Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Color of Her Panties

A little Hump Day- Kissing in the dark- Sexy underwear excerpt for you!

 He took her in his arms and laid her back on the bed. He finally had some time to spend with Roxy alone and down to her underwear in bed and he couldn't even see her. Trevor ran his hands up and down her body, feeling his way around the parts he couldn't see. He felt her soft skin under his hands, his finger found the edge of her bra cup and he brought his mouth down to it, running his tongue along the edge before he pushed it down to expose her breast. He used his tongue to seek out her hardened nipple, drawing it into his mouth as she gasped and writhed beneath him. He freed her other breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers before he trailed his hand down her body. She was practically convulsing under him, and she pushed his hand down to the top of her panties.
They felt silky to the touch, and he could feel a lace edge to them. Trevor released her nipple from his mouth and brought his head up.
“What color are they?” he whispered as he ran his finger back and forth across her stomach, just inside the elastic.
“What color do you want them to be?” she answered back, in a mock sultry tone, losing her composure and giggling at the end.
He withdrew his hand from her panties, bringing his hand up and placing a smack somewhere on her mid- thigh.
“Ow,” she squealed. But she was still laughing.
“Don't be such a smart ass,” he said, even as he was running his hand up and down her leg, where he believed he had slapped her. “You're just lucky I can't see anything right now or you'd be getting one hell of a spanking.”
“Why?” She wasn't laughing anymore, and her hand found his in the dark, holding it in place. “Oh, they're blue, okay? I was only kidding, geez.”
“That isn't why,” he answered and shook his head, but remembered she couldn't see him. Trevor felt with his hands for the edges of her body and pushed up, bringing himself over her. He propped himself up on his forearms, which he placed on either side of her head. He knew he would be looking into her eyes if he could see her, but feeling the heat of her body under his was a pretty good substitute.
“I think you need it. I think you need to know that I'm back and I'm not leaving again.” He heard her suck in a gasp as he leaned down, trailing soft kisses along her jawline and Roxy moaned.
“That's a weird way to ask me to get back together with you, Trevor,” she replied. Her voice sounding strained as she tried to stay calm beneath him.
“I'm not asking. You're mine. You always have been.” He paused before saying, “I'm not letting you push me away again.”
Roxy didn't respond and Trevor worried he had crossed the line. He was banking on her giving into him, obviously she had a say in whether they got back together or not. But this kind of talk had always turned her on and that was exactly what he was trying to do. He decided to push on.
“Is that what you want, Roxy?” He brought his mouth down towards her ear, and let his hand drift under her, finding her one ass cheek he squeezed, “Do you want me to spank your pretty, little ass until you tell me yes?”
Roxy let out a moan in response.  


 Roxy Wilson is going through the motions. She's running her deceased grandmother's psychic readings shop, but she's not a psychic. Hoping to expand and just become a gift shop, she contacts her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Dale. Only she doesn't anticipate the feelings she's still having for him after four years of separation.
Trevor could never get Roxy out of his system, and now with her so close to him again, he's reluctant to let her go. But a 40 year- old curse involving evil spells and zombies overtaking the small, seaside town of Ocean Pointe may put a stop to any sort of romantic reunion.
Can Roxy and Trevor break the curse and save their town from zombies? Find out in Cursed Waters!
Warning: This book contains spankings and anal play between two consenting adults. If you are offended by this subject matter, please do not read this.

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  1. Evil spells and zombies and a 40-year-old curse! I have GOT to add this to the reading pile, Casey. Just sounds SO cool. Mwahaha zomb-ehs! Braaaaaaains .....

  2. Oh. OH! Sexy scene! And lucky, lucky Roxy!