Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taming Naia- Brothers Who Spank- An Interview with Natasha Knight

I think it's safe to say that even though I consider Natasha Knight my bestie, she is one of the best writers I know. If there are two things you can count on it is hot sex and even hotter spankings from Natasha.

Sometimes I like to tease her, because when she finds something she likes she will stick to it. Like her spanking brothers. She has shifters Marcus and Elijah, and Luke, Jake, and Liam from her Taming series. I tease because I love her, not because I want her to stop-- I am already hoping the Roark brothers have a long lost brother they never knew about...

In honor of the re-release of Taming Naia (formerly Naia and the Professor) I bribed her into sitting down with me for a grueling fun interview!

Casey: I have noticed a theme in some of your book series. You like to have brothers that spank. There is Marcus and Elijah from Taken by the Beast and Claimed by the Beast, and Luke, Jake, and Liam from your "Taming" series. Did you mean to do that? Did you set out writing Taken by the Beast thinking, I'm going to make Elijah have a brother who is also a spanker?

Natasha: I have a thing for brothers. I don't know what it is, when I think of heroes, I just seem to think in threes. They don't always end up being written but I definitely have a thing for brothers who spank. I have this clear image of the Roark brothers - three big guys, all a little different than each other but all getting along well, drinking a beer, laughing, patting each other on the back and just appreciating the occasional hottie that walks by. Especially appreciating her backside and how it would feel beneath their hands....

Mmm, your last question just got me all hot and bothered. Those Roark brothers are total hotties, I wouldn't mind them appreciating me as I walked by...
*Clears Throat* Moving on!

Casey: That leads into my next question- were there other books you were envisioning a sequel to but never wrote one? I'm thinking Captive's Desire. Was there supposed to be a sequel to that? 

Natasha: I'll be really honest and just say that I never know! Well, almost never. The Roark Brothers I knew, but the rest, I kind of write them and introduce some characters and I want to say that if they speak to me, I write them but that would be a lie. I love love love Hayden Hawke (Captive's Desire) and might bring up a brother at some point - a survivor when the domed cities were destroyed...I would love to revisit that world so who knows. 

Casey: Out of all of your characters in your books, who would you want to take you home?

Natasha: God, I'd love all of them. As I've just re-released Taming Naia (originally Naia and the Professor), I'm kind of focused on Liam. He's an ideal in looks - big guy, long dark hair, hugely muscled body, a Dom with a tender heart but a heavy hand. God I love that. He can take me home. In fact, my husband and I have a thing. I have a list of men where if they should come a knocking', I am allowed to go with them for spankings and what night. Liam would be on that list. As is Bono from U2, Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons and Sting - well, once upon a time on that. Oddly, he does not have a list. Probably because he has all he needs with me. I'm sure that's it. 

Casey: Which of your heroines do you think you are most like?

Natasha: It depends on when you ask. When I was writing Naia, it was before I came out so she was definitely me. That was pure fantasy - and what I lived in my mind for a very long time. 

Casey: Any projects in the works right now? Another spanking brothers series perhaps? Or sisters who get spanked? Or cousins...

Natasha: You're crazy Casey McKay! Well, I am hoping to write a sequel to Her Rogue Knight and tell Alys's story. Alys is Gemma's sister and she will definitely be getting spanked in the sequel. Often times, I do not have a clear image of heroes or heroines until I'm a bit into the book but in this case, both Gemma and Alys are very clear to me. When we revisit Alys, she will be of age, a beautiful woman with powers she is as yet unaware of. And her knight will literally come riding onto the scene... I'm sighing. I wish I could live these some days...

Casey: Can we have a little peek of Taming Naia?

Natasha: In this scene, Naia has agreed to take that spanking she had accused Liam of giving her ten years ago and the time has come to pay up. Liam just got to her hotel room and they've just had a drink...

"Nervous?" he asked, his expression unreadable."Why would I be?" she retorted, even though she'd been unable to eat a thing all day. 
"Why indeed?"
Anticipation was a part of the game and he was loving this, she just knew it.
She moved to sit on the couch and he followed.
"Have you ever been spanked, Ms. White?"She choked on the sip she had just taken. "We're not going to talk about it, are we?she asked."Of course we are,he said, a small smile playing along his lips. He raised his eyebrows as if waiting."No,she managed, taking another, bigger sip."I'd like you to refer to me as sir or professor when you address me,he said.
She lifted her eyebrows now and exhaled. 
"No, sir. I've never been spanked.
He was not going to humiliate her. Not yet anyway."You've still got that smart little mouth, haven't you?"
Is that a question, sir?"He ignored her question and just looked at her instead, his gaze serving to make her more and more nervous. When he next spoke, his tone was different, serious. "Do you know what a safe word is?he asked. 
It took her a minute but she nodded, her demeanor changing, feeling herself on the edge of tears. This was really going to happen. 
"What's yours?"
Violin,she answered quickly, not at all sure why she chose that word."Violin it is."He took the remote and switched on the TV."What are you doing?she asked, confused."Spankings are loud,he said.
She hadn
't realized that, hadn't thought how it would sound at all."Stand up,he said, setting his still nearly full glass down and rising to his feet.
She put her empty one down and stood on unsteady legs.
"Are you ready for your long overdue spanking, Ms. White?"

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  1. I love that I'm your bestie! You are my bestie too!!! Thank you so much for doing this, it was a lot of fun!! Love you lady.

  2. Woah, cold shower time. I just bought this and can't wait until tonight to start it.
    Natasha, I love how your hubbie knows that if any of those brothers come a knockin'!!!
    Great interview, Casey and Natasha.

    1. It was a great book Tara. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for coming by!

    2. Thanks Tara. I just assumed everyone had that list, no??

  3. I love all your brothers, Natasha!
    Liam was hot in this story. I read it last year, and loved it!
    Ok, as far as sequels go.
    Absolutely YES to ALys! I can't wait to hear her story when she grows up.

    And yes, to Hayden having a hunky long lost brother.
    Ok, I read it a while ago, but I distinctly remember thinking there was another sequel opportunity at the end.
    The saved sister that was pregnant? (Or am I losing my mind)
    hehe, waiting for the peanut gallery (Casey ;) ) to jump in.
    Congratulations on the re-release!
    I love the new cover!

    1. She did have a sister... was she saved at the end and pregnant. I am going to look! I love sequels.

    2. I like to always have sequel opportunities. Mostly it's because I'm not sure if I'm done with the people yet and just in case I'd like more, I can always have a way back into whatever world... :)

  4. I can't wait to read this again!! I love the brothers!! We'll thaw whatever brothers you can throw at us Natasha!

    1. That's what I'm saying Megan ;)

    2. I love them too and another set has just sprung to my imagination at least. :)

  5. Loved the interview, Ladies. ヅ Kind of got me going and your snippet was an excellent tease. Congratulations on the new release, Natasha.