Thursday, July 10, 2014

Clandestine Affairs and the Art of the Booty Call

We were out with friends last night and the topic of booty calls came up (as they will), which prompted my husband to launch into a story about one of our ill-fated booty calls.

It was when we first got back together again. We were both still living at home and times when a house would be empty were few and far between. I got a call at around noon on a Saturday that his parents had taken his grandparents to a matinee and lunch. The house was empty! We weren't sure how late they would be but we figured we had at least three hours. Because who would be done with lunch and a show by 12:30??

We are up in his bedroom and ripping off each other's clothes, they get tossed around. We both just get naked and we hear the garage door open.

We freeze, lock eyes, and panic! Mr. McKay is redressed in about 3.5 seconds. I am still kneeling on the bed, fully naked, and I cannot locate one stitch of clothing.

I start to laugh, uncontrollably. He starts yelling at me, "Why are you still naked?"

We are out of time. By now his parents are downstairs with his grandparents. His very WASP-y, conservative, and frowning upon pre-marital sex grandparents. The upstairs overlooks the living room, so we are in full view when we open the bedroom door and step onto the landing.

Four sets of eyes look up at us. I try to pull my sweater closed as my bra never made it back on, it hastily got shoved in my purse.

His mom is shooting daggers at us with her eyes. His dad is trying to cover a smirk with his hand and his grandparents look up at us in confusion. Mr. McKay feeds them a line of BS about wrapping Christmas presents.

His parents know this is not true, as it is not Christmas Eve-- my husband's usual day for Christmas shopping, and there are actually no presents up there. But his grandmother mutters something about how sweet and thoughtful he is. I nod a hello, but no words ever leave my mouth and we dash out the front door.

We've all had these moments, right? Sneaking around, coming dangerously close to being caught in the act. Looking back there was really no harm in what we were doing. The stakes were higher because my future MIL didn't want her parents to know we were fooling around in the house. But in truth there would have been no dire consequences if we were caught-- just ten or so years of awkward holiday dinners.

When I was writing Loving Lena I had already given Wesley and Lena a backstory in Emmaline's Groom. I wanted to stick with what I had already said about them. Lena is married to another man, but in love with Wesley. 

Where would they have been carrying out their affair. Surely, not stolen moments while their families were at matinees. Then I remembered that they are both from money-- where would one have an affair with gobs of money at their disposal?

He would always remember the trip he and Lena took to France. He had wanted to take her away someplace where they did not have to hide. They had spent a long, luxurious weekend in Paris.

They had taken in the sights and then he took her to a show. They were both dazzled by the can-can dancers and he bought Lena her very own pair of silk drawers. Just like the ones the dancers had worn.

She had worn them for him a few times, but she was always embarrassed.

She did not realize how beautiful she was.

"Put them on for me." He pulled out her chair and sat.


"Come here, darling."

She went to him, stepping in between his outspread thighs.

He placed his hands on her hips and looked up into her clear, blue eyes. He wiggled his eyebrows at her. "Do you know how many times a day I picture you in my mind in this pink silk?" He tugged them out of her hand.

"You are lying." Her pale complexion was now a bright pink, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

"I would not lie to you." He stood and held her face in his hands. "Undress for me. Undress and put these on. It would please me so," he whispered to her.

She looked back at him with wide eyes, and he half expected her to tell him to leave. But she turned, giving him her back.

"Will you unbutton me?" she asked.

Wesley felt his length harden in his trousers. Her sweet submission, her willingness to please him, always threatened to undo him.

There you go. A Victorian clandestine affair-- they're rich so they escape to Paris for a weekend. Not exactly an afternoon booty call in your boyfriend's parent's house, but same idea I guess.

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  1. Haha! so funny! I can picture their faces and Mr.McKay's father's smirk, especially! Hilarious!

  2. Wesley is a naughty naughty man...why can I see you walking out of the bedroom by the way???

  3. giggle giggle giggle! Mr. Rose likes the sneaking around having sex in places we might get caught, so we've had a lot of those moments, but I guess you could say they were more intentional...

    1. Ugh, I could not imagine doing that on purpose! Clearly, I am not an exhibitionist.

  4. ROFL, I can see a bra strap hanging over the edge of your purse, dying to give you away