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A Teasing Treat- Free Spanking Story #SpankorTreat

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My little story today features Roxy and Trevor from my book Cursed Waters.

A Teasing Treat

“I need help.” Roxy walked out of the bathroom. She held her newly purchased corset against the front of her body. The hooks running down the back made it impossible for her to get the garment on herself. She caught Trevor's stunned expression and felt deeply satisfied by his reaction. Her plan was already working.

“You can't go out in that,” Trevor replied coolly. She felt her knees go weak at his comment.

She turned her back so he could reach the hooks, giving him a perfect view of her thong clad butt. She looked at him over her shoulder. “I'm putting a dress over it. Can you close me up?”

Trevor came up behind her and she heard him suck in a breath as his hand caressed her ass. He fumbled with the clasps and pulled the corset closed with a bit more force than necessary as he hooked her together. “Don't think I don't know what you're doing.” He whispered in her ear.

Roxy turned around to face him as she adjusted the corset. She tried her best to look innocent, but knew she was failing miserably. “Really? What am I doing?”

He raised an eyebrow at her, but didn't respond. He went back to the other side of the room where he continued dressing himself. Roxy took one last appreciative glance at her handsome boyfriend getting into his crisp suit. Something about Trevor in a suit made her heart beat just a little bit faster. She turned her back to him again, resuming her game. She picked up one black, thigh-high stocking, selected to match her black corset with the red lace trim. Roxy slid the silky material through her hand before she bent forward to slip it onto her foot. She stuck her butt out as she bent and had to pause to keep from losing her balance as she tried to shimmy the stocking up her leg. Getting dressed sexily was harder than she thought. She stood back up and fiddled with the clasp on the garter. They seemed more trouble than they were worth, but she knew Trevor enjoyed them.

She didn't want to chance glancing back at him. She hoped he had stopped what he was doing and was watching her every move. She was trying to seduce him by putting more clothes on, rather than taking them off. Having secured the front clasp, she moved to the back one. The clasp kept slipping out of her hand and she had to bend in a way that made the corset dig into her ribs. She paused, standing back up to catch her breath. Her hair and make up had already been meticulously done and she didn't want to ruin her efforts by wrestling with her own undergarments.

“Put the other one on.” Trevor's command came from across the room. She turned and looked at him questioningly. “Just like you did the first.” He sat on the bed and leaned back on his elbows, ready to enjoy the show before him.

Roxy felt heat creep across her cheeks. She pushed aside a pang of guilt and reached for the second stocking. She ran it through her hand again, feeling the silkiness slip through her fingers. She bent forward, a bit more exaggerated this time and wiggled her butt for good measure. When she lifted her foot off the ground she lost her balance and let out a squeal as she swayed to the side.

She felt Trevor's hands steadying her hips and bringing her back to center. She dug her toes into the carpet, still bent forward. Trevor's hands were warm on her naked hips and he shifted her back into him. She felt the evidence of his arousal brush against her ass.

“Go ahead. Slip it on. I've got you.” His voice sounded hoarse. She slipped her foot into the stocking and slowly rose as she slid it up her leg. When she stood straight up her head swam and she leaned her weight back into him for support. He traced the edge of her lacy stocking tops. She shivered under his touch. “Can you manage the front one?”

Roxy nodded and began working the clasp. She froze when she felt Trevor's hand reach inside the top of her corset. He pulled on her nipple and she let out a moan. She felt his chest rumble against her as he chuckled at her reaction. “Am I distracting you?” he whispered against her ear before sucking her lobe into his mouth.

She whimpered in response and leaned her head towards his mouth.

“Annoying, isn't it?”

Roxy had the fleeting thought that the tables had just been turned on her, but she didn't much care at the moment. Her intention had been to get Trevor worked up before leaving the apartment. Then suggesting on their way that they could slip out of his familial obligation early so they could attend to their 'needs'. Once that was done it would still be early enough for them to make an appearance at Lisa's Halloween party- which she had to put off this year because of Trevor. It had been an excellent plan until she realized she was getting worked up quicker than Trevor was.

He tugged her towards the bed. “You seem to be having some trouble getting yourself dressed.” He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her towards him. “Do you want me to help with the back clasps?”

Roxy didn't have a chance to get any words out before he tugged her down across his lap. Her upper body lay across the bed and her legs dangled over Trevor's thighs. She let out a breath when he ran his hand up the back of her stocking clad leg. She felt him tug on one garter and deftly hook it to her stocking top. He repeated the process to the other. She didn't fail to notice that he hooked the clasps much quicker than she had, she wondered how much practice he had at this.

She pushed herself up to stand. Trevor pushed her back down and made a disapproving noise. He held her waist firmly with one arm and let the his other hand roam freely over the backs of her legs and ass. He snapped one of the garter straps against her leg and she jumped.
“I love these.” He traced the garter strap up her thigh.

“I know.” She let out the giggle she had been holding in, arching her back and sticking her ass up in the air, she was rewarded with a sharp slap to her right cheek.

Trevor's hand wandered between her legs and his fingers caressed her over her lacy thong. The lace rubbing against her sensitive core caused enough friction to throw her into a frenzy. He took his hand away and began lightly spanking her.

Roxy let out a moan. “Was your plan to tease me?” he asked as he continued spanking her.

He gave her two harder smacks and her head shot up off the mattress. “Answer the question, Roxy.”

“Ahh,” was her only reply.

Trevor laughed and smacked her again, a little harder. Her legs shot out behind her.

“Yesss, I was teasing you.”

Trevor ran his hand over her warmed cheeks. She sighed under his touch.

“We agreed to skip the Halloween party because tonight was important to me.” He had dropped his playful tone. “Are you changing your mind?”

Roxy's heart squeezed. She knew tonight was important to Trevor, that was why she agreed to go. She let herself get caught up in her own selfishness and tried to manipulate him into going to a silly costume party.

“No, I still want to go with you.” His hand stopped massaging her and just rested his hand on her lower back.

“Then what's all this about?”

Not knowing how else to explain it, she decided to come clean. “I thought I would let you see what I had on underneath. Knowing you would like it, I was going to suggest you take me home early and help me out of it,” she paused, hesitating to admit the end. “Then I thought maybe it would be early enough to make it to Lisa's party.”

Trevor shifted beneath her and she thought he was letting her up. Instead he sandwiched her legs between his legs and pulled her in closer to him. Roxy knew this position didn't bode well for her.

“I'm really sorry,” she started, but stopped when his hand came cracking down across her exposed cheeks. She wriggled and writhed under his onslaught of spanks. It seemed the more she tried to get out of his hold the harder he spanked her. Finally, she gave up. Roxy let her face fall into the bed as she fought to keep her tears at bay. She didn't want Trevor to be angry with her and she really didn't want to ruin her make up.

He stopped spanking and smoothed his hand over her ass. “Don't try to manipulate me again.”

“I won't, I'm sorry,” she promised.

Trevor lifted her off of his lap and laid her back on the bed. Roxy was surprised to see he was smiling when she looked up.

“Although, if you were going to try again, this would be the right thing to wear,” he said as he ran his hands down her corset.

“You're not mad?” Roxy felt relief flood her.

He gave her a crooked smile as he dropped his pants to the floor and climbed over her. “I was never mad. I knew what you were doing right from the beginning.” He leaned down and kissed her hard.
“Then why'd you spank me so hard?”

“I was exacting my revenge, you little tease.”

Roxy felt his hardened length pressed against her thigh. Trevor pulled her panties to the side as she guided him into her. He let out a groan and she lifted her hips off the bed to take him deeper.

He slid his hands underneath, gripping her chastised bottom as he pumped in and out. Roxy could feel herself starting to come apart. She had been on the edge of orgasm over his knee, and now it continued to build. She cried out as her body tensed and shook, vaguely aware of Trevor reaching his own release as she came back to her senses.

She felt his cock pulsing inside of her as he collapsed onto her chest. She put her arms around his broad shoulders and felt herself drifting off to sleep when Trevor sat up.

“We're going to be late.” He pulled her up and quickly began dressing. She stood in a daze until he shot her a look. “Get dressed. If I bring you to my grandfather's 90th birthday party looking like that you'll give him a heart attack.”

She blushed as she looked down at her carefully chosen undergarments. She turned towards the closet and heard Trevor laugh. “Although, I did a really good job making your ass the same color as the red on your corset. I could show off my handiwork.”

It was her turn to glare at him and he just laughed in reply as she pulled her dress over her head. They dressed in silence and collected their things before
meeting at the front door.

“We can still try to make it to the party later unless you'd rather just come
home and go to bed.” Trevor winked at her.

“I have been a really bad girl,” her face flushed as she spoke, “I wouldn't be surprised if I got sent to bed early.”

Trevor smiled and pulled her out into the crisp October night.  

 Roxy Wilson is going through the motions. She's running her deceased grandmother's psychic readings shop, but she's not a psychic. Hoping to expand and just become a gift shop, she contacts her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Dale. Only she doesn't anticipate the feelings she's still having for him after four years of separation.
Trevor could never get Roxy out of his system, and now with her so close to him again, he's reluctant to let her go. But a 40 year- old curse involving evil spells and zombies overtaking the small, seaside town of Ocean Pointe may put a stop to any sort of romantic reunion.
Can Roxy and Trevor break the curse and save their town from zombies? Find
out in Cursed Waters!
Warning: This book contains spankings and anal play between two consenting adults. If you are offended by this subject matter, please do not read this.
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