Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reality vs. Fiction- The Shower Scene

I love a happy ending. I love some light hearted comedy. The boy gets the girl, (maybe he spanks her, that's always a plus) they make hot passionate love and then live HEA. Does this story get boring? Not to me, and probably not to a lot of readers and movie goers who shell out lots of cash annually to be told this story again and again.

So, I am writing a new book. Does the boy get the girl? Yes! He totally spanks her (because it's my book, I'll do what I want). They make hot passionate love, yay! There's also zombies and maybe a witch or two- because why not?

I am writing, I am trying to make my plot move along, I am trying to make it believable that two people would take the time to get it on while they are in the midst of fighting zombies. I'm doing a lot of “If this were me in this situation, would I throw out a flirty comment before or after I bash the zombie's head in?”

I know, it's ridiculous, but I guess that's the difference when you live in real life versus living in a book. (By the way, was that an option somewhere? Because I think we all chose poorly.)

The fact of the matter is, real life is not always that sexy. At least not around here, if you are having romance novel sexual encounters, then I am jealous. I wrote a part of my last book Catch a Falling Star where the two main characters are in the shower. I remember thinking “What's it like when we shower together?” The hard reality is shower blow jobs= soap in the eyes, or water in the ears, or not being able to breath because I don't have gills. The shower floor is slippery, one or both of us almost falls. The hot water runs out, the water is too hot, too cold, not hitting me, not hitting him.

Mostly, we hardly ever shower together anymore, too much nonsense. But the characters in my book made it look easy-

He shut the door softly behind him and wasn't surprised when he heard Mac come in the bathroom a few minutes after him. She stepped out of her clothes and slipped into the shower behind him. Luke held in a laugh as she wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his back, “I'm sorry,” her voice was muffled.
Luke turned around and switched their positions to guide her under the shower head. “I'm just trying to deal with something and figure things out, it's making me a little bitchy,” Mac sighed under the pulsating water. He held in a sigh, knowing that their new relationship was already falling into a pattern he didn't wish to keep repeating.
He knew his answer before he asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”
“No,” she answered quickly, “it's no big deal.” He felt like they had had this conversation at least 4 times this week. It always ended with Mac using sex to distract him, well maybe he would turn the tables and use it to get her attention. She went to reach past him for the body wash, but he caught her arm and pressed into her with the length of his body, suffocating her in a kiss. Mac wrapped her hand around his stiff penis and looked up into his face, “I thought your run would have tired you out.”
“No way,” he said as he laced his fingers in her hair, “endorphins are pumping through me. It's better than a cup of coffee.”
Mac started sliding her hand up and down his cock, “What do you want to do?” she whispered in his ear.
Luke stilled her hand and looked right into her eyes, “I want you to talk to me.”
She looked back him, confused, “Well I know what I want to do with my mouth, and it doesn't involve talking.” Mac started caressing his cock again and began sinking to her knees.

I am wishing you all sexy shower scenes today- where the hot water never runs out!


  1. Great post, Casey! You are so right about the reality of stuff like shower sex. LOL. We tried once, and it was definitely NOT sexy. I don't know how we both didn't break our necks!

    I loved your book. It was so much fun!

  2. Great post. I also wrestle with wanting to make it real -- yet romantic. Ever notice in romances how one never encounters morning breath while having morning sex?

    Like how you addressed the realities of shower sex in your scene, yet still made it sexy.

  3. Great post, Casey! I laughed out loud when I read the part about living in a book and that we all made the wrong choice! Fantasy vs. reality don't line up but it's nice to lose ourselves in the fantasy from time to time and pretend it is real. There's nothing wrong with that as long as we return to reality with both feet on the ground.

  4. Thanks ladies! Now we just leave the shower on in the bathroom and let it get steamy without actually getting in. We've had too many mishaps! Live and learn I guess.

  5. I hate showering together. I won't let my husband in! I want all the hot water and he likes it cooler and is a hog so hey, get out of my shower!

    You're right, fiction is fantasy. Reality is not the same - won't ever be and as Patricia Green said in her post with Katherine Deane, take care of your fences.


  6. Great post, Casey! So funny and so true. "blow jobs = soap in the eyes" lol!

    Super hot snippet from your book, too.

    Fiction vs reality is a fascinating topic, and one - I would personally argue - that is not as clear cut as it might seem. (Steamy encounters in showers aside). :D

  7. Casey---great post. Now that I think about it, I'm not usually bothered by sex scenes that seem unrealistic but I do roll my eyes at characters that don't seem like real people either because they seem like a stereotype or they seem shallow. Does that make sense?

  8. Thanks! If you think about it- would you actually want to read "realistic" sex scenes all the time? Real life is just not all that sexy all the time. It doesn't bother me either, you're right, it's worse when the characters are unrealistic.
    I don't even mind when it seems like they are in crazy positions, it just makes me think- hm, wonder if that could work! LOL