Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sparing His Life- Renee Rose's Held for Ransom

Renee is here today to share an excerpt from her new book! Take it away, Renee: 

Casey! Thanks so much for having me and my new book over for a visit.

Held for Ransom is a book that really captured my heart. In it, a half-Saxon knight kidnaps an Avalon
priestess and the twin sister of the king in order to demand the release of his Saxon family members who he believes are prisoners of the king.

He holds Ariana prisoner for a week before her brother rescues her and he must flee for his life. Finding he cannot stay away from the beautiful priestess who captured his heart, he enters the king’s tournament. Ariana recognizes him and the king seizes him.

The soldiers escorted their prisoner to the dais, where he dropped to his knees and lowered his head, offering his neck in surrender.
So, you are the mighty Crow,” Broderick said, laying his sword blade along the prisoner’s nape.
She should not have flinched, but she did. Broderick flicked his glance to her, acknowledging her reaction. Very few secrets were kept between twins, especially in a family long-rumored to have the blood of the fey.
They say you cannot be killed, but I do not think it is true. Shall we find out today?”
Crow said nothing. She held her breath, trembling.
Broderick lifted his eyes to her. “Ariana?”
Sweat dripped down her ribs. “No,” she whispered, shocked but grateful he asked her.
Why not?”
He still has a role to play. He is a piece of the puzzle.”
My puzzle or yours?”
She shook her head. “I cannot see.”
Then it must be yours.” He raised his voice, stepping back from the prisoner. “Take him to the dungeons.”

When Sir Gorran’s people disappear after a raid on a Saxon settlement, he kidnaps Avalon priestess Ariana, sister to the king, and demands their return. Though he knew he risked Ariana’s curse as well as a lifetime hiding from the king’s sword, he does not realize his greatest risk in holding the lovely princess for ransom is to his heart.

The intimacy shared with her kidnapper leaves Ariana wounded by the experience and his reappearance at the annual tournament only deepens her pain. When her brother foists him on her as a guardian and slave she must come to terms with her feelings for the dominant warrior. Will she send him away to his death, or will she realize her pain is only caused by living without him?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains spanking, anal punishment and erotic sex scenes.

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Renee Rose is a modern dance teacher, Feldenkrais Practitioner(R), energy worker and kinkster. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around her favorite kink: spanking. She can be found on:


  1. I adored this book!!

  2. As usual, Renee,I look forward to reading your stories. Nice!

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