Friday, July 25, 2014

The Thrill of Being in Trouble- Saturday Spankings

Hello, you Saturday Spankos! Today I have a snippet from my book A Taste of Discipline. It has been out since April, but it is now available on a variety of platforms, not just Amazon. It's a steal at 99 cents! A shorter 14K story that's sure to hit the spot.

In this scene Sam has been baiting her husband Ryan into having some sort of a reaction to her. She's in a particularly bitchy mood and it's annoying her even more that he seems so cool and collected. 

She may have bitten off more than she can chew:

"Samantha," he said, her full name again. It did something to her, the thrill of being in trouble excited her just the tiniest bit.

She chose to fully ignore his warning and tried to push past him again.

He took hold of her arm and pressed her down into the table she was trying to walk past. She didn't put up a fight, she didn't even say anything. This is what she had been aiming for, but it still surprised her every time he decided to take action.

Ryan swatted her bottom a few times over her pants before he walked across the kitchen. He plucked a wooden spoon out of the crock that was on the counter and came back over to her. 

Sam is a classically trained chef. She runs her kitchen like a well-oiled machine, and steam rolls anyone who gets in the way of that. She likes to be in control and has a hard time adjusting when she can't be.

Ryan is her husband and partner. As the manager of the restaurant they own, he tries to ensure that his wife is not over working herself and not blowing up at their employees.

They're trying to find a balance in life, love, and cooking. It just might take a little discipline.

This book includes themes of domestic discipline, spankings, graphic sex, anal play, and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.

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  1. Yeah, that cool and collected "thing" gets on my nerves too when I'm in a mood ... so I'm with her. Nothing like the thrill of baiting someone ... but sounds like that wooden spoon is going to hurt. :) Need to load this one on my Kindle. Thanks for sharing!

  2., Sam the kitchen is not the place for attitude...too many options within easy reach :)

  3. She likes the thrill of being in trouble? I'm not sure if she's an adrenaline junkie or a drama queen. Either way it makes for an interesting heroine. :)

  4. You can't cook without fire. And it sounds to me like Sam has a lot of it.

  5. hehe, love the availability of all those wonderful implements!!

  6. hehe, love the availability of all those wonderful implements!

  7. Be careful what you wish for, that wooden spoon is going to bite! Great snippet Casey :)

  8. Yes, the kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house.

  9. this is a fabulous book-- I highly recommend!

  10. To use her own spoon against her, nice!