Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Spankings~ "Get on Your Knees"

Welcome back to another week of Saturday Spankings! In my new book His Rebellious Queen, Lyra gets herself into a lot of trouble and seems to work herself into a spanking more than she would like. 

This time it's more playful. She isn't always this lucky.

“Turn around, get on your knees and face away from me,” he croaked out in a gruff voice thick with need.

She pulled back and looked at him, surprise and trepidation skimming across her features. “Why?” Her eyebrows quirked and she tightened her grip on his shoulders as if she would not be moved.
Growling, he pushed her up and moved her himself, guiding her around and positioning her as he wanted. He gave her a hard slap on her right buttocks for questioning him and putting him through the trouble. She let out a small giggle, but glanced over her shoulder to look at him as if assessing if his anger were real. He let his lips quirk up at the corners causing her to shoot him a coy smile. Turning away, she settled onto her forearms on the ledge behind the tub.

 Lyra didn't expect her arranged marriage to be easy. But she also didn't think it was going to be so hard. Moving to a distant planet to become queen was one thing. Learning to take orders from her Alpha, warrior husband was quite another. 

Astor knew from the moment he was appointed king there would be no other woman for him. Fulfilling a promise from his past to protect and keep her safe, he claims Lyra as his wife and queen. When she routinely skirts the rules and defies his orders, he realizes he will need to take his feisty wife in hand in the way the Cassians have done for centuries.  

But when a plot for revolution follows the new queen and the secrets they're both keeping become exposed, will Astor be able to convince his rebellious queen that they are on the same side or will Lyra's trust come too little too late?

His Rebellious Queen is a sci fi romance about love, trust, and starting over. 

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  1. Love their teasing. I think it's hot when a guy pretends to be angry, but really isn't and is quick to let her know it when she silently inquires.

    1. I love teasing! In real life too :)
      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn.

  2. I just one-clicked, Casey! Congrats on the hot release.

  3. Mm... great imagery. I can almost hear Astor's voice thick with need. Nice

  4. I started the short story last night! I love the imagery and flow of your writing. Not into the paranormal stuff but it didn't matter, the story was just good:) Congratulations Casey!

  5. Oh! I hope that Lyra can handle that spanking!! Great snippet! :-)