Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spankable Offenses

If we did do this for real...

We were playing bar trivia last night and during the music round my husband starts mocking a song that came on as I was trying to figure out the title. I turned to him and yelled “Shut up!”
He shut up, immediately, and left me to my serious business of coming up with the correct title to the Mumford and Sons song that was playing.
After the round I apologized for telling him to shut up. He said he didn't care- we are both ultra competitive and our trivia nights are deadly serious, so he gets that I am in the zone.

It lead me to think though about spanking, and domestic discipline, as I'm wont to do. We don't practice domestic discipline, but would this have been a spankable offense if we did?

I am left to wonder about this a lot. I approached my husband about the idea of domestic discipline a while back, his response was “You would punch me in the face.”

I thought he was crazy with that comment, until The Remote Throwing Incident. About a month ago we got into a heated exchange in the kitchen. I stalked off to the living room and began furiously flipping through channels. My husband came in, oblivious I was still pissed, and started chatting with me. I tossed the remote in his general direction and got up to go back in the kitchen. Only I have bad aim, and when I say I 'tossed' it- it may have had a bit more power behind it. Needless to say my husband got into his own little snit when the remote lightly grazed his man parts.

The illustrious Katherine Deane suggested that maybe he should have spanked me when I later told her of the exchange. I'm not saying I didn't think about it after the fact. But seriously, if he decided right then and there that he was going to spank me for tossing a remote in his general direction, I may not have punched him in the face, but it would have gotten ugly.

I am wondering though if this is because we don't have this agreed upon dynamic. We aren't practicing domestic discipline, so yeah, it would have been weird for my husband to spank me with any other intent than to get me off. But what if we were practicing DD and we had agreed upon things beforehand. I am wondering what my reaction would have been then.

Leads me to, what would be a spankable offense in my house.

Cursing? Nope, I curse like a sailor and luckily so does my husband and it doesn't bother him that I do.

Rolling my eyes? Really? I am rolling my eyes at the screen right now.

After much thought, I think it would have to be things I decided on, otherwise I would just feel like he was being a jerk.

Possibly being late- really the only thing I am late for is work, and I would rather get spanked than go to work... actually I would rather get spanked than a lot of things.

Maybe overdrafting my bank account? Adult things I have not yet mastered...

Paying my bills late, that I tend to pay late every single month even though I know the due date is upon me and set a reminder in my phone- yet still manage to not get the stupid payment in on time.

Really I guess things I repeatedly do that even annoy the shit out of me, yet I can't seem to stop.

I don't see this happening anytime soon. But it is something to fantasize and write about.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stay Tuned

Summertime is prime season for stupid reality shows on television. I often wonder what producers would catch if my husband and I were on a reality show. Really, we are boring people. Here we are playing with the cats, watching TV, washing dishes, doing laundry- who wants to watch that. I mean we can get kind of kinky but they would just edit that out.

But then there are times we have the most ridiculous conversations and I think, man, I wish someone witnessed that.

Last night we were driving back home after meeting some friends and I was talking about how we pretty much still do the same things that we did when we were dating in high school.

Me: I was thinking the other day- 16 year- old me would be so excited to know that 31 year- old me is married to you. And would be so horrified that you bought me a butt plug for my birthday.

Mr. McKay: A butt plug- among other things. And really? I think 26 year- old you would have been shocked by that too.

Me: 26 year- old would be outwardly shocked by the butt plug, inwardly cheering. (laughs) 16 year- old me would just think 31 year- old me was on the drugs.

Mr. McK: 'Oh I must have gone off to college and found meth, now I am a meth head who uses butt plugs, weird.'

Me: They didn't have meth when I was 16, did they?

Mr. McK: Yeah- crystal meth. They're the same thing, right?

Me: Oh, crystal meth and regular meth are the same? Is that true?

Mr. McK: I don't know, we should watch Breaking Bad. But maybe it was a branding thing. You know they had Crystal Pepsi in the 90's, perhaps crystal meth went out on the tails of Crystal Pepsi?

Yes, this is really the shit we talk about. Is it any wonder I include the mention of meth heads in my writing prompts?

Also I feel like I should come up with a fun name for Mr. McKay. I am tired of calling him 'my husband' and Mr. McKay is a lot to write. Leave me some suggestions in the comments!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

As Natural As Breathing- Blog Tour Stop

I'm so excited to welcome Thianna Doesitmatter to my blog today. She has a new book out called As Natural as Breathing and she is over here today talking about how sexual fetish mixes with the discipline of a spanking. I'll let her take it away, here she is, thanks for coming by Thianna!

Thanks, Casey, for letting my book tour be on your blog today:)

This is day 12 of the As Natural As Breathing Book Blog Tour. Have you been reading along? If not, you can find all the posts here

So, okay, we all read spanking books – at least I am going with the assumption. If you don’t, pssst! You are really missing out! – and many times the sexual fetish of spanking intermixes with the discipline side.

Today I want to divest those two sides. At least for a minute. So,– what is a fetish anyway? In this context, it is a sexual reaction to a non-sexual event, place, or thing. So, for those who have a spanking fetish, being spanked or spanking someone would turn them on. But that is only a section of those who do spanking. The other side is discipline (some refer to it as punishment). Now, within this, the spanking is not sexual. It is meant to be painful and to make a point.

However – that does not mean that you cannot have both! After all, if you are a spanko who loves to paint an ass red and you discipline your spankee hard, one can easily understand how that might turn you on to where you have to have him/her now! Or if you are a spankee who loves being paddled…one can see how getting that particularly sharp hit across the sit spot could both teach you to something as well as make you very wet.

In As Natural As Breathing, the first in my gay spanking romance series about Logan and Christian – two amazingly wonderful men, the emphasis is on spanking as a sexual fetish even though domestic discipline is mentioned. It isn’t until book 2 which will be out in January 2014, that DD becomes a lot more integral to their relationship and the overall plot of the books.

In this excerpt, Christian gets his first spanking from Logan, pants off, but he is still wearing his underwear.

All right, over my lap,” Logan said, scooting toward the front of the sofa.

Grinning at the full fantasy unfolding before him, Christian bent over his lap, chuckling as Logan pushed him further so that his ass stuck in the air. “I knew you were a kinky Santa.”

Laughing, Logan tapped a few times on his ass cheeks. “This is about as kinky as it gets for me, but I do enjoy spanking.”


A gasp left Christian’s lips as warmth spread across his right cheek. SMACK! SMACK! With each hit, Logan’s hand hit a slightly different area and warmth just seemed to shoot out from it. With his hands and feet on the ground, Christian moaned with each hit. Damn but this was nice, so much better than he imagined.

As a particularly hard swing made him grunt in both pleasure and pain, a strange little cry left his lips as Logan went back to massaging. “Still okay?” Logan asked quietly.

Yes,” Christian panted. “Better than my fantasies,” he laughed.

That’s good to hear.” The smile was evident in Logan’s voice. “Now, I have a suggestion, but it would include touching, which I don’t know if you are ready for. It is called an erotic spanking and would include both spanking and touch. I promise to keep my fingers on top of the material, but won’t do it unless you agree.”

Logan wanted to touch him, possibly stroke his cock. Oh god, how Christian wanted that. He wanted to feel Logan touching him, though he didn’t have any idea why he would combine it with spanking. “Do it,” he said in short breaths, unwilling to back off from the pleasure he was experiencing.

Book Description:
As Natural As Breathing

Length: Novel
Genre: Gay Spanking Romance

For Christian Darringer, life isn’t worth living. Just back from the Middle East; scarred and with permanent damage to one leg, he does not think anyone will want him for anything. Meeting a gorgeous man he finds himself thinking about constantly is not in his plans. Pulled toward the startling younger man with striking blue eyes, he begins to question a lot of things – especially his sexuality. Not one to hide from a challenge, he plunges ahead only to find himself more than just attracted to Logan who is full of life and joy, he finds himself head over heels in love.

Logan Mannette has almost everything he ever wanted: loving parents, happiness, friends and security. The only thing missing is finding the love of his life, a love that is just like his parents’. When he meets Christian at a party, everything changes. Instantly attracted, he does his best to help this sad man and quickly finds himself feeling more than he has ever felt before. Raised in a domestic discipline household, he holds that ideal as what he wants but his interest in spanking became a fetish and when Christian admits that he wants to be spanked, Logan believes he might have found the perfect man.

Just as everything begins for them, Christian’s past intercedes and one of his brothers makes waves about him dating a man. If it weren’t for Logan’s support, he might fold; but with the love of one amazing man, Christian finds that living his life rather than just existing is as natural as breathing.

You can find As Natural As Breathing at:

Thianna D
For Thianna D, reading and writing are as important as breathing and far more important than math or science. A storyteller from the time she could speak, she was always making up characters as a kid. As a teenager that turned to sci-fi and fantasy, as an adult to romance. It wasn’t until her fourth decade that she began writing erotic scenes within her stories.
Writing M/M came naturally to her; she wrote her first tale before ever having read one. “There is something about the amazing dynamic between two strong men falling in love and defeating anything thrown at them.” While she had written several BDSM stories involving men, As Natural As Breathing was the first full-length novel involving domestic discipline.

You can find out more of what is going on with her at:

Tune in tomorrow to get the URL for the next stop on the As Natural As Breathing Book Blog Tour. Now, get your entry for my giveaway:
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend Errands

Laundry, dishes, general cleaning of house (seriously, how do two people make such a mess?)- just your typical Saturday. We were cleaning and organizing, or as my husband calls it- doing stupid adult stuff and really didn't have anything fun on the agenda.

I mentioned to my husband that we needed to get to Target before dinner. He wiggles his eyebrows at me and says "We should put your butt plug in before we go." Why does this turn me on. Just the suggestion has me panting. He has said things like this before. But he's joking, right? Yeah, he's totally joking.

We make more progress in the house. I take a shower and get dressed, then come into the bedroom. He's laying on the bed. "Well," he says and looks at me expectantly, "go get it."

I still think he's joking. But I guess he's seeing how far he can take this. I get the butt plug and some lube. He sits up on the bed and pulls me to stand between his legs. I am giggling like an idiot at this point.

He unbuttons my jeans, pushes my pants and panties down, and then pushes me so I am face down bent over the side of the bed. Things running through my head: He's really doing this! I think I've had this fantasy, how did he know? What did he just pick up?

Before I have a chance to glance back and see what I heard him pick up something cracks across my ass and I jump. Ow, leather paddle he bought for my birthday. He spanks me again with it and I cry out. I may have told him before that it didn't really hurt, now I think he just wasn't swinging very hard. He spanks me a few more times and I am about to ask him to stop, or ease up, but I am biting my lip not wanting this to end.

I hear him drop the paddle and now his hand is between my legs. I hear him open the bottle of lube and feel the coolness between my cheeks. I moan and adjust as he slides the plug in place. He pulls me upright and he sits back down on the bed. He pulls my jeans and panties back up my now warm cheeks and then zips and buttons my pants. I am practically swooning at this point.

"Ready to go?" He says this so nonchalantly that I almost laugh. I just nod in reply and go to find my sneakers.

At Target I am taking little steps. And I keep thinking everyone knows! Of course no one does, but I feel so naughty. My husband keeps making comments and making me blush and it's all just amping me up and turning me on more.

Needless to say, we raced home from the store. I highly recommend running all weekend errands this way!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reality vs. Fiction- The Shower Scene

I love a happy ending. I love some light hearted comedy. The boy gets the girl, (maybe he spanks her, that's always a plus) they make hot passionate love and then live HEA. Does this story get boring? Not to me, and probably not to a lot of readers and movie goers who shell out lots of cash annually to be told this story again and again.

So, I am writing a new book. Does the boy get the girl? Yes! He totally spanks her (because it's my book, I'll do what I want). They make hot passionate love, yay! There's also zombies and maybe a witch or two- because why not?

I am writing, I am trying to make my plot move along, I am trying to make it believable that two people would take the time to get it on while they are in the midst of fighting zombies. I'm doing a lot of “If this were me in this situation, would I throw out a flirty comment before or after I bash the zombie's head in?”

I know, it's ridiculous, but I guess that's the difference when you live in real life versus living in a book. (By the way, was that an option somewhere? Because I think we all chose poorly.)

The fact of the matter is, real life is not always that sexy. At least not around here, if you are having romance novel sexual encounters, then I am jealous. I wrote a part of my last book Catch a Falling Star where the two main characters are in the shower. I remember thinking “What's it like when we shower together?” The hard reality is shower blow jobs= soap in the eyes, or water in the ears, or not being able to breath because I don't have gills. The shower floor is slippery, one or both of us almost falls. The hot water runs out, the water is too hot, too cold, not hitting me, not hitting him.

Mostly, we hardly ever shower together anymore, too much nonsense. But the characters in my book made it look easy-

He shut the door softly behind him and wasn't surprised when he heard Mac come in the bathroom a few minutes after him. She stepped out of her clothes and slipped into the shower behind him. Luke held in a laugh as she wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his back, “I'm sorry,” her voice was muffled.
Luke turned around and switched their positions to guide her under the shower head. “I'm just trying to deal with something and figure things out, it's making me a little bitchy,” Mac sighed under the pulsating water. He held in a sigh, knowing that their new relationship was already falling into a pattern he didn't wish to keep repeating.
He knew his answer before he asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”
“No,” she answered quickly, “it's no big deal.” He felt like they had had this conversation at least 4 times this week. It always ended with Mac using sex to distract him, well maybe he would turn the tables and use it to get her attention. She went to reach past him for the body wash, but he caught her arm and pressed into her with the length of his body, suffocating her in a kiss. Mac wrapped her hand around his stiff penis and looked up into his face, “I thought your run would have tired you out.”
“No way,” he said as he laced his fingers in her hair, “endorphins are pumping through me. It's better than a cup of coffee.”
Mac started sliding her hand up and down his cock, “What do you want to do?” she whispered in his ear.
Luke stilled her hand and looked right into her eyes, “I want you to talk to me.”
She looked back him, confused, “Well I know what I want to do with my mouth, and it doesn't involve talking.” Mac started caressing his cock again and began sinking to her knees.

I am wishing you all sexy shower scenes today- where the hot water never runs out!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Parental Guidance Strongly Discouraged


    We went to the movies yesterday and saw The To Do List. It was very funny. It was also extremely raunchy. The premise of the movie is this nerdy girl graduates high school and decides she doesn't want to go to college sexually inexperienced so she creates a 'to do list' of sex acts. Really, I don't know how you read that synopsis and think “I'm going to take my mom to see this.” But someone did, or someone didn't read the synopsis.
     It's a Sunday afternoon, about 2 pm, there are about eight other people in this theater besides me and my husband. The credits are rolling, the lights come up, I am still snickering over some stupid joke and my husband goes, “Oh no, that kid just watched this movie with his mom?” (He says KID, but he was probably in his early 20's... God, we're old.) We couldn't hear what they were saying, but the awkwardness was oozing off of them. I can't say I envied this guy, I also can't say I have never been in this situation.

     We've all been there, right? Somehow, some way, you end up engrossed in a movie with an entirely inappropriate scene and you happen to be sitting 3 feet away from your mom, or your dad, or your in-laws... my palms are sweaty just thinking about it.
     I think we should lobby for some warning labels. You know, PG is Parental Guidance, perhaps there could be a HS- Hot Sex, or CBA- this Could Be Awkward. Well until the movie industry comes up with something like that I will just have to share some coping techniques.

1. Let's Never Speak of This Again
Movie: The Black Swan. It's artsy! It's about ballet! It's Oscar nominated! So when my father-in-law suggested going to see Tron with my husband and brother-in-law, my mother-in-law suggested The Black Swan for us. All was well, and then the plot got weird and I am trying to figure out what's going on. And then Mila Kunis goes down on Natalie Portman, umm, wait, what?
I can almost feel my mother-in-law tense up beside me. She is the most straight-laced woman I know. She's an elementary school librarian for Christ's sake! And now I am watching some girl on girl action with her. I think I stopped breathing. Thank God the theater was dark because I am pretty sure I was blushing furiously. My husband thinks this is the funniest story, yeah, because he wasn't there! But my mother-in-law and I now have an unspoken rule, we never, ever talk about The Black Swan.

2. It's Happening, Get Over It
Movie: Unfaithful. Why I thought this was a good movie to watch with my mom, I have no clue. I was like that kid taking his mom to The To Do List. The entire movie is lots of sex. There is a particularly hot scene where Diane Lane gets banged in a bathroom stall and I distinctly remember my mom leaning over to me right after it ended. She whispers, very loudly, “Oh my! That was hot! Right?” I. Wanted. To Die. But maybe she was as uncomfortable as me. And it was already happening, may as well address it and move on.

3. Avoid Eye Contact
Movie: A History of Violence. Viggo Mortensen is a small town guy with a shady past. Harmless movie to watch with the boyfriend and his parents, right? Wrong. There is an intense scene where Viggo Mortensen is arguing with his onscreen wife, Maria Bello, and the only way I can describe what happens next is angry-stair-sex. It's a super intense, super hot scene (my husband thinks it seems rape-y, but it's totally not) and you really don't want to be in the same room as your boyfriend's parents. This happened to a girl I work with. She said they all just stared at the floor and no one made eye contact for the rest of the night.

4. Remove Yourself from the Situation
Movie: Munich. Based on a true story, it's about an Israeli group retaliating after the attack at the 1972 Summer Olympics. How could this possibly be an awkward movie to watch with parents? It's factual, it's more action than anything. Oh, and then there is this insane hate-sex scene towards the end of the movie. One of my friends was watching this with her mom and aunt. She simply just got up and went to bed.

And there you have it. Four easy-breezy ways to deal with the ever awkward movie sex scene with your parents (or adult children). We can get through this together!