Saturday, July 5, 2014

Things That Make Me Happy- Shaking My Ass

Let's face it, no matter how happy and positive one might try to be, sometimes life just tries to kick you in the balls.

It happens. And every time I am unprepared. And sometimes I let everything bother me at once.

It becomes overwhelming, like I have no control over my own life.

It's at times like these, that I like to shake my ass.

Not just to any type of music, but to the ultimate ass shaking music- New Orleans Bounce.

Have you ever heard of Big Freedia?


We need to fix that.

Click on the picture for the Youtube video.

Seriously, I dare you to listen and not shake your ass. 

Instant mood lifter.

Just a note: I totally dance just like all these people in this video. We we will just ignore my husband's comments of "What are you doing with your arms?" "That looks like the Hula" and "What the hell do you call that?"

Caution- White Girl Dancing (But I'm having fun.)


  1. I am a terrible yet enthusiastic dancer. I danced round the kitchen to Thin Lizzy's "The boys are back in town" this morning when it was played on the radio. Then the DJ played Shangri La's 'The leader of the pack' and I did a sort of interpretive dance to that including a looking-through-my-fingers-in-horror mime during the motorcycle crash bit. I'm sure it was both powerful and moving. It's a shame there was nobody else in the house to see me,

    1. See, Etta- dancing alone is so much better. When I have the audience of my husband he tends to point out that I dance with my arms in the air or something. Obviously not appreciating the sex appeal I was exuding! We need to get together and dance it out, girl!

  2. I'm totally going to check her out. I am all about the singing and dancing at the top of my lungs. I like to pretend it's for the kids in case someone comes in and thinks I'm doing it for my own entertainment. :)

    1. Big Freedia is awesome. He has a reality show on the fuse network, if you get that. It's highly entertaining.