Tuesday, June 24, 2014

U is for Underwear- Sexy Underthings

It's the Spanking for A-Z Blogging Challenge. What is U for?

Underwear of course!

I refer to them as panties (they're cuter that way). Lingerie, knickers, underpants-- whatever you want to call them, they can get quite sexy!

They might encase a spankable butt...

They can serve to tease and entice...

You can dress them up with other accessories...

Or wear them with nothing else at all.

Note: all of these pictures were pilfered from pinterest. I have no idea where they came from before that.

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  1. I want ruffly ones! I love those - so cute and perfect for spanking. cute post.

  2. The girl in the red underpants has a perfect upside down heart-shaped butt. Do you think her waist was Photoshopped? The things I think about...

  3. love the pics!
    I want some!

  4. It was hard to narrow down to 4, I loved so many! And I want all of them. The red also being my favorite. But I like the garters and ruffles too :)

    Cara- She has to be photoshopped, right?? To make us all feel better I am saying yes, that is all computer enhancement, people with bodies like that are mythical creatures...