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A to Z Challenge~ M is for Man on a Mission

On to M of the Spanking from A-Z blog challenge, hosted by Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews

Jaye Peaches stopped by to bring me an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes from her new book Viola's Heart Strings. Okay, a lot of the scenes were my favorite scenes, but I promise you, this one is downright delicious!

Today M is for Man on a Mission. Because Anton certainly has a mission in mind and he won't take now for an answer! I'll turn it over to Jaye now so you can read her yummy excerpt:

Hi Casey, it’s great being on your blog today.  I’m sharing from my latest release, Viola’s Heart Strings, a Victorian romance. Viola and her husband, Sir Anton, are returning from a day trip out to the seaside. Viola can no longer contain her curiosity about Anton’s walking stick. He takes it everywhere with him.

Returning home in the afternoon, they rocked about as the carriage made its way back to Chariston. Outside the carriage, darkness descended and the air was cooling rapidly. Inside, an oil lamp lit the interior and she kept a blanket over her knees. Her husband smiled at Viola as she rested her head back against the fabric of the seat.
It wasn’t an uncomfortable journey, but she wished it would end soon. Her eye rested on his hand, which grasped the peculiar knob of his walking stick. It was ebony and oval like an egg—an unusual shape for a stick.
“Your stick. Is it your favourite?” she asked.
“Yes. Do you want to know why?” Anton grinned.
“I think you deserve this, you have been a good companion today.” He waved the knob before her face.
“I don’t understand.” Her heart pounded against her ribs.
“Lift up your skirts, lower your undergarment and turn about. Quickly, Viola.” He leant forward, tapping her knee.
“Here!” she gaped.
“Viola.” He pursed his lips and shook his head slightly. “Hurry. Trust me.”
Outside the carriage window, the darkness was immense and without a peep of moonlight. She complied, praying there would be no unforeseen stoppages in their journey. Anton grabbed her skirt and hoisted it up over her back. “I want you bare.”
She swallowed hard. How had it come to this? Bared in a carriage and on a public road. The carriage rocked her from side to side, and with it, the strange excitement grew in her belly. What made her skin tingle and her scalp prickle so? It had to be his voice. She pulled down her drawers to her knees. 
“Now spit on the knob.” He held the stick close to her mouth.
“This?” She stared at the bulbous end and glanced at her husband. He grinned and nodded. The implication was clear—his walking stick’s dimensions hadn’t been designed to fit the palm of a hand, but shaped to a feminine interior. “It won’t fit!” 
“My dear, I said trust me. I know you as well between your legs as I do your fair face.” His tone seduced and dominated. The combination dissolved her resistance, melting away her fears. 

After a chance meeting, young Viola Pritchard finds herself married to the enigmatic Sir Anton Valise. The innocent Viola falls fast for her new husband. She loves him and only wishes to please him and be the wife he wishes her to be. She's surprised to find that she craves Anton's passionate and dominant lovemaking, and even lusts for him to take her in more erotic ways.

Determined not to repeat mistakes from his past, Anton tries to keep Viola at a distance. Her sweet submission and unflagging loyalty prove to be his weakness. The baronet introduces rules to ensure his new wife will remain obedient, not trusting that her intentions could be so pure.

When Viola discovers a series of secret rooms and a diary left behind by Anton's late wife, she unearths a chilling mystery. With tension between the couple rising, Anton and Viola's relationship reaches a crisis point. Can Viola crack the armor around her baronet's safely guarded heart? 

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