Friday, February 28, 2014

Saturday Spankings- Girls Who Lie

Welcome back to another edition of Saturday Spankings!

I'm continuing a little further on in my scene from last week. This is from the new soon-to-be-released book Ever Afters: The Winter Storm co-authored by Katherine Deane, Renee Rose, and myself.

We're back to my characters Jake and Coral who are having a little heart to heart down in the dungeon of the Spa "NK" Fantasy Fetish Lodge.

Jake has just asked Coral if she wants to play a game and she is getting all the details before they start:

"I'm going to ask you some questions. Answer them as honestly as you can; you're honesty will be rewarded."
"And if I'm not honest?"
"No rewards for dishonest girls." He gave her a teasing smile as the color rose in her cheeks. He leaned in and whispered, "Girls who lie get punished."
She swallowed and sucked in a deep breath. He was making her uneasy and turning her on at the same time.

About Ever Afters: The Winter Storm-

Welcome to New Kristiandom, a world filled with fantasy and paranormal. A world where old fashioned meets contemporary, where fairy tales and real life collide. Where truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  Where romance and fetish are the norm and everyone gets a “Happily Ever After”.

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  1. I might like to test him just a little... ;)

  2. Honesty does have it's place, but you shouldn't have to stick with it ALL the time.

  3. Mmmm, rewards!
    I love those kind of good girl rewards!
    Are you getting excited?

  4. Occasionally, a lie is more like an invitation. "The sky is pink," sort of comes to mind. From this excerpt, I don't think she has the courage to go there. I'll have to wait for the book to find out!

  5. I wonder if she's honest or dishonest?

  6. Sounds and Feels like there are rewards for "Honesty and Dishonesty" here... Love the trio of authors gathered for this upcoming tale...

  7. I'm afraid she's going to pull a "Natasha" (haha) and give him a little fib to see what will happen.

  8. The carrot and the stick. Nice snippet.

  9. Can't wait for this book to be out, Casey!