Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Black and Blue- A-Z Blog Challenge

Today's post in Spanking Romance's Spanking from A-Z Blog Challenge is brought to you by the letter B.

I don't think by anyone's definition I would be considered fragile. Yes, at 5'4" I am on the shorter end of the spectrum, but I am not a delicate flower.

In roller derby I am pretty hard to knock down, if I say so myself. So I can take a hit. I know I can.

Try explaining this to my non-spanko husband. I am not complaining. If anything I am eternally grateful that he will explore with me that which I so desire and I think we have come a long way.

He used to be dead set against using implements. Now he gets frustrated when he can't find the one he wants to use on me. The man can swing a mean riding crop.

He used to hate even using the word "spank", now he will teasingly tell me he is going to spank my ass later. Or more appropriately, if he is somehow annoyed at me, tell me he is never spanking my ass again-- which cuts right to the core!

He has gotten used to a lot of the things that go along with spanking. Except one thing. It can be such a deal breaker that I try to hide them. Bruises. 

You see, the first time I convinced him to spank me, I ended up black and blue. We were both drunk, we had no idea what we were doing, and things got a little crazy. I talked about it here. I, for one, loved it. My husband, not so much.

He was horrified that he had hurt me. So much so that we really didn't participate in any kind of spanking activity for quite some time.

So now what happens when I end up getting a bruise? I hide it! If he notices before I do- I shrug it off and try my best to distract him.

Or if I happen to have other random bruises on me before we fool around, I show him.

That's right, some more of my awesome seduction techniques, completely put the moment on hold to point out some black and blues.

"See this one on my hip? Those are skate wheels, I landed on someone the other night."

"Good to know." He nods and then goes back to whatever we were doing.

At least he appreciates my randomness. And I will continue hiding the evidence for as long as I possibly can! I sort of like having a reminder of what happened, it's not like they're permanent.

Anyone have a take on bruises?


  1. I love randomness! And you are a seductress...a vixen with your technique...

  2. I bruise so freaking easily. I always have, but then I became anemic after my C-section, and it is so much worse. It is impossible for me not to bruise if he uses implements--I have even bruised when he uses his hand! He too used to have issues with it, until I pointed out--sort of in a similar manner to you, I guess :)-- that it was just something that happened to me, even if I wasn't having fun from it. Good for you! Both our husbands are non-spankos doing the best they can!

  3. Our husband's are so similar in some of this stuff! LOL, I hide them too.

    When I first started, I didn't like bruises, but now, they are definitely starting to gain some appeal.

    Though I prefer redness, it doesn't last as long, and I like to look back and remember with a grin.

  4. I can tell you like to play hard!

  5. Natasha- A vixen! I like that :)

    Dinah- I don't think I bruise easily, it is just the occasional stray shot or weird angle that gets me sometimes. I can understand why your husband and my husband get weirded out by seeing the bruises. But I am think if we are okay with it, why aren't they? Thanks for stopping by!

    Kate- I like looking at the redness afterwards too. Our husbands are good sports!

    Cara- Play hard in roller derby or spanking? Yes, to roller derby. Spanking... I think I might be a bit of a baby. It's probably fortunate I ended up with a non-spanko because sometimes I think I want more than I actually do.

  6. Hang on to your hats girls, cause if you bruise easily now, it's going to get worse as you age. I've always been someone who bruises, along with my mother and sisters. Now it's ridiculous. I get bruises where my ankle socks end, bruises on my back when me bra clasp is, and believe me, they are not tight. Pretty ugly when there is no fun involved ;(

  7. That's some sexy foreplay there, girl. Woohoo, show me your bruises.

  8. If you show me yours I'll hide mine :D
    New spin.

  9. I bruise easily, probably because I bump into everything. Bruises use to freak out my husband because he was worried that he was spanking too hard. Not now, he sees them as a sign that someone loves me and knows how to take care of me. And I have been threatened that he won't spank me which usually gets my attention real quick