Tuesday, June 10, 2014

High Fives- The New Handholding

I am up to H in my A-Z Blog Challenge. So today I am talking about high fives.

You know when you were a kid and you did something really awesome and your friend would high five you?

Yes, that is what I am talking about.

More importantly, I am talking about high fiving the one you love.

A number of years ago, before we were married, Mr. McKay and I were hanging out with a group of friends. We were all in our early 20's. This one friend we had (I say had, as we no longer speak to her) made some comment about another couple high fiving, something to the effect of- "You shouldn't high five your wife."

As if getting married put you into some other category and automatically turned you into people who wore dress clothes on weekends, ate grass fed beef, and started preferring wine over beer. Also, you definitely no longer high five.

Well this one comment launched a very obnoxious high five frenzy anytime this friend was around (because we are mature like that).

If we were out for dinner- "Look, they have half price burger tonight! High five!" Mr. McKay and I would lean across the table, getting in everyone's faces with our over exuberant high five.

"We got a close parking spot! High five!"

"We woke up without hangovers! High five!"

It was pretty comical (to us at least) and not so funny to this friend of ours. Obviously we were juvenile and I am sure she was thinking "Just wait and see! Wait and see when you are old and married and forced to become adults, there will be no high fiving."

But there is- everyday, we always find something to high five about. We have celebrated in the grocery store parking lot with high fives after scoring some sweet deals.

We have high fived over excellent parking.

Oh, Jeopardy, that is a big high five game show to watch (especially if there's a pop culture category).

And yes, we have high fived after some particularly good sex, because really? You should congratulate each other.

My point is everybody has their thing. If you are hand holders, you will probably still be holding hands when you are old and grey (at least I wish this for everybody).

We high five, I sort of hope one day we are rejoicing in a high five that we both remembered to put our teeth in-- because you know what? That's a good day.



  1. After 25 years we are hand holders and hold hands quite often. You will be high fiving after 25 also. I'm pretty sure of it!! Nice post!

  2. I love love love your optimism, it just explodes from you! I love it and so appreciate you for it! We're not high fivers but I might start tonight just to freak him out. He'll likely just stare but what the heck!

  3. I can totally imagine you still high fiving in another twenty years time. It's funny how something like that can become part and parcel of what you are - an in joke so to speak. As long as you are still at that all is well :D

  4. You two are just lovely. High five!

  5. Thank you ladies for all the nice comments :)