Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scheduling Issues

     I was planning on getting lots of work done today. I had my week all mapped out, planning everything around my days off from my full time gig. I usually get one day over the weekend and one day during the week off. It sucks not having two days off in a row, but then again I sort of like when my week's broken up and I don't have to work more than three consecutive days.
      Anyways, Sunday has become the only day me and my husband have off together since he started his new job. So we have been trying to cram all sorts of fun things to do into one day, which is awesome, but also exhausting. Sunday night we both collapse into bed completely exhausted and Monday morning becomes the most dreaded morning of the week. But as I pried my eyes open yesterday I gave myself a pep talk, "I can do this, I have tomorrow off, I just have to get through today." Yes, I have had Tuesdays off for like the past six months, making Monday not all that awful.
     I stride into work yesterday morning (only six minutes late!) and run into a very grumpy coworker who is already bitching that it's only Monday and this will be the longest week ever, blah blah. And I just shrug and think "Whatevs, I have tomorrow off." The morning crawls by, even though I am super busy (I continually wonder how it's possible to be so busy and so bored all at the same time), and I begin counting down the minutes to my lunch break. I pop into the breakroom to grab my sandwich and stop to check the schedule, making sure my hours didn't get cut towards the end of the week, as my manager likes to change the schedule after he posts it, without telling anyone he changed it. Horror of horrors! I am not off tomorrow! What the what??
     Apparently I never really read the schedule, I just assumed I was off Tuesday. My "not-so-bad Monday" instantly turned into a "I-hate-everyone Monday", worst part is I'm not off until Friday. Four days in a row?? I don't think I can make it. I want to cry.
     So I was planning a much more structured blog post, as well as working on my work in progress story I have been trying to finish. But I've been derailed, yes, by my own inattentiveness, but I am still bitter. So I promise to post something less complainy at some point this week, but right now that's all I got.
     In the meantime, I am hoping to turn my week around, I suggested to my husband that maybe he should spank me for misreading my schedule, wink wink. He just told me these things happen and it wasn't really my fault. For real? Maybe tonight I will try a little harder, I'll keep you posted!


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