Monday, July 29, 2013

Birthday Thanks for the Spanks

I am full of thankfulness from a fabulous birthday weekend! It was full of love and togetherness, fun and almost figging (yeah you read that right, almost figging).

I had three days off from work and got to spend lots of time with my husband- which is really all I wanted. I keep thinking about something that happened yesterday. It is sort of stupid, but it is so us and I felt like sharing. We did some shopping and as we were driving back we were sitting in traffic and a mini van was pulled over on the side of the road.

My husband says: Oh no, someone forgot something back at the hotel.
I look over and see husband and wife with the back of the mini van open rifling through bags on the side of the road.
Me: Uh oh, there's a kid in the back of that van freaking out over something right now.
Hubs: 'Where's the bee? Where's the bee? You didn't pack the bee?' (Best In Show anyone?)
Now I am downright cackling at his antics and we see the husband move from the bags on the side of the road back to the van and start looking through those bags.
Me: The blue one, it's in the blue one!
Hubs: I already looked in the blue one.
Me: The other blue one!
Now we are both hysterical laughing. Yes, we are giving dialogue to two random people on the side of the road. Traffic starts moving again and we pass them, we are quiet for a minute.
Hubs: Do you think that's why no one calls us to hang out anymore?
Me: Because we're weird?
Hubs: Yep.
Me: Probably, but I don't care, they're all boring.

I love when we have weird little moments like this, isn't that how you know you picked the right person? You can laugh when you're sitting in traffic together.

Also, I know I picked the right person because he tried figging with me this weekend. The ginger froze in our awful, inconsistent refrigerator. So it didn't work. I mean, nothing, I thought something was wrong with me. But apparently if the ginger freezes or dries out it won't work.

He also lavished me with lots of other gifts of the kinky variety, that's a whole other blog post!

I mainly just wanted to say thanks to all my online buddies who joined in the fun for an online spanking party. My friend Katie and I share a birthday weekend and we were thrown a Spank-a-thon!

Please check out all the links below, I really have the best friends.

Ok, read these three in order. I promise, it's worth it! :

A Birthday Spanking by Natasha Knight

Happy Birthday by Tara Finnegan find it on my facebook fanpage

You can read these in any order, well obviously read the part I then the part II. They're all awesome:

Happy Birthday, Casey McKay by Katherine Deane

I like to spank my friends in public by Renee Rose

Surprise Spankings by Gray Grace- find it on my facebook fanpage

 A Birthday Spanking by Joseph McNamara- find it on my facebook fanpage

Casey and Katie The Birthday Spankings by Penelope Hasler

Patricia Green and Maren Smith wrote special stories at the request of Katie, check those out too!

A special shout out to Adaline Rain for helping to plan our party and making a fab banner and Celeste Jones for some special gifts as well.

And if you want to give yourself a real treat Corinne opened my eyes to this little gem

Weeds Bar Scene from Heather Hopkins on Vimeo

Seriously, who knew Zack Morris got so sexy??

Thanks for all the birthday fun. You sure know how to make a girl feel loved :)

Love and Spanks,
Casey XOXO

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Birthday Surprise

Recently I discovered that one of my new friends, Katie, has a birthday the day after mine. We talked about how it would be fun to celebrate together. Here is my imagining of how things would really go down if someone was stupid enough to leave us unsupervised.

Happy Birthday Katie!!

     I adjust the top of my strapless dress and lean back into the seat of the limo with a sigh. Katie bounces on the seat beside me. I reach my hand out to stop her bouncing, “Dude, chill out.”
     She scrunches up her face at me, “I'm not a dude. And sorry, I'm just so excited about our party!”
     I smile and reach for the vodka. Pouring two glasses I hand Katie one, “Here, have some of this vodka that Natasha sent us. Maybe it will calm you down.”
     Katie takes the glass but doesn't drink, she sniffs the contents then pulls it away from her face, “I don't know, what if it makes me sick. I usually just drink wine.”
     I down the contents of my glass and refill it, “It's virtual vodka, it won't make you sick.”
     She looks at me skeptically, “Virtual vodka?”
     “Yup, virtual vodka, in this virtual limo, that we are taking to our virtual party.” I down my second glass of vodka, hoping I am indeed right about the virtual-ness not being able to make me sick. Otherwise there might be virtual vomit all over the place later. I'm all nervous and excited and I am hoping the social lubrication will help. I feel Katie poke me in the arm and look up to find her staring at me intently.
     “What are you doing?”
     “If this is all virtual, why do you look so real?” She questions me, then she looks around inside the limo, “Is this really happening, or did I fall asleep at my laptop?”
     I shrug my shoulders. “I don't know, don't overthink it.”
     Katie sniffs the vodka again and tentatively takes a sip. “I'm only going to drink half of this JIC your wrong about it making us sick.”
     “JIC?” I ask.
     “Just in case!” Katie replies and collapses into giggles.
     I roll my eyes at her but can't help laughing as well, “Do you have to abbreviate when we're really talking? I get confused enough online.”
     Katie keeps giggling, “You love my abbrevs! Plus I thought we were still virtually talking, not really talking. You're confusing me again.”
     I think I'm confusing myself, “Sorry.” I pick up the gift bag from the floor beside me, “Here, I got you a present. I was going to wait until later but I'm too excited.”
     Katie takes the bag and commences bouncing in her seat again. “You got me a present?”
     “Well it's actually only part of your present. I hope you like the other part.” I'm becoming nervous that I may have missed the mark with the second part of her present. Katie has become a really good friend, but we've only known each other a short time. I decide to stop second guessing myself and take my own advice to not overthink things. Besides, it's too late to change my mind.
    Katie searches through the tissue paper in the gift bag and pulls out my gift. “Spank- Me panties!!” She waves them around in the air. “Thank you!”
She throws her arms around me, squashing me in a hug. Then she picks up her purse and folds the panties into a little square before tucking them inside. “I can slip these on under my dress later.”
     We begin talking about what we might expect at our party and before long Katie is back to bouncing in her seat. Her excitement is so infectious that I can't help but join in. The two of us are bouncing and giggling and getting very carried away. I end up bouncing too high and smack my head on the roof of the limo. I scream out an expletive, clutching my head, all the while laughing at my own stupidity.
     Katie begins laughing so hard she falls off the seat with a thump. She is rolling on the floor clutching her stomach, laughing loudly, when the privacy screen between the front and the back of the limo is lowered. We are both sent into stunned silence as the window continues to lower, Katie is still sprawled out on the floor, her polka dot dress bunched up around her waist, her legs splayed out before her.
     As the window is lowered a young Sean Connery is revealed. He is wearing a black tux, navigating our limo through the streets as he simultaneously holds us both in a stern gaze in the rear view mirror. I hear Katie audibly gasp and my stomach does a flip flop in anticipation of her reaction.

     “What on Earth are you ladies doing?” Mr. Connery questions us in an authoritative tone. He fixes his stare on Katie. “Why are you sitting on the floor. You should be in a seat.”
     Katie remains staring back at him with her mouth hanging open. I try to nudge her with my foot, but she still doesn't respond.
     “I tried to get her to sit down, but she wouldn't listen,” I begin, “she was bouncing around and she made me hit my head. I think she's a little over excited.”
     Even though I am the one talking he doesn't release Katie from his gaze, she continues staring back in stunned silence.
     “Is this true, young lady?” He directs his question at Katie, “Are you the one causing all the trouble?”
     I kick Katie again, harder this time. She is finally shaken out of her stunned state, but all she does is raise her hand in a wave. “Hi,” is her reply.
     I let out a snort as Mr. Connery shakes his head in disapproval. “We're almost at our destination. I'll deal with you then,” he says, then he raises the divider again.
     I pull Katie's arm and haul her up onto the seat beside me. “Was that?” She's pointing towards the front of the limo and she's looking at me in wide-eyed amazement, “But, he's not that young anymore.”
     I shrug, “Virtual reality and all that.”
     “Huh,” Katie says as she nods her head.
     “Hi?” I ask her, “Was that all you could say?”
     Her face breaks into a wide grin and she holds up her purse, “I should add- I am so glad I have an extra pair of panties!”
     I start laughing and a look of realization dawns on Katie's face, “Hey, was that part of my present?” She gestures towards the front.
     I nod as I feel the car slow and come to a stop. We both turn to look out the window.
     “Ohh, is that the banner Addy made?” Katie asks. And I look up to see the giant banner that reads 'Happy Birthday Katie and Casey!' hung over the entrance,welcoming guests to our birthday spank-a-thon.
     I stare out the window in wide eyed amazement. There is a red carpet leading up to the entrance of the party. Many of our online friends are mingling, greeting one another before heading inside. I see Corinne hustling a band in through the side door and Renee is standing at the entrance holding a clip board, checking off guests as they arrive. I am overwhelmed by how accepting and welcoming this community of friends is. I feel Katie grab my hand, “This is so cool,” she says.
     Just then, the view out the limo window is blocked by Mr. Connery's imposing figure. He opens the door and I feel my breath catch, Katie squeezes my hand.
     He leans down and offers me his hand, pulling me to my feet. I give Katie one last reassuring squeeze before I release her hand and stand, smoothing my dress around my legs.
     Katie scoots along the seat to exit behind me, but he stops her with his hand. He turns to me, “Please, go enjoy your party. Katie will join you momentarily. We have something to take care of first.”
     I choke back a laugh at Katie's wide eyed reaction. She's just realizing that she may be getting exactly what she wished for.
     I wink at her and say, “Hey, Katie! HBD!” She smiles back at me, “TTYL!” I wave and catch her mouthing 'thank you' back at me before Mr. Connery pushes her further into the limo and slides onto the seat next to her, shutting the door behind him. I can't help the momentary pang of jealousy. He is much taller and broader in real life (or at least virtual real life) than I had imagined. I give a wistful sigh as I allow myself a second to think about what those strong hands could do. Katie is one lucky bitch!

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Gift of a Story

I called my mom on my break at work today. I felt we really needed to discuss the royal baby happenings. Luckily she was awake and 'with it' enough to know what was going on. It was a short conversation, but it was good. I made plans to go see her on Thursday and I'm crossing my fingers that it's a good visit.

My mom was always a great story teller. She has been telling the same stories to me for forever and I really never get sick of hearing them. I always used to be amazed by how much she could remember, how many details she put into her stories, and a lot of times her own brothers and sister would call her if they couldn't remember a certain time or event exactly how it had happened. Her stories are always true, about people we know, but she has such an authentic way of telling them and keeping you interested.

Her top favorites to tell me are about the day I was born and where I was conceived (note to anyone reading, there is absolutely no reason why any child should know this) about this second story, when I protest to the telling of it I usually give a “Ew, mom, I don't want to know,” and she calls me a prude- anyone else find that funny?

I would say her third favorite is telling me about how she hoped I would marry Prince William one day. You see my mom was pregnant with me when Princess Diana was pregnant with her first child. My mom usually says she was in the living room folding laundry, eight months pregnant, when the news broke that the Heir to the Throne was born. 

Then she'll say “And I thought, how wonderful would it be if my baby girl could marry a prince one day?”

Then I have to burst her bubble.

Me: “But you didn't know I was a girl.”
Mom: “I KNEW it, I could just FEEL it.”
Me: “Lies. You had a boy's name picked out too. You had no idea I was a girl.”
Mom: “You had to be a girl, God's not that mean.” (She had my two brothers by then who were 3 and 6 and were apparently driving her nuts).

I was thinking about this story that she has told me so many times. And really is it any wonder that I turned out the hopeless romantic I am? My mom stayed up all night to watch Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding, she again says she was folding laundry- I'm calling bullshit on the laundry part, the woman never folded laundry. Then when William married Kate we both recorded it and watched parts of it on the phone together. So when I heard about the royal birth getting underway, I needed to call my mom.

Here's the thing. I have always been very close to my mom. She used to brag to her friends that I never went through a rebellious phase, we barely fought (believe me, when there were fights they were EPIC, but they were seldom), and I talked to her about everything. This was all true. Especially when I was away at college, I used to talk to her over instant messenger, we talked every single day.

Lately, our relationship has been strained. She's had a lot of different health problems over recent years and I don't feel like she is the same person anymore. I used to want to call her and I always had things to talk to her about. Now I make myself call her and we are lucky if we are on the phone for five minutes. Most of the time I will hang up and cry. I cry if I call and she's having a bad day, because this is not my mother, who is this woman? I cry if I call and she seems normal because it makes me sad that she is rarely herself anymore.

Sometimes she will still tell stories. If we are on the phone and she jumps into one- even if I have heard it a billion times, even if I need to get off the phone, even if it is that wretched Conception Story- I listen. Because this is my mom, the mom that I miss, and the mom I will always remember.

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Promise of Things to Come

     A few weeks ago Renee Rose posted about figging. I had read about this before and it piqued my curiosity. The book I read it in described it as a punishment, but me being me, and loving all things anal, I thought “That sounds pretty hot.”
     Then Renee shared her thoughts and made the experience sound absolutely mind blowing. So I decided to broach the subject with my husband (I mean, he is the other part in this equation). First off, I had to explain to him what figging was (A first. He is usually way more well versed in all things of a sexual nature than me). Then when I finally answered all of his questions, multiple times- “Wait, you use what??” and “You put it where??” and “This is supposed to be a good thing?” He told me he wouldn't really be comfortable doing it.
     Something about using kitchen tools before performing a sexual act or something like that. And a good point, normally when we are getting really kinky we are both more than a little bit drunk, so that could make things complicated. Okay, I get it, and it's not always about me and what I want, I can respect his opinions. I will just quietly pout in the corner over here for a while.
     But since then he has brought it up multiple times. He enjoys teasing me, and I guess I like being teased. He'll bring it up in conversation or teasingly tell me to watch myself or he'll get the ginger (we don't even have ginger in the house). Maybe he was getting himself a little more used to the idea, and knowing my husband he probably researched it.
     Next Saturday is my birthday and we were talking about what we might do with our weekend. He told me he had some kinky surprises in store for me, and hinted that he might be down for some figging. 
Me: “Huh? I thought you didn't want to try it?”
Him: “Well, it's your birthday. How can I say no to you?”
     Wow, I didn't know simply having a birthday held so much power. I should have probably requested something else too.
     So now I am highly anticipating next weekend, which sometimes I think anticipating something makes it all that more wonderful (figging, a spanking, a really good fuck). If I seem a bit distracted for the next week, my mind is just elsewhere....

Monday, July 15, 2013

Casey's Movie Rewrites- Dirty Dancing (Part 2)

A Dirty Dancing Spanking- Part 2

The conclusion to A Dirty Dancing Spanking. If you missed the first one, you can find it here.

     What the hell did he think he was doing? Baby struggled against Johnny's grip as he peppered her panty clad bottom with stinging smacks. He had pushed her flowy skirt up over her back and she could feel the cool air kiss the backs of her thighs, making the fire he was setting on her backside seem all the hotter.
     “Stop!” she yelled out. He kept up his pace, as if he didn't even hear her. Baby's breathing became frantic, she felt trapped and powerless. She couldn't struggle enough to break free and Johnny wasn't listening to her protests. Just when she thought she might lose it, the fear completely taking over her body, he stopped. His spanks became caresses, rubbing the spots he had just punished. Baby found herself relaxing into him, settling down across his lap. Then she remembered that he was a jerk.
     “What the hell was that?” She fought to keep her voice from shaking. She started to push herself up, but Johnny held her down with a hand on her upper back.
     “Stay right where you are,” he commanded. His other hand continued to stroke her warm cheeks, occasionally kneading and squeezing them. Baby squeezed her eyes shut as she felt her core grow hot and wet. How could she possibly be enjoying this? All the more reason to strengthen her resolve and stay away from this man, he made her body respond in ways she just didn't understand.
     “Will you at least tell me what's going on?” she asked.
     “I'm spanking you. Haven't you ever had a spanking before?” She could hear the amusement in his voice.
     “No,” she answered and tried to swing her leg up to kick him, but he had her pinned between his legs so she didn't have a great range of motion.
     “Why am I not surprised by that?” He sounded more like he was talking to himself rather than her and this time he couldn't keep the laughter out of his voice.
     “Let me up,” she started struggling against him again.
     “Will you remember to let me lead?” Johnny punctuated his question with a hard smack and she let out a yelp. “Will you stop acting like such a brat?” His hand came down again and she fisted the sheets on the bed.
     “No! Yes?” Her mind was swirling. She still wasn't over the shock that he was spanking her, and it hurt! But at the same time she liked having his hands on her and when he had paused to rub her bottom it made her feel so cherished.
     Johnny chuckled at her indecisive answer. “You're still not listening to what I'm saying.” He hooked his fingers in the elastic of her panties and slid them down to her thighs.
     “Ahh,” Baby said. Letting out sounds of protest as she threw her hand back to cover her now naked ass. He caught her hand in his and pinned it to her lower back, causing her to feel further trapped.
     “Please,” she squeaked out as his hand came down on her bare skin. She wouldn't have thought that her thin underwear had been serving as much protection from his swats, but the sensation was completely different on her nakedness. Resigned to the fact that Johnny wasn't going to let her up until he felt he was finished, she tried to remain in place, only wiggling around when he spanked the same spot more than twice in a row.
     She thought for sure he was never going to stop, but then he slowed down his rhythm. He was using the same intensity, but now he was pausing in between spanks to rub her heated cheeks. She reveled in the feeling and started letting out little moans as he rubbed.
     “I'm sorry,” she said. She felt his hand in her hair and he tugged it slightly to the side so she would turn her face towards him. “I'm sorry if you felt like I wasn't listening.”
     Johnny gently pulled her up from her position and she moved to stand, but he brought her right back down to sitting on his thigh. “Come here,” he said, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her in close to him. He brought his mouth down to hers, kissing her with a passion and intensity that she wasn't expecting. He broke away and looked at her.
     “Will you start listening to me now?” His possessive grip on her and his stern look were enough to make her knees turn to jelly. She nodded her head in agreement.
     “And will you stop yelling at me?” Johnny asked.
     “You yelled first,” she pointed out, her tone coming out a little more snappish than she meant it to. At his answering glare she shifted her bottom against his leg and the sting reminded her that she wasn't in the ideal position to argue.
     “Fine, can we agree we were both out of line?” His expression softened a bit. She shrugged her shoulders, not about to agree to any wrong doing when he just spanked her against her will. Even though it wasn't an entirely unenjoyable experience, she still wasn't admitting she was wrong.
     “I admit I was frustrated when I felt like you weren't listening,” he said, then he kissed her just below her ear and whispered, “I'm sorry.”
     “For spanking me?” She pulled back so she could look at him.
     “No,” he said as he shook his head and laughed, “you needed that. I'm sorry for yelling.”
     “I'm not,” she said.
     “You're not?” He questioned and raised his eyebrows at her.
     “Nope,” Baby answered, “if you yell at me, I'm going to yell back.”
     “Really?” Johnny shifted her back a little bit so he could slip a hand under her chastened bottom. She let out a whimper when he squeezed.
     She tried to push his arm away but he didn't let go. “It's not fair that you'd spank me because you're angry I yelled. You yelled too, so I should spank you now.” She crossed her arms across her chest and stuck her chin out. Trying her best to look proud, even while this man was holding her well- spanked ass in his hand.
     “You're adorable when you're trying to make an argument out of nothing.” He leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose. “And I didn't spank you because you yelled at me, I was just suggesting that maybe we should both try to stop yelling at each other.”
     She rolled her eyes at him, “Well then why the hell did you spank me? What are you mad at me about?”
     “I told you, you needed it,” Johnny said, “you couldn't get out of your own head. You just needed to refocus and recenter yourself. I just helped a little bit. Do you feel better?”
     Baby stopped to think, he spanked her to make her feel better? That made absolutely no sense to her. But before where she had felt nervous and stressed out over trying to remember the routine and the steps, she felt much calmer, her thinking more aligned.
     She looked up at him in surprise. “So you're not mad at me?”
He shook his head, “You'll know when I'm mad.” He smiled at her, “That was nothing.”
     Baby opened her mouth in shock. “What do you mean 'I'll know when you're mad'? You aren't ever doing that again.”
     “I'm not?” He was mocking her with his question, but she shook her head no. “Hmm, I think I probably will.”
     Before she had a chance to fight him, he had her flipped back over his knee, pinned in the same position she was in earlier.
     “And if I'm really upset with you, it will probably feel more like this.” Johnny brought his hand down harder than any of the spanks he had given her before. It took her breath away and she jumped at the connection. He brought his hand down again, just as hard, on her other cheek. If she had thought the first spanking was hard this quickly brought it into perspective.
     “Please, don't,” she pleaded. He rubbed his hand across the sting he had just laid down. Her face flushed when she felt his hand slip between her legs, discovering her secret wetness.
     “I don't think you hated it as much as you say,” he said.
     She froze, not knowing what to say. What kind of a freak was she that this turned her on?
     Johnny lifted her and laid her down on the bed, bringing himself down on top of her.
     “What have I done to you?” he asked as he trailed kisses down her neck.
     Baby let out a sigh. “I think you've corrupted me in all the best possible ways.”

Hope you enjoyed my little fantasy scene. Any suggestions for the movie I should add a spanking to next month? I have a few in mind, but I'd love to hear what you guys think!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trying to Relax

     You might have noticed, I haven't really posted anything recently (or maybe you didn't notice, but I'll tell you, that I have not posted anything recently). This is due to the fact that I ended up working a ton of hours at my boring day job last week. And even though it is my boring day job and I don't want to be stuck there forever and it is by no means a career, it still gets me stressed out from time to time. Pile that on top of a summer holiday that brings in a lot of foot traffic to this fine retail establishment, and I was ready to tear my hair out from the stress and the lack of sleep.
     Friday came and the bulk of the week was done, I only had to get through Saturday and then I would finally have a day off. We had plans to go to dinner with some friends and my brother-in-law, but it was still early so my husband suggested that I go take a nap. I was just so tired and worn out that this seemed like a good idea.
     I ended up lying there for the better part of an hour wide awake (and really only stayed in bed that long because my one cat was tucked in so tightly next to me, snoring away so happily, that I felt bad moving him). The whole time I am lying there I am just thinking about sex. Sex in a book I happened to be reading, sex with my husband, fantasy sex that I was just creating in my head. I don't know why, but this is what I was stuck on thinking. I was getting hornier and hornier. I could hear my husband in the other bedroom typing on his laptop and I kept trying to send him telepathic messages to come join me in bed (strangely he never gets them, I think we need to have our connection cleaned out).
     Eventually I have myself worked up into such a frustrated state that I need to do something about this. I stomp out of the bedroom and across the hall, stepping into the doorway I announce “I can't sleep, I'm too horny.” (Seduction skills at their finest, go on, take some notes.)
     My husbands eyes snap up from his laptop and he gives me an “Ooookaaay.” (I'm sure his drawn out response was buying him time in trying to figure out how to handle the crazy lady with the disheveled hair in her ultra sexy too big t-shirt and holey lounge pants demanding sex.)

     We have a quick debate:
     Him: We don't have much time.
     Me: We can be quick!
     Him: My brother's meeting us here, like soon.
     At my frustrated groan he calls his brother and tells him we'll pick him up instead, do not come over. (Seriously, I love my husband.)

We decide we are going to take a shower. So we make it into the bathroom, but never into the shower. Our clothes are off at record speed (I promised to be quick!), and he has me smashed up against the bathroom door. There's lots of stroking and tweaking and hair pulling. It's all happening so quickly, and I had myself so torqued up already, that I feel like I am about to jump out of my skin.
     My husband gets down on his knees in front of me to give me a little oral action (have I mentioned how much I love him?) but he puts his hand between my legs and I let out an “Ahhh!” and clamp my thighs shut around his hand. He looks up at me in surprise and I start laughing uncontrollably. This has happened before, not often, but from time to time. I can't even really explain it except that it feels like too much too soon. I know, I was super horny, I wanted this, I wanted his hands all over me, and then they were and it was like sensory overload. I end up shoving him away and laughing.

Here is my reason for this post. Am I alone in this? Does this happen to anyone else? Should I be chalking it up to the exhaustion and the stress?

     Not to leave you hanging. Thankfully my husband was undeterred (I guess he's used to my crazy). He kept it above the belt for a little bit, and gave me a few well placed slaps, before making his way back down, and it was amazing to say the least. And I returned the favor (I'm all for equality) and even figured out a new little trick with my tongue that had him losing his mind (I don't mean to sound braggy, I was quite proud of myself, and let's be real I probably picked it up from some smut book I was reading).
     Later on I apologized for my reaction (and you know, almost crushing his hand in between my legs). He kind of shrugged it off and said “I just take it as you're not ready yet and I go back to the beginning.” Very insightful of him. Any other insights? Feel free to tell me I'm just a headcase, its nothing I don't already know.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Casey's Movie Rewrites- Dirty Dancing

A Dirty Dancing Spanking- Part 1

     I've decided to start a series of installments. I am a huge movie buff, I watch a lot of movies, I like a lot of movies, I fantasize my own scenes into movies. Being a spanko, most of the time I find myself inserting spanking scenes into movies that don't contain them (which is almost every movie). Really, not just movies, TV shows, books, whatever happens to be rattling around in my head. I hope you enjoy!

      Dirty Dancing an American Classic! Right? Okay, maybe not a classic exactly. But definitely a movie I have seen about a zillion times, own on DVD, and cannot help but switch it on if it happens to be on TV.
     It came out in 1987, but it is set in 1963 (and everybody is dressed like it is 1987- but we'll pretend not to notice), in the Catskills at the Summer Resort Kellerman's. We're introduced to Baby Houseman, she's vacationing with her well-to-do family, including her annoying sister. She's obviously the smart one because she is reading a book in the car while her sister fixes her hair in a mirror (Such subtleties!). Baby is entering college in the fall and then she's joining the peace corps. She's going to save the world and she is the apple of her father's eye.
     Then Johnny Castle enters the scene (seriously, greatest character name). He's the dance instructor at Kellerman's. But this job is so obviously beneath him, he just needs the money, he is way too cool for this place and these people. He is from the complete opposite side of the tracks from Baby and he is immediately unimpressed and put off by her family's money and her sheltered life.
     Of course Baby is enamored with him at first sight, and of course he is a jerk to her and won't give her the time of day. And then he needs her help, or his job and his fellow dance teacher's job will be in jeopardy. So they need to learn to work together and trust each other, and against all odds they fall in love! It's so comfortably predictable, and saccharine sweet that you can't help but love it.
     But, am I the only spanko out there who was just rooting for Johnny to flip Baby over his knee and spank her self righteous ass? I can't be. You don't have to admit it, I'll do it for you. So without further ado, here is my added scene.

     Baby let out a frustrated groan. She was tired, her feet hurt, and she was so hot. An hour ago she was still worried about how she looked in front of Johnny. She could see herself in the mirrors that lined the wall, a disheveled, sweaty mess. But she was beyond the point of caring now. She just wanted him to stop barking orders at her, but her feet wouldn't cooperate with what her head was telling them to do.
     “Let's go.” Johnny snapped his fingers at her. “We'll run through it again, try to keep up this time.”
     Did he just snap his fingers at her? Her frustration quickly grew into a boiling rage. Johnny roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her back into the center of the floor. Baby wriggled out of his grip and took a step back from him.
     “Stop pulling me,” she shouted at him, “and stop yelling directions at me. It's not helping.”
     “Well maybe you should try focusing,” he countered, crossing his arms over his chest, “I don't think you've listened to anything I've told you.”
     Baby crossed her arms as well, matching his stance, she glared back at him and said, “You're an awful teacher. Where did you learn that yelling at your students was a good motivational tactic?”
     “Oh, I'm sure you'd be a better teacher than me.” He took a step closer to her. “Do you criticize the way everyone does their jobs, or just me?”
     She rolled her eyes at him in response.
     “Fine.” Johnny spun on his heel and crossed over to the record player. He lifted the needle and put the record back in it's sleeve. “Rehearsal is over. I'll see you tomorrow.”
     Baby stared back at him. “But we have to perform tomorrow and I still don't know all the steps.”
    Johnny continued shuffling through the records, leaving his back to her as if he hadn't heard her.
     “Johnny,” she started, but stopped when she realized he was going to continue to ignore her. “Johnny!” she yelled and stomped her foot at the same time for emphasis.
     He turned around and looked at her with a raised brow, “Now who's the one yelling?”
     “Did you hear what I said? I don't know the steps. How can you say we're done practicing?” Her words were coming out in rapid succession and she felt like she was on the brink of tears. A minute ago she had been wishing for rehearsal to end, but now she was freaking out that she didn't know what she was doing.
     He dropped the records he was holding back onto the stack and walked towards her. She thought he was coming over to comfort her and was caught by surprise when he continued walking right past her, catching her wrist as he went by. Now he was leading her across the floor towards the door. Baby was too surprised to say anything in response.
     Johnny pulled her outside, the door slamming shut behind them. She was struggling to keep up with him, but had no choice as he had her wrist trapped in a vise-like grip. Her feet were dragging in the rain soaked earth and she tried to tug her arm back to slow him down a little.
     Her attempt to slow him down seemed to quicken his pace. She was stumbling behind him as he lead her along a tree lined path.
     “Where are we going?” Her voice was shaky, her words coming out between gasps for air. Johnny stopped short in front of her and Baby put her free hand up in front of her to stop herself from bumping into him.
     He turned and looked at her, like he just realized she was trailing behind him. He dropped her wrist from his grasp and place his hands lightly on her shoulders, looking into her eyes.
     “You already know all the steps, right?” Johnny asked. She started shaking her head no. She didn't know the dance, this is what she had been telling him just minutes ago in the studio.
     “Stop.” He cut off her protests. “Close your eyes.”
     Baby looked back at him in confusion. Why did he want her to close her eyes? He still hadn't told her what they were doing. She was going to question him again, but the look he was giving her made her think twice about protesting.
     Johnny left his hands on her shoulders and she could feel the warmth from them travel throughout her body. Sometimes she could find him so stubborn and maddening, he would argue with her about everything. But other times, like this, he was so gentle. She just wanted to melt into his arms. It was like dealing with two different people.
     As her eyes were closed he started talking her through the steps and she could visual them in her head. Baby realized she did know all the steps, she just couldn't make her feet cooperate. As Johnny came to the end of the dance, she opened her eyes.
     “Did you remember them all?” he asked.
     She shook her head yes and opened her mouth to ask how any of this was helping, when he brought his hand up to her lips.
     “Stop asking so many questions.” He told her, and turned to continue up the path. This time he took her hand gently in his, instead of dragging her behind him, he walked at a slower pace so she could keep up.
     They made their way up to his private cabin which was set off in a secluded area on the outskirts of the resort.
     Baby felt a rush of heat as she remembered the last time she was here alone with Johnny. It had been a few days ago. They were rehearsing and snapping at each other, much like they had been today. He suggested a change of scenery which lead them off the resort. They had spent hours practicing balancing on a fallen log and then attempting to do the lift in a lake. They ended up back at Johnny's cabin and she thought things had changed between them because she had given herself up to him. Her own actions had surprised her, sleeping with a man she had just met. Baby loved him and she thought he loved her back, but the next day he was back to his grumpy self. She wondered if he regretted having slept with her. 
     Now here they were again. Was he planning on taking her to bed every time they had a fight during rehearsal? She knew she should fight him on this if it was his plan, but a part of her didn't want to. She was angry that he could have this kind of effect on her. Her sister Lisa was the easy one, she was supposed to be the one who was firmly entrenched in her feminist ideals. But Johnny seemed to make all of her ideals and rational thinking fall by the wayside. She knew she was in trouble, but she was finding it hard to care anymore.
     They walked into the cabin. Johnny dropped her hand as they entered and hurriedly moved around throwing some dirty clothes into a pile in the corner. Baby stood awkwardly in the doorway, twisting her skirt in her hands. She still wasn't sure what his intentions were and he was making her nervous.
     “So you can remember all the steps?” He stood across the room and suddenly focused all his attention on her, making her feel small under his gaze. She shook her head yes in response to his question. “Then why can't you execute them?”
     He seemed to honestly want to know what she thought. He wasn't snapping at her like he had been back in the studio. But she didn't know the answer. If she knew why she couldn't execute the steps then it would have been easier to fix the problem. She shrugged her shoulders.
     “Tell me.” He prompted her.
     “I really don't know,” she started, “I'm sorry if you think I'm wasting your time-”
     Johnny raised his hand and cut off her words. “You think too much,” he said, in a matter of fact way.
     “Excuse me?” Baby felt like she should be offended by his observation, but she also knew she had a tendency to over think things.
     “You're thinking too much about it,” he said as he came closer to her, “you need to let the music take over.” He was in front of her now and placed his hands on her hips. “You also have to let me lead.”
     “I am,” she snapped at him. At least she was trying to let him lead, it didn't always work out that way.
     He just looked back at her and raised his eyebrows. They both knew the truth, but it was hard for her to let someone else take over.
     “If you would just let me lead,” he began again, “and let yourself listen to the music, the steps would come more naturally.”
     “How do I make myself do that?” She couldn't help the petulant sound in her voice, and she knew she had a scowl on her face.
     “There you go, over thinking things again.” Johnny dropped his hands from her hips and lead her over towards the bed with him.
     Baby took a deep breath to stop herself from shaking. She had slept with him once and now he expected to have her in his bed whenever he wanted.       She should be more upset by this thought than she was, she'd think more about that later.
     Johnny sat on the edge of the bed and drew her closer to him. His arms were around her waist as she stood before him.
     “We weren't getting anywhere snapping at each other during rehearsal,” he said. She nodded her head in agreement. “I want you to think less about what you're supposed to be doing, and just trust me to lead you through it.”
     Baby could vaguely register his words over the pounding of the blood pumping through her veins. Her body was peaked in anticipation. Ever since they had slept together she couldn't think of anything else, and here she was again.
     Johnny grabbed her forearm and pulled her face down across his lap. She tried to push herself up, confused by what he was doing. He easily held her in place and adjusted her. Her feet remained on the floor, her upper body leaning on the bed, he angled her bottom up in the air. She was about to yell out when it finally dawned on her his intentions. But the sharp slap to her ass made the words die on her lips.

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