Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Switching-- The Price of Disobedience

It's the Spanking for A-Z Blogging Challenge. I am also visiting Natasha Knight today talking about researching for writing a book in the Victorian Era, a double dose of me today!

S could be for so many things. Spankings, S is always for Spankings!

Today, specifically, it is about Switching.

When I was writing Loving Lena I was trying to think of something I had not written about before that a man in the 1890's might use to punish his woman. I had used a razor strap and a hairbrush already. Of course a hand is always useful and quite intimate, and earlier in the book Lena feels the burn of a wooden spoon.

It's a big punishment scene, a turning point in the story, so I wanted something that seemed more severe than just Wesley's hand. Something that might leave a lasting impression on our stubborn heroine.

This scene comes towards the end of the book. Lena has gotten herself into a bit of trouble with Emmaline and Wesley is at his wit's end between her impulsive behavior and her seemingly unrepentant attitude.

He not only decides to use a switch on her, but leaves her bare and lying over the desk in his study while he goes to cut it. Lena is having a hard time submitting to this humiliating punishment, and this is where we find them: 

She rose from her bent position, letting her dress fall back down over her buttocks. She stood for a moment with her knees up against the desk, her head raised, and listening.

She was about to turn and make her way out of the study when she heard the front door open and close again. She threw herself back over the front of the desk, but her skirts remained down where they had fallen.

Wesley's heavy footsteps came back into the room. Lena had her head buried in the crook of her arm; she squeezed her eyes shut.

She started when a firm grasp wrapped around her upper arm and pulled her upright.

"I told you to stay in position."

Lena let her mouth flap open, but she could not find words to respond. She looked from Wesley's angry face to the sticks he held in his hand. Switches!

He must have seen her eying them because he said, "Yes, I went outside to cut some switches to deal with this matter."

She looked back up at him. Was she just a matter for him to deal with?

"Why did you get out of position?" He gave her a quick shake as he asked.

"I did not know where you went," she answered.

"Did you think it was a good idea to disobey me again so soon?" He wore a mask of calmness, but she could hear the annoyance lacing his voice.

"I did not go anywhere, I just stood up. You left the door open." She tried to explain, surely he would know she would be embarrassed if anyone in the house had happened by. He needed to be reasonable.

"Yes, I left the door open, and I left you on display. I will spank you in front of everyone if that is my wish. Maybe I shall wait and spank you in front of Ms. Shaw tomorrow so she can see how you are atoning for your sins."

She gasped at his threat tried not to tremble. She had never seen Wesley so mad, at least not with her anyway. She knew she had acted poorly, he was right that she should not have reacted and lashed out at Annie without getting the whole story.

"Raise your skirts and bend over the desk," he directed, as he released her arm and took a step back.

She blinked back the tears already forming in her eyes. She had never been switched, but she assumed it would not be pleasant. Although, those twigs seemed very little, perhaps they did not hurt much at all. Maybe it was more to scare her than to bring her any discomfort.

She turned to face the desk again and lifted her skirts as she bent forward.

Wesley rounded the desk and sat down behind it. He leaned back in the chair and took out his knife to strip the switches of their remaining leaves. The sticks were about an arm's length long and very thin.

She looked up at him, with her being stretched across the desk, her face was so close to him she could smell his scent. That musky smell that was so uniquely him, that clung to his pillow long after he left their bed. It normally reassured her, but now, as he sat in front of her stripping switches to thrash her bottom with, she did not feel reassured.

He had left the door open again, and she thought about asking him to close it. But he never looked up at her, he sat right in front of her, running his knife down the switches acting like she was not even in the room. Her face felt hot with embarrassment. She would never be able to look any of their staff in the eye again if they saw her in such a compromising position.

"I think three should do it, yes?" Wesley asked, looking up at her finally.

She could only look back at him. She felt like he was not really asking her to answer.

Lena Trimble should be experiencing the happiest time in her life. She is in love with the most wonderful man she has ever met, they have a beautiful baby together, and they are starting a new life in a new country. But Lena feels like she is living a lie. Their child was conceived out of wedlock and she is still embroiled in a divorce from a horrible man who never loved her but was only after her money.
Wesley Lawford feels like the luckiest man alive. He finally has Lena all to himself and he is trying to build a new life with her and their child. But as Lena's divorce drags on, her fears of what others think have her retreating from the world, and worse, closing herself off to him. Afraid of losing Lena as she continues secluding herself, Wesley knows he must be firm with his future wife and Lena soon finds herself over Wesley's knee for a hard bare-bottom spanking. Will a firm hand and loving domestic discipline bring back the woman he loves? Will simply loving Lena be enough to keep them together?
Loving Lena is the second in the Ravenswood Manor series. The book is a Victorian romance set during the beginning of America's Bicycle Craze, in 1890's Philadelphia. Although each book can be read alone, characters from the first book in the series, Emmaline's Groom, are referenced in Loving Lena.
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  1. holy cow, Casey, that scene was delicious!
    I love the humiliation in it!
    And the anticipation of her punishment was wonderful!

  2. I love reading about switchings. It's not so much fun to have one, but I do find reading about them to be extremely erotic for some reason.

  3. Oh the dreadful anticipation. Hot scene. Thanks