Sunday, December 29, 2013

So Many Things!

Is it screwing anyone else up that these holidays keep falling mid-week? I have not known what day of the week it is since about a week ago. I think this is Sunday night? Yes, I am writing this on Sunday night. It feels like a Friday.

Anyway, I do not know where the time is going. But there are things! So many things!!

First off, there is voting that will take 27 seconds. Seriously, 27 seconds of your time. Over at Spanking Romance Reviews they have nominated some books of the year. I happen to be on the list, but vote for whatever books you loved, it's anonymous so no one will know!

Also, this week is the Winter Spanks Blog Hop. If you have a blog and want to post something wintery and spanking related you can still sign up at Spanking Romance Reviews or at The Saturday Spankings Blog

If you would rather just be a spectator, hey that's awesome too. There are lots of blogs that signed up and lots of prizes to win. Each original comment on each blog will be counted as one entry towards the grand prizes.

The grand prizes kick ass. There's a kindle or nook to win, giftcards, book bundles, dvds, art. So many things, click the above links to see the full list.

I promise a real blog post shortly after the New Year, right now I am still coming down from my Christmas cookie high. Make sure you stop back in on January 2nd for my Winter Spanks Story.

Love and Spanks and a Happy New Year!
xoxo ~Casey

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