Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spanking from A-Z, Anal-- When is it Too Much?

Welcome to my first post for the Spanking to A-Z Blog Challenge hosted by Spanking Romance Reviews!

The challenge is that I will have 26 posts throughout June, corresponding with the letters of the alphabet. I really hope no one gets upset when I post a picture of a sexy Xylophone for X.

Anyway, we are only at A! 

A is for Anal

I am a huge proponent of anal sex. I love it in real life so I tend to write about it, a lot. I mean, I try to switch it up, as an author I think it is good to try to keep things varied. But more often than not when I am coming up to a sex scene, I am gravitating toward making it anal.

Here is my question: If you are not really into anal sex, is this a giant turn off?

I am supposing if someone wanted to read a Victorian romance and they accidentally picked up a Victorian spanking romance, it would probably be a deal breaker. They might read one spanking scene and think, weird? But okay, it was a different era, brush it off and read on. Then they get to all the other spankings and all the references to spankings and at this point they probably stop reading (or decide they can finally give in to their deepest, darkest, spanko desires!).

I don't really know, I am trying to decide what would bother me in a book but I can't think of anything. Not sure what that says about me!

I am just wondering if I am turning people off with too much of the backdoor business?

Is it expected in a spanking romance? Accepted because it all falls under the BDSM genre? 

I would love to know! 

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  1. Good post and even better question! I am dying to hear what answers you get about whether it's a turn off or not, because I have a tendency to put it in my writing too.

  2. What people turn on and of is their own private affair, and not anyone's business, Casey. So if it works for you, it's good isn't it? If in writing you can take it one step further than in reality, so much the better.

    We are not much into anal, I suppose. To be beloved it is too painful and not fun painful :-). So we use it only sometimes as a punishment. Sometimes because we have a small house and a child at home, it sometimes takes a week for punishment is be dealt with. And so a week of anticipation. But she is crazy enough to like that part of anal play.

  3. I think as long as you have a warning on the book - Hey we've got plenty of behind the scene action with the emphasis on "behind" it's all good. However I have been surprised about scenes I really like in books and did not know they made me hot prior. If your scene makes you hot it is 100% guarenteed to make someone else hot.

  4. Thanks, Tara!

    Han- I guess you are right. I just need to write what I want to write, someone will like it (hopefully). I am laughing that you called your wife crazy, I totally understand that crazy! Thanks for stopping by, it was nice to see you here :)

    Addy- You're right, if it is making me hot to write it, someone will like it. And I agree on not knowing beforehand that something would turn me on before I read it!

  5. I love to read anal and apparently I like to write it too, I have a couple scenes in my new book. So I am anxious to see what readers like also.

  6. I am not turned off by it in stories. I think it is expected in both the spanko and bdsm type variety stories.

  7. It's all about the fantasy, at least for me. As a reader what turns me on is not necessarily what I would do in real life. I live vicariously through characters that capture my imagination. A good writer can pull the reader along a path they never intended to travel. As a writer, I struggle to push my own limits and venture into areas that may be uncomfortable for me personally. I've found that if I like what I've written, others will like it too. Relax and write what appeals to you.

  8. I think that if the story is good and I like the characters, then however they have sex is enjoyable to read. And the opposite is true too. It could be my fantasy sex scene but if the Hero is a jerk otherwise or the heroine is annoying then it doesn't do much for me.

    Is that a wishy-washy answer?

  9. I think that if the story is good and I like the characters, then however they have sex is enjoyable to read. And the opposite is true too. It could be my fantasy sex scene but if the Hero is a jerk otherwise or the heroine is annoying then it doesn't do much for me.

    Is that a wishy-washy answer?

  10. I don't think it's too big of a deal. Renee also did A for anal, and I think her post has a great answer to the question you are posing. I don't think it's a turn off, if it's well written, and the hero is not a jerk.

  11. I have learned that reading "new" or "different" can be exciting and enlightening! Personally, I like reading about it. I have learned a lot about myself and proclivities by reading them in a book. Be it spanking, anal (for pleasure or punishment) age-play, BDSM, etc. Sometimes, when writing reviews I make a NOTE at the bottom of my review, because what I enjoy reading the next person my be disgusted by it and give a nasty review.

  12. Sometimes reading something that you never knew about before, couldn't have looked for it because you were unaware can open up a whole new genre for you and lead to new experiences. It did for me!

  13. Great question, Casey.
    I can go either way with the anal.
    Sometimes I like it and it is hot. But it's not necessary for me to enjoy the book.
    As long as it is not a forced scene ("I'm going to throw this anal in here if it kills me..."), then I'm good.

    Good luck!!

  14. Casey, you're quite safe writing as much anal as you want. We'll keep reading it, thank you very much:)

    But seriously, anal is one of those things -- like spanking or kink -- that a lot more people like, than would ever admit to it. I have no science to back that up, but I'd be shocked if that weren't the case, just knowing human nature.

    As for too much anal in your stories? From a strictly marketing aspect, you should be putting MORE anal in to your stories. I can't recall where I read it (I'd link to the thing if I could recall where it was), but there was actually a survey done of readers, and one of the top answers that came back was a desire for readers to see more anal sex in their stories. As a writer and/or publisher, it just makes sense to include anal:)

    Okay, maybe as an anal fan that's a tad self-serving of me, but I'll own that:)

    :::Adding another of Casey's books to my TBR :::

  15. I have said before that the only thing that I don't like is the "DADDY" thing. I just can't get into that. Anal... I don't mind at all. Along with a lot of other different things. I say keep on writing the way you are now:)

  16. Megan- I don't know if I had anal in my first book, I'll have to check. But yes, I love to read it, love to write it, love to do it :)

    Angel, thanks for the input and for stopping by!

    Stevie- thanks! I think that is a common theme here today, if I am liking it when I am writing it then someone else surely will.

  17. Celeste- Yes, i find that to be true to. If the hero is a jerk then I am not going to like any kind of sex scene. Thanks!

    Rayanna- Yes, Renee did have a good answer to this question! I should just link to her post :)

    Kathy- I think I have also discovered new things I liked that I didn't know I liked from reading about them too. Good point. Thanks!

  18. Natasha- Really? I never knew!

    Janey- Yes, someone else said something along those lines and I think you are right, thank you for stopping by!

    Kate- Thanks for the input :)

    Trent- I love that you have this scientific information that readers need more anal! Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

    Rhonda- See? Everyone has a turn off. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't turning anyone off with the anal sex. But honestly you could always just skip that part, it doesn't change the book. Thanks!

  19. You raised a question I've often wondered too. But I think readers of spanking fiction/BDSM have different expectations than for a regular romance novel.

  20. I don't always include it and while some people are really into it, and some just have the fantasy, others can't physically manage it without too much pain and possible damage. But it is hot and a real turn-on.