Sunday, June 7, 2015

A to Z Challenge~ Fantasies of Spankings

We're up to F in the Spanking from A-Z blog challenge, hosted by Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews

Today I want to talk about fantasies.

I have always had an imagination. It would make sense that I write now, my mind is never resting. I think it unnerves Mr. McKay sometimes as I lay on the couch staring into space. “Do you want the remote?” he'll ask.

No, because I'm not really watching anything, I was just lost in thought, lost in my own little world.

Since I've broken my ankle and have been forced to relax and slow down, my fantasies have run rampant. It is no secret that I have a spanking kink and I love an alpha male. And since having to take care of me 24/7 my sweet, teddy bear of a husband has become much more deliciously alpha—sending my fantasies into overdrive.

When I ask if I can help with the dishes because he seems overwhelmed having to tend to every household task. He remains silent as I plead my case, telling him that I can stand on one foot and lean against the counter while I wash a few dishes, I'll even tell him if I get tired, and I won't lie about it, I will really tell him. I go on like a little kid promising to take care of a baby kitten if only we can bring her home!

He waits until I finish and then he raises his eyebrows. “No.” He holds up his hand when I open my mouth to protest. “You made yourself a sandwich today, that was your one pass and enough for today. Stay there, with your foot up.”

Oh, it almost makes me want to say 'Yes, sir' which is something I am sure I have never said in my entire life. I don't argue and he goes and takes care of the dinner dishes himself, at least he can't say I didn't offer.

But now my fantasies are kick started. As my husband is in the next room cleaning the kitchen and I stay on the couch obeying his orders, I indulge myself in a quick fantasy of what would happen if I weren't a good patient. If I continuously shirked his orders and did what I wanted.

Surely he would take me to task, pull me over his lap and spank me. That is always how it goes in the books, right? If I were risking my own health and welfare then I would be in for it...

Only that's not how it would go in real life, at least not for me. I listen to my husband and try to keep my foot up and relax not because he would spank me if I didn't. Mostly because I don't want to hurt myself more. And because I want to keep that anxious and concerned look off of his face that he had the first weekend I was home and writhing on the couch in pain. He seemed hurt that I was hurting, and why would I intentionally do that?

No, our spanking has always been for fun and I insert my fantasies in to make it seem more real to me. He was reticent to try it at first, he never wanted to spank too hard, he felt strange using implements, and he was aghast when he left marks. We moved past that, thankfully, and he claims to even understand what I get out of it even if he does not share my fetish.

But now that I am broken he is back to treating me like glass. And I fear this will be a major set back. Thankfully we have eased back into the sex. It was awkward at first keeping my cast out of the way, propped up on a pillow and not twisting my leg too much. But we were never going to make it four weeks, that's like a prison term or something.

He's not eager to get back to the spanking, but I am. I can't just rely on my fantasies for that.

So we'll see. Maybe if I keep being a really good patient...

No idea where this is from. If anyone knows please share!

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  1. Write those fantasies down , I'm sure they'll make a good book. It's frustrating when the need is strong but the body is off limits, he'll be back into the swing of it soon.
    I think the pic is of James Dean, although he does usually have a beard.

    1. It's been a long three weeks... I'm hoping to get the all clear from the doctor next week! (To get the cast off, not for spanking, although that would be an interesting visit.)

  2. And an interesting story. Doctor, would you mind hurrying things along, um... I have plans for tonight, lol.

  3. I love how you share so much with your readers, Casey. You husband sounds so wonderful. Like you, the reality often isn't like we write in our books and I've done a lot of thinking about that too (thankfully I didn't have to break my ankle though) I think you hit the key difference. In reality us women don't want to hurt the men who love us, but in our books we have to have the women make mistakes more to create the tension that keeps the story interesting, It is such a hard line to walk as an author having your heroine (or hero) do enough stupid stuff to create the tension but not do so much that the readers start to not like them. Tricky... very tricky. Feel better!

    1. Thanks Livia! You are right, it is a tricky line to walk. But that is part of the fun I suppose! Thanks for the well wishes :)