Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stay Tuned

Summertime is prime season for stupid reality shows on television. I often wonder what producers would catch if my husband and I were on a reality show. Really, we are boring people. Here we are playing with the cats, watching TV, washing dishes, doing laundry- who wants to watch that. I mean we can get kind of kinky but they would just edit that out.

But then there are times we have the most ridiculous conversations and I think, man, I wish someone witnessed that.

Last night we were driving back home after meeting some friends and I was talking about how we pretty much still do the same things that we did when we were dating in high school.

Me: I was thinking the other day- 16 year- old me would be so excited to know that 31 year- old me is married to you. And would be so horrified that you bought me a butt plug for my birthday.

Mr. McKay: A butt plug- among other things. And really? I think 26 year- old you would have been shocked by that too.

Me: 26 year- old would be outwardly shocked by the butt plug, inwardly cheering. (laughs) 16 year- old me would just think 31 year- old me was on the drugs.

Mr. McK: 'Oh I must have gone off to college and found meth, now I am a meth head who uses butt plugs, weird.'

Me: They didn't have meth when I was 16, did they?

Mr. McK: Yeah- crystal meth. They're the same thing, right?

Me: Oh, crystal meth and regular meth are the same? Is that true?

Mr. McK: I don't know, we should watch Breaking Bad. But maybe it was a branding thing. You know they had Crystal Pepsi in the 90's, perhaps crystal meth went out on the tails of Crystal Pepsi?

Yes, this is really the shit we talk about. Is it any wonder I include the mention of meth heads in my writing prompts?

Also I feel like I should come up with a fun name for Mr. McKay. I am tired of calling him 'my husband' and Mr. McKay is a lot to write. Leave me some suggestions in the comments!


  1. LOL, Casey!
    I love your conversations with your hubby!

    They are so funny!

    I'll have to think of some cool names in the morning.

    After coffee, of course.
    I'll keep you posted.


  2. We have similar conversations, the kind that other family members will roll their eyes if they hear us.

    As for your hubby, you could do initials that sound like your last name e.g., MK or the short for Mister Mr.

    Or his real initials, or initials for a nickname you've given him. Endless possibilities.

  3. Thanks Katherine and Cara.

    Kathryn- They're the best conversations! We get eye rolls often, but we get each other :)

    Natasha- Dorks in love! (the worst kind)

    Celeste- At least I sort of make sense? Sort of? LOL

  4. By the sounds of it God made you and matched you! Both as fun and crazy as each other.

  5. Aww thanks Tara. Or we are just too crazy for anyone else to deal with :)