Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Spankings- Shut Up, Woman

This is another little peek of my book To Catch a Falling Star. Luke has just discovered that an acquaintance of his harassed Mac when she was in college. He wants to defend her, even if it did happen ten years ago.     

      “Mac, he shouldn't be able to get away with this,” Luke tried to get around her but she stood her ground.
     “He didn't. Daisy and I got him back,” Mac put her hand in the middle of his chest and tried to push him back a step, but he was like a brick wall, “we made his life hell and he transferred schools. Now let's go to bed.”
     Luke looked down, she forgot how much taller he was than her when she wasn't wearing heels, “You're being very bossy,” she thought she saw a smile playing at the corners of his mouth as he spoke, “I thought I was the one who called the shots.”
     “Of course you are,” she gave him an innocent grin and bat her eyelashes, “You're always in charge. I'll let you lead the way, up to bed.”
     She shrieked as she was suddenly upside down and over Luke's shoulder. She swatted at his butt and laughed as he carried her up the stairs, “You're acting like a caveman.”
     “Shut up, woman,” Luke responded as he smacked her butt and made her shriek again.

If you want to read more about Luke and Mac they are available on Kindle and Nook!

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  1. I definitely have a thing for men who carry their women off "caveman-style." Great snippet, Casey, but I want more.... Hope you can share more with us next week.

  2. Sweet, Casey! I especially like that she's got a touch of dominance to her style. He's a caveman, sure, but I got the feeling that she's going to give him a run for his money.

  3. Great snippet! I like the 'over the shoulder' carry too. This little lady sounds like a spitfire:)

  4. I love the - "of course you are" = purrfect. Very hot

  5. I love a fun romp with some laughs.

  6. Who doesn't like to be man handled once in a while? Thanks for stopping by ladies :)

  7. Love the caveman carry but I also loved the way she said she’d let him lead…up the stairs to bed lol. Great snippet :)

  8. I like the playful feel of this! And his strength.

  9. I love a good ol' fashioned cave man-style dom. Over the shoulder with a swat to boot, and laughing as he carries her up to bed. Lovely snippet!