Friday, June 19, 2015

A to Z Challenge~ His Rebellious Queen

And we're back to the Spanking from A-Z blog challenge, hosted by Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews.

Today Q is for Queen. Lyra is the queen of a distant planet in my new release His Rebellious Queen. Her arranged marriage to Astor made her the Queen of Dendera and she still isn't sure about being queen or about her husband.  

"Your body is mine to do with as I please," he reminded her, she could hear the anger and disappointment in his tone. But unlike other times, she did not feel it, she could not process anything but his fingers that trespassed into every part of her. He pinned her in his gaze, thrusting deeper into her pussy and pushing further into her back entrance.
She screwed her eyes shut and whimpered. He had shown her before that he demanded obedience, when he had discovered her in the hallway with Rand she feared he would spank her, whip her, lock her in their rooms, she never imagined this. He was punishing her in the most carnal of ways, she would have rather had the corporal punishment.
"I have not completely ruled that out," he said, as if responding to her thoughts.
Her eyes shot open and she looked at him in shock, had he just read her thoughts? He looked just as surprised as she, perhaps just realizing that she hadn't spoken aloud at all, yet he had heard her.
Bastard, she thought, ridding her mind of any other thought, she projected it into her mind.
He let out a deep chuckle, but it frightened her because it was a humorless laugh. "That is what you decided on? We discover a telepathic link and you dare call me names?" He arched a brow at her and angled his body closer as she seemed to have achieved in putting some distance between them. He hooked his leg under her top leg, pulling their bodies together and burying his digits deeper within her.
"Ah!" she yelled out, as he buried himself up to his knuckle, stretching her rosebud further.
Behave, she heard him say. His voice was crisp and clear and she could note the stern warning tone, but her eyes had never moved from his face and he had not opened his mouth. He raised his eyebrows as if daring her to disobey. Goosebumps rose on her skin as she realized not only could he hear her thoughts, but she could hear his. What did this mean?
As she was trying to process this, his thumb tapped her clit and he wiggled his fingers inside of her. "Please!" she called out, frenzied by his treatment of her.

"Please stop or please more?" he asked, with a knowing look.

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His Rebellious Queen Blurb:
Lyra didn't expect her arranged marriage to be easy. But she also didn't think it was going to be so hard. Moving to a distant planet to become queen was one thing. Learning to take orders from her Alpha, warrior husband was quite another.

Astor knew from the moment he was appointed king there would be no other woman for him. Fulfilling a promise from his past to protect and keep her safe, he claims Lyra as his wife and queen. When she routinely skirts the rules and defies his orders, he realizes he will need to take his feisty wife in hand in the way the Cassians have done for centuries.

But when a plot for revolution follows the new queen and the secrets they're both keeping become exposed, will Astor be able to convince his rebellious queen that they are on the same side or will Lyra's trust come too little too late?

His Rebellious Queen is a sci fi romance about love, trust, and starting over.