Friday, July 19, 2013

A Promise of Things to Come

     A few weeks ago Renee Rose posted about figging. I had read about this before and it piqued my curiosity. The book I read it in described it as a punishment, but me being me, and loving all things anal, I thought “That sounds pretty hot.”
     Then Renee shared her thoughts and made the experience sound absolutely mind blowing. So I decided to broach the subject with my husband (I mean, he is the other part in this equation). First off, I had to explain to him what figging was (A first. He is usually way more well versed in all things of a sexual nature than me). Then when I finally answered all of his questions, multiple times- “Wait, you use what??” and “You put it where??” and “This is supposed to be a good thing?” He told me he wouldn't really be comfortable doing it.
     Something about using kitchen tools before performing a sexual act or something like that. And a good point, normally when we are getting really kinky we are both more than a little bit drunk, so that could make things complicated. Okay, I get it, and it's not always about me and what I want, I can respect his opinions. I will just quietly pout in the corner over here for a while.
     But since then he has brought it up multiple times. He enjoys teasing me, and I guess I like being teased. He'll bring it up in conversation or teasingly tell me to watch myself or he'll get the ginger (we don't even have ginger in the house). Maybe he was getting himself a little more used to the idea, and knowing my husband he probably researched it.
     Next Saturday is my birthday and we were talking about what we might do with our weekend. He told me he had some kinky surprises in store for me, and hinted that he might be down for some figging. 
Me: “Huh? I thought you didn't want to try it?”
Him: “Well, it's your birthday. How can I say no to you?”
     Wow, I didn't know simply having a birthday held so much power. I should have probably requested something else too.
     So now I am highly anticipating next weekend, which sometimes I think anticipating something makes it all that more wonderful (figging, a spanking, a really good fuck). If I seem a bit distracted for the next week, my mind is just elsewhere....


  1. Ooh awesome! My husband said "we're not ready for that" the first time I brought it up, but then the second time, he was totally down and bought the ginger himself!

    I hope you have an awesome birthday surprise!!!

  2. Have a great birthday Casey, I'll look forward to hearing all about it...

  3. What a lovely example of listening to each other and respecting each other.

    Though I admit to smiling at the thought of you pouting in the corner. :)

  4. Yay, figging. It's awesome. I don't think I could write about it with regards to me - I'm a prude you see… ;) but I love it. I love it. Wait, can I say t again? I love it.

    Promise to post your experience and don't be shy about the length of ginger. As you love anal, you will love everything about this. I really don't even think it hurts - or not in a way that's not good anyway. I'm so excited for you Casey!

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Oh Casey, that's awesome!!! Your hubby is very cool to try something like that, and even cooler to tease you about it beforehand! :)

    Have fun!
    And definitely post about it afterwards!

    My birthday is the day after yours, but I don't think mine will be quite as adventurous LOL :)

    I'll just live vicariously through yours :)

  6. Definitely let us know about your experience and all the other fun your hubby provides. At least all the fun you want to share with us, and I hope it's everything!

  7. Natasha: You're a prude?? I don't say! I think I knew this about you. I might email you for some details :)

    Renee: My husband eventually said not every wife would request things like this, he would be nuts to turn me down. Perhaps your hubby thinks the same way!

    Tara: Thanks for the B-Day wishes!

    Ana: I don't think its possible to have such a kinky relationship and not communicate, it's sort of key. I don't think I was really pouting... well at least not THAT much, haha.

    Katie: I hope you have some fun for your Bday! I'll share some details with you, hopefully it all comes together!

  8. Your post gives me great hope for all things figging happening someday in my relationship too. My husband had a hard time wrapping his mind around it too. He teases me a lot though & figging has come up numerous times. So birthday isn't until December though!! Maybe a Labor Day figging then? LOL Seriously, I think you'll love it! Yay to sexual expression & sexual freedom!

  9. Thanks Kathryn! I'll probably share some details :)
    Corinne- A Labor Day Figging, that kills me! LOL Sometimes I don't think my husband knows what to do with me, but he is a good sport :)