Sunday, June 15, 2014

L is for Lady Westbrook's Discovery- Etta Stark is visiting!

Today I invited Etta Stark over to share something from her new book Lady Westbrook's Discovery.

If you have never visited Etta you should go check out her blog because this chick is funny! Also, I am almost finished with Lady Westbrook and her dreamy husband Felix Oliver and I would highly recommend purchasing it right now, it's sweet, funny, and very sexy in parts.

Go on, do something sweet for yourself! And now I will turn things over to Etta:

 Hi Casey. Thanks so much for having me on your blog. And thanks everybody for coming to read it. We’re almost halfway through the alphabet now! We can do this!
Very handily L stands for Lady Westbrook, eponymous hero of my new book ‘Lady Westbrook’s Discovery.’
Lady Westbrook is actually only called Lady Westbrook for the first half of the book. The title came from her first husband and after she marries sexy scientist Felix Oliver, she becomes plain old Mrs Oliver. It’s not a massive step down in social rank. Her new husband may not have a title but he is still the son of an Earl. (Only the eldest son of an Earl gets to be a Lord, you see. Unlike the sons of Dukes who are all Lords. The British nobility system basically works the same as Top Trumps. Duke beats Earl.)
It must be a bit strange, relinquishing a title when you’ve gotten used to having one. Still in Margaret’s case, trading in an honorific for a cute, devoted new husband might be considered a pretty good swap. Even (or especially,) one who turns you over his knee for a spanking at the drop of a hat.
The excerpt below takes place just after Margaret’s first spanking which she suggested Felix give her so she would know what to expect once they were married.

Margaret pushed herself up from the desk. Her hair was in disarray and her face was flushed pink. Her hands instinctively went to her bottom in an attempt to temper the pain.

She looked up at Mr Oliver and was initially surprised to see that his expression was one of anxiety. Of course, she thought, this was a test, after all. He wants to know that he has passed.

So,” she said, her voice wavering and shaky despite her best efforts to control it, “you would punish me in that manner if we were married?”

Yes. If we both agreed that you deserved it.”

Margaret took Felix Oliver’s hands in hers. “Well then. I hope that you do not find it necessary to punish me too often.”

His worried frown disappeared in an instant. He smiled broadly and his eyes sparkled with warmth.
Then you will consent to be my wife?”

I will.”

Oliver dropped her hands and encircled Margaret in an embrace. He squeezed her tightly and buried his face in her hair. “Thank you,” he whispered in her ear.

His hand moved to the back of her head and he pulled Margaret towards him and kissed her. Margaret was astonished by the force and passion behind his kiss. His lips forced hers apart; he pressed down on her mouth and plundered it with his tongue. It was not a seemly kiss for two people who were not yet married. It was probably not a seemly kiss for any two people, thought Margaret. Her first husband had certainly never kissed her like it. Mr Oliver’s lips pressed against hers with a passion and an urgency to which she felt herself instinctively responding. Her lips moved in synchronisation with his, and she opened her mouth wide to receive his tongue. It was positively scandalous, she thought happily.
Lady Margaret Westbrook is a forty-one year old widow who has not given romance a second thought in the ten years since her husband passed away. When she meets Felix Oliver, a brilliant scientist fifteen years her junior, she is surprised by his determination to win her heart. Lady Westbrook discovers a passion within herself that she never knew existed.  
However, accepting Felix Oliver's proposal will mean relinquishing her title, lowering her social standing and risking both the gossip of polite society and the disapproval of her grown-up sons. Not only that but he has made it clear that he is a firm believer in corporal punishment for women and that consenting to be his wife will mean frequent trips across his lap for a sound spanking. How far is Lady Westbrook willing to go on this journey of discovery?

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  1. Waiting on my Kindle! Every time I read another excerpt it moves up the list!!

  2. Brilliant snippet. Dammit, I've had this on my kindle for a couple of weeks but I haven't been able to get to it. I am starting it tonight come hell or high water, even if I end up sitting up half the night!