Monday, June 8, 2015

His Rebellious Queen~ Defying a Direct Order

My new release is up on Amazon! His Rebellious Queen is a sci fi, erotic romance and includes an arranged marriage, an Alpha warrior, and a reluctant queen.

Astor strode in and slammed the door behind him. She caught the annoyance in his features before she draped her arm over her eyes.
“I did not permit you entrance,” she bit out, in as regal a tone as she could muster; even with her insides quivering that she dared take such a tone with him. The bed depressed beside her and she squeezed her eyes shut under the veil of her arm. Maybe if she lay still he would go away. Isn't that what one did when a wild animal approached? Stay very still and it will not see you. Or was it make loud noises and make oneself appear bigger? Either way, her pulse had kicked up enough that she could hear the pounding in her ears and wild animals could smell fear: especially the one perched on the side of her bed.
Warm fingers grasped her wrist and easily lifted her arm from her eyes. “I do not need your invitation to enter. It was a cursory knock to let you know I was coming in, I was not seeking permission.” The twitch in his jaw let her know enough how happy he was to find her slumbering. “You had orders to be up and dressed by now. Imagine my surprise when you missed the morning meal.”
Pushing herself to sit, Lyra slid across the silken sheets, edging her way to the other side of the bed and putting a comfortable distance between them. If there was such a thing as a comfortable distance—when Astor occupied a room he eclipsed everything else in it. “What are the perks of being a queen if I cannot even sleep in for one morning?” She gritted her teeth when she realized her statement came out as a whine. She did not mean to sound petulant. This was exactly why she just needed to stay in bed all day. She would stay in bed and wallow and pretend this life was not thrust upon her.
“Of course, you can stay in bed if that pleases you. But then you will be defying a direct order,” he responded in a patronizing way. “Try it right now and see how it works out for you.” He issued her the teasing challenge as he rose up on his knees and towered over her. She had never been a petite girl, but Astor being from Cassian descent held the broad shoulders and strong build of those particular warriors. His size alone was enough to make her breath catch, coupled with his stern authority over her it made her stop and think about anything she would say further. Lyra pulled the covers up, shielding her bare breasts. She was naked, just the way he had left her the night before, she only thought of the need to be modest now. Now that he was towering over her, making her feel more vulnerable than ever.

His Rebellious Queen
Lyra didn't expect her arranged marriage to be easy. But she also didn't think it was going to be so hard. Moving to a distant planet to become queen was one thing. Learning to take orders from her Alpha, warrior husband was quite another. Astor knew from the moment he was appointed king there would be no other woman for him. Fulfilling a promise from his past to protect and keep her safe, he claims Lyra as his wife and queen. When she routinely skirts the rules and defies his orders, he realizes he will need to take his feisty wife in hand in the way the Cassians have done for centuries. But when a plot for revolution follows the new queen and the secrets they're both keeping become exposed, will Astor be able to convince his rebellious queen that they are on the same side or will Lyra's trust come too little too late? His Rebellious Queen is a sci fi romance about love, trust, and starting over.

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