Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lingerie- It's like chocolate, but better!

     I find it's really easy for me to get into the mindset that everyone has similar thoughts and opinions to mine. I'm not talking religion, world politics, the state of the economy- on those matters I am a very open minded, even-keeled individual towards other people's opinions. More like- I love chocolate, everyone must, it's delicious. And then when I come across someone who doesn't have the same opinion I am jarred back into reality, saying ridiculous things like, “I don't even know how you can NOT like chocolate. Have you tried it lately? Seriously, I don't even know how we're friends.” (This may have been a real conversation that happened, and I may or may not have been joking when I said it.)
     I had a similar, passionate reaction when I was discussing lingerie with some girls at work (it's retail, we get bored easily and start talking about sex and underwear). It was a few months back because I was talking about Christmas shopping for my husband. He is really hard to buy gifts for, so we started this tradition where I fill his stocking with lingerie and sexy underwear- for myself (gifts for him, but they're for me too, GENIUS!). So the two women I am talking to both say they can't even remember the last time they bought lingerie, never mind sexy underwear. Now, both of these women are only a few years older than me, one of them has been married for ten years, the other is a single mom. They both start listing their reasons of why they have no need for this- it's never on for more than a few minutes, he doesn't even notice anymore (married woman), no one's seeing it anyway, there's other things I need to spend my money on (single mom). This is when I turn into some sort of deranged Sexy Underwear Lobbyist (seriously, can this be a real job? I'm quite good at it). I start talking in great length about how it can be inexpensive (clearance racks, you can find cute thongs and lacey little things for $1-$3) and how it is not about the guy, I mean it helps if he's turned on, but sexy underwear makes ME feel sexy.
     You might be saying, Casey, it's just not for me, I've never been one to invest in something as frivolous as sexy underthings. Well I wasn't always this way either, I have a pushy girlfriend to thank, and now I am on a lifelong quest to get other ladies to spice up their intimates drawer (I mean, not officially a lifelong quest, but that sounded very businesslike).
     Looking back, I can almost laugh at how self conscious I used to be. I think ever kid, guy or girl, gets to be super self conscious about themselves when they hit puberty, but I think it took me a really long time to shake that. I pretty much sailed through middle school and high school with my nose buried in a book, perfecting the art of invisibility, drowning myself in big t-shirts, hoodies, and hole-y flannels. I did come into my own a bit in college, but I still wouldn't have described myself as sexy.
     Then one fateful day, the summer after my college graduation, I am at the mall with one of my girlfriends and we stumble along some sort of mega sale at Victoria's Secret. She is sifting through racks and racks of lingerie and I am awkwardly standing off to the side trying not to make eye contact with anyone, feeling simply scandalous for even being in this store. She shoves a handful of hangers into my hands and turns me towards the fitting room. I break into a cold sweat, I am not trying these on, I do not need these, I will never wear them. My protests fall on deaf ears. I am shoved into the fitting room and told “We all need to own some sexy things, you'll thank me one day.” (This is the same friend who prophetically told me in college, as I was lamenting over still being a virgin, “You'll have sex one day, and you'll probably be doing all kinds of kinky and crazy shit. It will be amazing.” If she only knew...)
     So I am alone in the dressing room, with my arms full of lingerie, what is a girl to do? I choose the one that I think will be least likely to make me look like a prostitute. It's light blue, and sheer, in a baby doll style top with a matching thong. I think blue is good, it's not black or red, which in my mind feels too sexy and dirty. I still have no hope this will even look remotely good on me. I shuck off my clothes, and slip this sheer little thing on over my head. I stand back and assess myself in the mirror. Once I get over the fact that I can totally see my nipples through the fabric (I am turning crimson, feeling completely exposed), I really take a good look at myself. I don't hate what I see, in fact I look sort of nice, maybe even sexy? No, not that, just pretty good. I envision myself putting this on for a guy (I was single at the time), could I do that? Would I have the guts to put something like this on and have someone else see it? It was hard for me to picture, but then again I still wasn't comfortable in my own skin, never mind my own nakedness or in something sheer and sexy.
     I ended up buying it, probably so my girlfriend would shut up (and it was a really good sale!). I shoved it in the bottom of my underwear drawer, but would take it out occasionally and admire my boldness at having made such a purchase. I eventually did wear it, one of the first times my husband and I went away together (we were just dating then), I threw it in my bag. I don't think I was even certain I would wear it or not, but I'm glad that I did, his reaction was priceless. And do you know what? It made me feel sexy.
     An addict was born, from that point on I couldn't resist perusing the intimates section every time I went shopping. It still perks up my day if I throw on a matching bra and panty set. I'm a little disappointed in myself that it took me until my mid 20's to feel comfortable with my body, but I guess I should be happy I got there at all.
I can readily admit I probably buy and own way too much lingerie, but whatever, we all have our flaws.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Spankings- Shut Up, Woman

This is another little peek of my book To Catch a Falling Star. Luke has just discovered that an acquaintance of his harassed Mac when she was in college. He wants to defend her, even if it did happen ten years ago.     

      “Mac, he shouldn't be able to get away with this,” Luke tried to get around her but she stood her ground.
     “He didn't. Daisy and I got him back,” Mac put her hand in the middle of his chest and tried to push him back a step, but he was like a brick wall, “we made his life hell and he transferred schools. Now let's go to bed.”
     Luke looked down, she forgot how much taller he was than her when she wasn't wearing heels, “You're being very bossy,” she thought she saw a smile playing at the corners of his mouth as he spoke, “I thought I was the one who called the shots.”
     “Of course you are,” she gave him an innocent grin and bat her eyelashes, “You're always in charge. I'll let you lead the way, up to bed.”
     She shrieked as she was suddenly upside down and over Luke's shoulder. She swatted at his butt and laughed as he carried her up the stairs, “You're acting like a caveman.”
     “Shut up, woman,” Luke responded as he smacked her butt and made her shriek again.

If you want to read more about Luke and Mac they are available on Kindle and Nook!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spankee Doodle Dandy

For those in the northern hemisphere, summer is here! What better way to celebrate summer vacations than to give (or receive) a sizzling hot spanking? After the rousing success of Love Spanks and Spank or Treat, Anastasia Vitsky and her team of spanking fiction authors have returned to bring you a collective Spankee Doodle Dandy story extravaganza. It’s love and kisses for adults, and we do mean adults!

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Many authors will also be offering a contest on their individual blogs. Your comment on their blogs automatically enters you in both the main contest and the individual contests!

What’s the catch? Absolutely nothing! We love writing for you and want to thank you for your readership. Perhaps someone might get a spanking or two, but that’s a reward rather than a catch, right? ;)

Here are the rules:
     1. Visit each blog between the Thursday, June 20th and Sunday, June 23rd to read the posted stories and excerpts.
     2. Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog. You will receive one entry per blog for the grand prize drawing. You will also be automatically entered in that author’s individual contest, if he or she has one.
     3. If you have visited all of the blogs, visit Ana’s blog to sign up for FIVE bonus entries to the grand prize. Deadline is midnight EDT (UTC -4) on June 23rd!!
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     5. Visit any of the participating blogs on Thursday, June 27th to find out the lucky winners. Will it be you?

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Kinky Confessions- Strip Tease!

This is a follow up to my last post , turns out it was giant, because I am very wordy! So I split it into two-

     Now today was Sunday Funday. According to facebook, most of our friends are out running 5Ks... so not our scene. We lay around on the couch all morning, then do some shopping and have a late lunch. It's all very relaxing and low key. On our way home my husband suggests some drinks followed by some kinky sex. Yes, please! I feel like I have been getting teased all week, aside from the whole spanking implement thing (which has been ongoing), there's been a lot of my husband telling me “I should spank you for that.” (Or in most cases 'hit' me, because now that I told him that's an annoying and unsexy word he keeps saying it.) I get all perked up and excited at the idea of a spanking and then he follows up with, “No way, you'd like it too much.” Tease!
     After a few drinks we end up in the bathroom because most of the toys are stashed in there. I give him his sexy Burlesque strip tease (helpful tip: lots of things to strip off, which is hard to do in lingerie, I went with thigh highs, shoes, and a pair of lacy boy shorts over a thong). I actually don't feel all that uncoordinated, and don't lose my balance at all (win!), and think I pull it off quite successfully. We get out some of the toys and once we're both completely worked up, I tear off the blindfold (did I mention I was blindfolded? Not during the dance, but after.) and kneel on the toilet seat, “Spank me!” This is all I want, I throw a look over my shoulder, “Or hit me, whatever you want to call it!”
     “Oh, I'm definitely going to spank you,” (I won the word war!) he proceeds to pick up my hairbrush (!) and sets about spanking me. Now, ever since I have confessed my kink about four years ago, my husband will go along with it, but he's always afraid he's hurting me. So, many times the spankings are shorter than I like, and he's never spanked me with anything but his hand. Well seems my kinky confession has opened a whole new can of worms!
     He's spanking me pretty hard with the hairbrush, I bite back any protests because this is totally what I want, but then it's really burning! I sort of start squirming and shifting around on my knees, the brush clatters to the floor, but he keeps spanking me with his hand. Now I am gripping onto the toilet tank and I am letting out moans and short squeaks of protest. And now it really hurts, but I am liking this, and I want it to stop, but at the same time I don't. Just when I think I might explode and I will have to put a stop to this, he stops.
His hands are on my breasts, he pulls me to my feet, kissing my neck, nuzzling my hair. I'm pretty sure I melted into a puddle. After some unsuccessful attempts in the bathroom, we tumble into the bedroom (I won't bore you with the details, we are constantly trying to find positions that work with our height differences, normally it's just frustrating). I dislodge one of the cats from the bed and toss her into the hall, slamming the door behind her. My ass is stingy, and I feel so in tune with everything my husband is doing. It's amazing, I feel so connected to him on another level. Yay, for awesome sex!
     We're both in the shower rinsing off afterwards. He's telling me he loved his strip tease, I'm telling him how hot the spanking got me and I follow up with, “God, I'm so weird.”
     He looks straight at me, brows raised, “I thought we were past that.” There is no joking tone to his voice (we pretty much communicate with sarcasm and teasing, so the fact that he is dead serious has me knocked off balance). “Knock it off, you're not weird. Stop saying that.”
     I say alright, because what else can I say? He leans in and kisses my forehead and tells me he loves me before hopping out of the shower.
     I am momentarily stunned, standing under the stream of hot water, with my deliciously stinging ass. I am overwhelmed by how much he loves me, how he can embrace my kink even better than I can. It's moments like these that I realize how lucky I am. We might not be perfect, but he gets me, and I love that, and I love him.

Kinky Confessions- of the Drunken Variety


     I promised a follow up to the Burlesque show night, I know you were all waiting with bated breath! Well even if you weren't, here it is. Remember, I was taking in tips and moves at the show, I really wanted to put them into action. But then it was Monday (who feels sexy on a Monday?), long story short- shit day at work, horrible mood, and a horny husband. What to do? Well, my husband got me liquored up (not that I needed much convincing) there was some oral (me), there was some spanking (again, me), there was some more oral (him). Fun was had by all!
     I told him I'd give him a raincheck on the whole Burlesque dancing thing, he didn't seem to care anyway. The crux of the story is now I am tired and sated and dopey with alcohol, and I start with the drunken, cringe-worthy, kinky confessions. Sadly, these are regular occurrences for me (how do you think my husband found out I was a spanko??). I say something to the effect of, “We should get some things that you can spank me with.” This is met with silence, and I immediately start wishing I didn't say anything. My husband is not into spanking. Obviously, I totally am into it. He says he likes to spank me because he likes that it turns me on, but it really does nothing for him. So sometimes I don't know how much I should ask for it, do I want it too much? Is this totally one sided and awful for him? And now I have just added more weirdness to the situation by suggesting we purchase some type of implements.
After the long silence (it probably wasn't that long), he says something to the effect of he likes using his hand. I quickly say, okay, that's fine! Truthfully, I'll take it anyway I can get it. We go to sleep, end of story... or so I thought.
     The next day, we are both at work and I get a text from my husband-
           Hubs: Soo, last night you said you wanted me to hit you with something.
Cringe, and blushing, geez, I'm at work!
          Me- Oh, did that happen?
          Hubs- You know it did. What do you want me to hit you with?
Why does he keep saying he's going to hit me? That has an awful connotation, spank is so much hotter.
We go back and forth a few times, me feigning innocence and acting like I don't remember, him not buying it for a second and then he tells me he'll 'get it out of me someway'. What the hell does that mean? Now my pulse is racing and I am thinking of all the delicious ways he can 'get it out of me', I'm guessing this was his intention.
     Later, at home, we're eating dinner and he's grilling me. I am squirming and blushing and really not wanting to talk about this.
     “Why are you getting so embarrassed?” he asks me.
     “I'm not,” lies, just flying out of my mouth, “I just don't want to talk about it.”
He goes on to tell me I am being ridiculous. Didn't I write a book with spanking in it? Don't I blog about our sex life and spanking? True and true. Then what the hell is my problem?
     “It's weird,” and this is the total honest truth, “I feel like a weirdo.” Yes, I feel like this in the light of day, clear headed and sober.
He is having none of this. He starts questioning me about paddles, and riding crops, and floggers and he seems very well-read on all topics.
     “Were you researching this??”
     “Of course,” he answers, matter-of-factly. Because this is my husband, he researches everything, and I totally love this about him. I will buy things on a whim (it was on sale! I had a coupon! Shiny!), he researches the hell out of everything before making a purchase. It's very handy when shopping for a new coffeemaker, blender, or sex toys. He bought me an array of sex toys (all of which I drunkenly, kinky confessed to wanting to try) for my 30th birthday last summer. As he was showing me the haul, I got the rundown on the reviews of each item, it was sort of adorable.
     So now he's researching spanking implements, I guess there really shouldn't be any doubt in my mind about my husband's willingness to participate in the whole spanking thing.

Friday, May 17, 2013


I got my first review! My stages as a self published author so far have been:
    1. I wrote a book! (excited, self accomplished)
    2. My husband and I e- publish it. We published a book! (still excited)
    3. I sold a book! (excited, someone's reading it)
    4. I sold another book! (still excited)
    5. Reality sets in, people are reading my book! (anxiety, self doubt)
    6. People I don't know are reading my book! (complete self doubt)
    7. What if people don't like my book? (freaking the hell out)
I feel I should enter a side not here that my husband has been awesome through this whole process, there's been a lot of “talking me down from the ledge” lately. I am sure this will get old very soon, so I've been trying to keep it together.

     I've also been working on a work in progress I've been trying to start for a while, my husband keeps calling it “Downton Abbey Porn”. I love historical romances, I love to read them, so why not write them? But it seems the past two weeks every time I sit down to write the self-doubt monster rears it's ugly head and all my creativity is zapped.

But then I got a review on Goodreads!! And it's good! They like my story! But I have typos... embarrassing. I did edit the book myself, but I guess when you've read something over and over you just don't pick up on things, because I know what it's SUPPOSED to say. I also totally understand how annoying this is from the reader's perspective. I read a lot and I've read e-books that have been self published that were riddled with errors, it rips you out of the story, they're distracting. I am simultaneously embarrassed and excited. Embarrassed that I have mistakes, so excited that someone liked my book.

I will be re-editing and I guess taking down and then putting back up the book (that's really on my husband, who is not thrilled, but I guess that will make me edit more carefully next time).

On a brighter note I got a lot of progress done on my work in progress this morning. So maybe my little freak out is over, although I am sure it won't be the last.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Burlesque- and that Whole Dancing and Coordination Thing


    In another attempt to do something fun and exciting (we're still not used to having money left over after paying the bills), my husband took me to see a Burlesque show this weekend. A bar in our area has Burlesque night once a month and we've actually been wanting to check it out for a few years now, Saturday night we finally got to go.
     I had to work on Saturday, so I was trying to mentally go through my closet while I was at work because I knew I had a minimal amount of time to get ready. Also, what the heck does one wear to a Burlesque show? I haven't the slightest clue. Plus I am in serious need of some new wardrobe staples, my day to day attire consists of jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, and a hoodie. I swear at some point in my life I used to be fashionable, back when I didn't have any bills and I spent my weekends at the mall. The only thing I am sure of by the time I get home from work is that I am wearing jeans (dark wash skinny jeans, I can totally dress them up!) and some flats, because my feet are killing me after standing all day. Now I'm just hoping I can find something cute and stylish hiding in my closet.
     My husband has dinner ready when I get home (because we still can't afford dinner AND a show, we can only do one or the other, let's not get crazy), so we eat, I do my hair and makeup, and then with ten minutes to go I attempt to sift through my closet. I emerge from the bedroom in a white baby doll style tank with black polka dots and a black sweater shrug.
     I ask my husband how I look and his response is “Your boobs look good.” Well, I guess I have that going for me. Then he follows up with, “I've never seen you wear that shirt.” So I run back through my memory trying to remember when I bought this particular shirt, and shit, it was like seven years ago. Now I am questioning whether or not this shirt is still stylish, “Are polka dots still in?” I ask. I get a quizzical look in return, “Were they ever in?” Good question, I don't know, I went through a huge polka dot phase and I am still very partial to them (in fact I had a black and white polka dot bra on under my polka dot shirt- weird but true). I also don't know if shrugs are still in- I mean it's half a sweater, why didn't I just spend my money on a full sweater? Well, whatevs, no time to change, maybe I'll just look ironic, like I meant to look like I bought my clothes almost a decade ago.
     Now that I am having outfit anxiety, we finally leave to go to the show. We get to the bar about an hour before the show, we get some beers, and I settle in to scope out the crowd. I am pleasantly surprised to see other polka dot wearers, apparently they're still in (or back in?), and I feel reassured in my outfit decision. I let my husband know I think I made the right outfit choice (I'm sure he was relieved, he just didn't want to show it).
     The show starts and we snag a little table towards the back. There's two emcees that open the show, there's a live band on stage with them, and then the girls come out in these sparkly little outfits. The guys are singing, the girls are dancing, the band is really good, and I can't believe I almost forgot how much I love a live show (four years of living under a rock will do that to you). I am enthralled from the very beginning, the theater geek that lives inside me is awakened! My husband got serenaded by a large gay man, who sat on his lap in a red, sparkly tux (I almost shot beer out my nose I was laughing so hard). The troupe was really talented, the girls were great dancers, and I totally give them props for getting naked on stage. Although, my husband points out, they are not completely naked, it's Burlesque- not a strip club. But seriously, pasties and a thong is a lot nakeder than I would ever want to be on a stage.
     Sometime during the show my husband leans over to me, “You could totally rock that.” He gestures towards the stage and one of the skimpy outfits the girls have on. I sort of just shrug, as if to say, okay in what lifetime? “No, you would really look hot in that. You could totally do that.” I start taking mental notes of the outfits and the moves, and wait... did he just tell me I could be a burlesque dancer? I tell him he's insane for even thinking that and he responds, “Well, aside from the whole dancing and coordination thing, you could do it.”
     I am probably one of the most uncoordinated people ever, and I can't dance (except when I'm drunk- then I'm awesome!) so this is a proper assessment. I would love to tell you that we went home and got it on, we were just watching a sexually charged show that definitely got us both in the mood. I would really love to tell you that's what happened, if I were writing this in a book then it would happen, but no, it's real life- don't judge me, I worked all day and that last beer took me from nicely buzzed to I can't keep my eyes open. But don't worry, it's to be continued- stay tuned!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Saturday Spankings- Another Tease!

     Last week I gave you a tease of Luke and Mac from Catch a Falling Star on their first date. This part I am sharing today is a few weeks after that. Their relationship is still new and Luke is having a hard time getting Mac to open up to him. Mac thinks she's doing a good job handling her problems on her own, but she finds that Luke will only be pushed so far. She's been evading his questions about her snappish and moody behavior and she’s reluctant to talk about what’s on her mind. In this selection Mac has just tried to distract Luke in the shower, and she is extremely pissed off that he didn't succumb to her methods.

            Luke reached down and ripped the towel from her body. She yelped out in surprise and he pulled her towards the bed with him, “Luke!” was all she got out before he had her turned over his knee, with her upper body on the bed and her legs kicked out behind her.
            He had already laid down four hard smacks with his hand before she started trying to struggle against his arm around her waist. He stopped with his hand resting on her cheeks, still warm from the shower. “Are you ready to talk?” his tone sounded like they were splitting a muffin over the Sunday crossword.
            “No,” she bit out and unsuccessfully tried to wriggle out of his hold.
            “Have it your way,” he said and started spanking her right where her butt met her thighs. Mac cried out and let fly a string curses that would have made a sailor blush.
I hope you'll check out the rest of their story! Thanks for stopping in, and please check out all of the other Saturday Spankings too!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Obstacles in the Bedroom

 Tonight, I am sharing with you only one of the obstacles my husband and I have to hurdle in order to have a sex life... the cats. Yes, I know what you're thinking, they're cats, they're pets, they are smaller and stupider than us, hence they should not be an obstacle. But they are!
     Let me preface this by saying dealing with our cats is way better than other obstacles that have come before. I mean before we moved out on our own we were constantly racing the clock (quick, while no one's here!) before parents and siblings got home from wherever they were. I may even venture to say that I didn't let myself fully enjoy sex most of the time (Shh, what was that? Was that a car door?) unless I knew there was absolutely no chance that we would be interrupted. And lastly, those of you with kids, I know cats are way better to deal with than kids. But I think we are a few years off from having kids yet, so when I start blogging about not being able to have sex because the kids are always around, you can remind me that I used to complain about my cats.
     So that being said, let me share with you the ridiculous situation that happened last night. We have two cats, Chester and Beaker, and I think they have attachment issues, to me, mostly. Usually, we are prepared ahead of time if we are going up to the bedroom for some sexy time. I'll run upstairs first and my husband heads into the kitchen to get the cat treats. Once the cats are thoroughly distracted with the butt load of treats he plies them with, he runs upstairs to join me. Now it depends on the day, or the cats' moods I guess, with how much time this will buy us before they start their pitiful crying at the bedroom door. This can be drowned out with the TV, but the little paws swiping under the crack in the door gets me every time!
     Last night we were not thinking, in fact we were not even planning on anything happening. We were both exhausted, work has been hellish for both of us this week, so we actually went to bed kind of early. As we were laying there talking, my husband starts saying how he doesn't understand how he can be so tired and horny all at the same time. Well that was all the incentive I needed, one thing lead to another and his hands are up my t-shirt and I lean over in the dark to give him a hot, passionate kiss and I get a mouthful of... fur. Blech. Seriously cat? Beat it! Our cat Chester has completely taken up residence in the middle of the bed, and he really has no intention of moving his furry little ass. My husband tossed him to the floor as he gave a whiny little mewl in our direction.
     I lost count, but I think he came back at least two or three more times before we were done. I sort of just kept batting him off the bed, any other time it would have been a mood killer, but again, we were so tired I don't think we cared.
    When all was said and done, the three of us curled up and fell asleep shortly after. I'm not sure where Beaker was this whole time, maybe she was in the kitchen waiting for her cat treats.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scheduling Issues

     I was planning on getting lots of work done today. I had my week all mapped out, planning everything around my days off from my full time gig. I usually get one day over the weekend and one day during the week off. It sucks not having two days off in a row, but then again I sort of like when my week's broken up and I don't have to work more than three consecutive days.
      Anyways, Sunday has become the only day me and my husband have off together since he started his new job. So we have been trying to cram all sorts of fun things to do into one day, which is awesome, but also exhausting. Sunday night we both collapse into bed completely exhausted and Monday morning becomes the most dreaded morning of the week. But as I pried my eyes open yesterday I gave myself a pep talk, "I can do this, I have tomorrow off, I just have to get through today." Yes, I have had Tuesdays off for like the past six months, making Monday not all that awful.
     I stride into work yesterday morning (only six minutes late!) and run into a very grumpy coworker who is already bitching that it's only Monday and this will be the longest week ever, blah blah. And I just shrug and think "Whatevs, I have tomorrow off." The morning crawls by, even though I am super busy (I continually wonder how it's possible to be so busy and so bored all at the same time), and I begin counting down the minutes to my lunch break. I pop into the breakroom to grab my sandwich and stop to check the schedule, making sure my hours didn't get cut towards the end of the week, as my manager likes to change the schedule after he posts it, without telling anyone he changed it. Horror of horrors! I am not off tomorrow! What the what??
     Apparently I never really read the schedule, I just assumed I was off Tuesday. My "not-so-bad Monday" instantly turned into a "I-hate-everyone Monday", worst part is I'm not off until Friday. Four days in a row?? I don't think I can make it. I want to cry.
     So I was planning a much more structured blog post, as well as working on my work in progress story I have been trying to finish. But I've been derailed, yes, by my own inattentiveness, but I am still bitter. So I promise to post something less complainy at some point this week, but right now that's all I got.
     In the meantime, I am hoping to turn my week around, I suggested to my husband that maybe he should spank me for misreading my schedule, wink wink. He just told me these things happen and it wasn't really my fault. For real? Maybe tonight I will try a little harder, I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My First Saturday Spankings!!!

It's my first time participating in Saturday Spankings!! Thanks for visiting my blog and helping to deflower me :)
This little bit is from my book Catch a Falling Star. Luke is an actor who's career has recently taken off and Mac is an unemployed script writer who's life is spiraling out of control. The following is from the night of their first date. Luke had taken Mac out to dinner earlier in the evening and now they are back at her apartment. Even in their short courtship the sparks are already flying between them, Luke started lecturing Mac about taking more of a concern in her personal safety, and she is having none of it. But Luke feels like he has a point to make, and he only knows one way to make it...

Before Luke fully realized what he was doing his hand smacked down on the back of her short skirt. The resounding slap seemed to echo off the quiet apartment's walls. He didn't let go of Mac's wrist but he held his breath waiting for her reaction. Luke expected for her to unleash a fury on him, that he fully deserved, and throw him out the door.
            After what seemed like an eternity Mac turned her head and looked him in the eyes. Surprise and amusement danced across her face. “You think I need a spanking?” she asked in a throaty whisper.
            Before Luke could respond she pulled her wrist from his grasp, she was halfway across the small apartment before she threw a glance at him over her shoulder and laughed, “You'll have to catch me first.”
            That was all the invitation Luke needed.

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