get naked and we hear the garage door open.

We freeze, lock eyes, and panic! Mr. McKay is redressed in about 3.5 seconds. I am still kneeling on the bed, fully naked, and I cannot locate one stitch of clothing.

I start to laugh, uncontrollably. He starts yelling at me, "Why are you still naked?"

We are out of time. By now his parents are downstairs with his grandparents. His very WASP-y, conservative, and frowning upon pre-marital sex grandparents. The upstairs overlooks the living room, so we are in full view when we open the bedroom door and step onto the landing.

Four sets of eyes look up at us. I try to pull my sweater closed as my bra never made it back on, it hastily got shoved in my purse.

His mom is shooting daggers at us with her eyes. His dad is trying to cover a smirk with his hand and his grandparents look up at us in confusion. Mr. McKay feeds them a line of BS about wrapping Christmas presents.

His parents know this is not true, as it is not Christmas Eve-- my husband's usual day for Christmas shopping, and there are actually no presents up there. But his grandmother mutters something about how sweet and thoughtful he is. I nod a hello, but no words ever leave my mouth and we dash out the front door.

We've all had these moments, right? Sneaking around, coming dangerously close to being caught in the act. Looking back there was really no harm in what we were doing. The stakes were higher because my future MIL didn't want her parents to know we were fooling around in the house. But in truth there would have been no dire consequences if we were caught-- just ten or so years of awkward holiday dinners.

When I was writing Loving Lena I had already given Wesley and Lena a backstory in Emmaline's Groom. I wanted to stick with what I had already said about them. Lena is married to another man, but in love with Wesley. 

Where would they have been carrying out their affair. Surely, not stolen moments while their families were at matinees. Then I remembered that they are both from money-- where would one have an affair with gobs of money at their disposal?

He would always remember the trip he and Lena took to France. He had wanted to take her away someplace where they did not have to hide. They had spent a long, luxurious weekend in Paris.

They had taken in the sights and then he took her to a show. They were both dazzled by the can-can dancers and he bought Lena her very own pair of silk drawers. Just like the ones the dancers had worn.

She had worn them for him a few times, but she was always embarrassed.

She did not realize how beautiful she was.

"Put them on for me." He pulled out her chair and sat.


"Come here, darling."

She went to him, stepping in between his outspread thighs.

He placed his hands on her hips and looked up into her clear, blue eyes. He wiggled his eyebrows at her. "Do you know how many times a day I picture you in my mind in this pink silk?" He tugged them out of her hand.

"You are lying." Her pale complexion was now a bright pink, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

"I would not lie to you." He stood and held her face in his hands. "Undress for me. Undress and put these on. It would please me so," he whispered to her.

She looked back at him with wide eyes, and he half expected her to tell him to leave. But she turned, giving him her back.

"Will you unbutton me?" she asked.

Wesley felt his length harden in his trousers. Her sweet submission, her willingness to please him, always threatened to undo him.

There you go. A Victorian clandestine affair-- they're rich so they escape to Paris for a weekend. Not exactly an afternoon booty call in your boyfriend's parent's house, but same idea I guess.

Loving Lena is available in lots of places now, so snap up your copy today!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Spanking Romance Review's Book Launch Party- Coach's Discipline

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Join us for fun and prizes!  Book Release Party for Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane

Spanking Romance Reviews is now hosting Book Release Parties!  Join us Saturday, July 12th at noon EST on our Facebook page for the book launch party for Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane.  

Prizes include books by Cara Bristol, Maren Smith, Natasha Knight, Patricia Green, Casey McKay, Tara Finnegan, Etta Stark, Renee Rose and more!

Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane
Claire Jacobs always dreamed of making it to the Olympic Trials in the marathon. Unfortunately, she has a habit of getting in her own way. Enter Nick Fox, a no-nonsense coach, willing to use unconventional methods to bring her in line. Traumatized by her last coach and still recovering from self-destructive habits, Claire finds it hard to trust Nick’s authority about what she can and can’t handle on the trails. Still, her attraction for him deepens, even when she discovers he believes in good old-fashioned spanking as a method of correction.
As Nick spends more time with Claire, she enchants him with her drive and deep commitment to help her fellow runners. But when she gets into an argument with a teammate, he realizes he only has one option—to give the talented woman he cares about the first spanking of her life, a spanking that is not going to be fun for either of them.
Claire and Nick grow closer and she comes to crave Nick’s dominance and direction. Discovering the emotional healing and strength to succeed during training, she moves past her shyness and self-doubt to step into a leading role with the young women on the team. But when team politics, jealousy and misunderstandings create drama, will she revert back to her old pattern of running away? Or can she learn to trust in love and race toward her goals with an open heart?
Publisher’s Note: Coach’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spanking, including domestic discipline in a contemporary setting, anal play, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Available for sale on Saturday!

Taming Naia- Brothers Who Spank- An Interview with Natasha Knight

I think it's safe to say that even though I consider Natasha Knight my bestie, she is one of the best writers I know. If there are two things you can count on it is hot sex and even hotter spankings from Natasha.

Sometimes I like to tease her, because when she finds something she likes she will stick to it. Like her spanking brothers. She has shifters Marcus and Elijah, and Luke, Jake, and Liam from her Taming series. I tease because I love her, not because I want her to stop-- I am already hoping the Roark brothers have a long lost brother they never knew about...

In honor of the re-release of Taming Naia (formerly Naia and the Professor) I bribed her into sitting down with me for a grueling fun interview!

Casey: I have noticed a theme in some of your book series. You like to have brothers that spank. There is Marcus and Elijah from Taken by the Beast and Claimed by the Beast, and Luke, Jake, and Liam from your "Taming" series. Did you mean to do that? Did you set out writing Taken by the Beast thinking, I'm going to make Elijah have a brother who is also a spanker?

Natasha: I have a thing for brothers. I don't know what it is, when I think of heroes, I just seem to think in threes. They don't always end up being written but I definitely have a thing for brothers who spank. I have this clear image of the Roark brothers - three big guys, all a little different than each other but all getting along well, drinking a beer, laughing, patting each other on the back and just appreciating the occasional hottie that walks by. Especially appreciating her backside and how it would feel beneath their hands....

Mmm, your last question just got me all hot and bothered. Those Roark brothers are total hotties, I wouldn't mind them appreciating me as I walked by...
*Clears Throat* Moving on!

Casey: That leads into my next question- were there other books you were envisioning a sequel to but never wrote one? I'm thinking Captive's Desire. Was there supposed to be a sequel to that? 

Natasha: I'll be really honest and just say that I never know! Well, almost never. The Roark Brothers I knew, but the rest, I kind of write them and introduce some characters and I want to say that if they speak to me, I write them but that would be a lie. I love love love Hayden Hawke (Captive's Desire) and might bring up a brother at some point - a survivor when the domed cities were destroyed...I would love to revisit that world so who knows. 

Casey: Out of all of your characters in your books, who would you want to take you home?

Natasha: God, I'd love all of them. As I've just re-released Taming Naia (originally Naia and the Professor), I'm kind of focused on Liam. He's an ideal in looks - big guy, long dark hair, hugely muscled body, a Dom with a tender heart but a heavy hand. God I love that. He can take me home. In fact, my husband and I have a thing. I have a list of men where if they should come a knocking', I am allowed to go with them for spankings and what night. Liam would be on that list. As is Bono from U2, Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons and Sting - well, once upon a time on that. Oddly, he does not have a list. Probably because he has all he needs with me. I'm sure that's it. 

Casey: Which of your heroines do you think you are most like?

Natasha: It depends on when you ask. When I was writing Naia, it was before I came out so she was definitely me. That was pure fantasy - and what I lived in my mind for a very long time. 

Casey: Any projects in the works right now? Another spanking brothers series perhaps? Or sisters who get spanked? Or cousins...

Natasha: You're crazy Casey McKay! Well, I am hoping to write a sequel to Her Rogue Knight and tell Alys's story. Alys is Gemma's sister and she will definitely be getting spanked in the sequel. Often times, I do not have a clear image of heroes or heroines until I'm a bit into the book but in this case, both Gemma and Alys are very clear to me. When we revisit Alys, she will be of age, a beautiful woman with powers she is as yet unaware of. And her knight will literally come riding onto the scene... I'm sighing. I wish I could live these some days...

Casey: Can we have a little peek of Taming Naia?

Natasha: In this scene, Naia has agreed to take that spanking she had accused Liam of giving her ten years ago and the time has come to pay up. Liam just got to her hotel room and they've just had a drink...

"Nervous?" he asked, his expression unreadable."Why would I be?" she retorted, even though she'd been unable to eat a thing all day. 
"Why indeed?"
Anticipation was a part of the game and he was loving this, she just knew it.
She moved to sit on the couch and he followed.
"Have you ever been spanked, Ms. White?"She choked on the sip she had just taken. "We're not going to talk about it, are we?she asked."Of course we are,he said, a small smile playing along his lips. He raised his eyebrows as if waiting."No,she managed, taking another, bigger sip."I'd like you to refer to me as sir or professor when you address me,he said.
She lifted her eyebrows now and exhaled. 
"No, sir. I've never been spanked.
He was not going to humiliate her. Not yet anyway."You've still got that smart little mouth, haven't you?"
Is that a question, sir?"He ignored her question and just looked at her instead, his gaze serving to make her more and more nervous. When he next spoke, his tone was different, serious. "Do you know what a safe word is?he asked. 
It took her a minute but she nodded, her demeanor changing, feeling herself on the edge of tears. This was really going to happen. 
"What's yours?"
Violin,she answered quickly, not at all sure why she chose that word."Violin it is."He took the remote and switched on the TV."What are you doing?she asked, confused."Spankings are loud,he said.
She hadn
't realized that, hadn't thought how it would sound at all."Stand up,he said, setting his still nearly full glass down and rising to his feet.
She put her empty one down and stood on unsteady legs.
"Are you ready for your long overdue spanking, Ms. White?"

Buy it now on Amazon!