Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A to Z Challenge~ Ice Play

Welcome back to the A-Z blog challenge, hosted by Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews

We are up to letter I and I wanted to talk about ice play. There is something about being all hot sweaty and getting ice into the mix, right? At least I would be fine with that now as we have decided it is not quite hot enough yet to switch the A/C on, but it's still hot enough that I am sweating while typing this.

I have had more time to read since being laid up and I finally got around to reading Ashe Barker's Chameleon. There are a lot of things about this book I liked. First of all it is just a good book with great characters. The second thing is that it is set in a fascinating location Marrakesh, Morocco. The third thing (last, but not the least important) is it is a freaking hot story!

And apparently it is very hot in Morocco so you should take advantage and add a little ice to your BDSM scenes. I asked Ashe if I could share a little excerpt from this scene I loved so much and she indulged me, so thanks to her! It's a long scene and I had a hard time picking a part of it, but the whole thing is just yum!

Her nipples still stood erect, though they had softened a little since he had carried her from the courtyard. Ethan soon brought them back to a solid, swollen hardness as he wrapped his cold lips around them and sucked. His touch now was infinitely gentle, so erotic she thought she might weep. Despite his firm instructions, she thrust her hips forward.

“Slut. Be patient. Your cunt will get plenty of attention, all in good time. You really don’t want to be earning a spanking right now, do you? That said, an ice cube or two in your arse. Now that might be fun…”

Fleur squeaked again. “I am not moving, Sir. I swear.”

“Coward. Maybe after I’ve fucked your arse, you’ll be more agreeable to my suggestion. We’ll see. So where was I?”

He managed to resume his place without further input from Fleur, who concentrated fully on keeping perfectly still as he drew his wet, icy pathways back and forth across her torso. Her breasts and nipples received particular attention but so did her navel as he dropped the small remnant of an ice cube into it and left it there to melt. The chilly water trickled across her stomach and down her side onto the thick towel beneath her. Fleur shivered, though she thought not with cold. Even so, Ethan went to the thermostat to adjust the air conditioning before dipping his fingers into the glass for another ice cube.

Now his trail took in Fleur’s legs. First, the right one. He explored her inner thigh, her knee, her calf, leaving a slipstream of icy wet skin. Fleur ground her teeth, determined not to shift an inch, though she had had no inkling that her ankles were quite so sensitive. He reached her foot and there he chose to linger. With the sole of her foot turned towards him, he used his fingers this time to tease her with the ice. He drew it across the ball of her foot and her heel. Then he tucked it between her toes and reached for another ice cube to start all over on the other side.

Now he covered the path in reverse, trailing the ice over the side of her left foot until her toes involuntarily curled and flexed. He slipped a cube into his mouth then sucked on her big toe. Fleur let out a small yelp, once more overwhelmed by the sheer eroticism of his play. He seemed to be in no hurry, though she knew the main event was yet to come. Or was it? Everything he did, every place he touched her became an erogenous zone—her heel, her instep, that little hollow at the back of her knee.

Slowly he made his way back up her inner thigh, studiously ignoring her throbbing pussy. He had not touched her, at least not there, but she was convinced that her cunt was glowing. Her limbs ached from the sheer tension of holding still, every muscle tight and poised, every nerve ending standing at attention. Her stomach muscles clenched hard, her shoulders rigid with anticipation. And still he played—teasing, tempting, promising.

Fleur forgot to breathe as he reached the top of her inner thigh and traced the crease between her leg and her pussy with a half-melted cube. He brushed her outer pussy lips, as though by accident. Fleur closed her eyes and considered praying. Her mother’s influence at work, without doubt, though there was nothing of the Blessed Virgin about this.

She shrieked, whether with relief or delight, or perhaps sheer exhaustion, when he at last laid his cool lips against her pussy, an ice cube held between them. He traced her outer lips, caressing them with his freezing kiss.

“Oh, oh… Sir.” Fleur managed to drag in a breath, caught between earth-shifting arousal and the sharp intensity of the ice against her heated skin. Ethan circled, spiralling inwards, and she knew it would be mere moments now until…

“Argh!” Fleur let out a scream, unable to contain her response. Ethan might have been concerned at the prospect of hotel staff rushing to investigate, but he gave no sign of it. He continued to torment her pussy with the ice, using his tongue to ease it from his mouth and between her pussy lips. He pushed it right inside, following with his tongue. He licked at the ice inside her, nudging it farther into her pussy as her inner walls closed around it.

Reaching with his tongue, he pulled the ice back out and into his mouth, then slid it back into her pussy. He fucked her with it, slowly, so gently, the sensation intense. Fleur gripped his tongue and the ice tightly, squeezing hard with her inner muscles and wriggling now, despite his instructions. He growled, his warning clear. She stiffened, forcing herself to remain motionless as he continued to slip the ice in and out of her cunt.

“Please, Sir, I want to come.”

“Not yet. I’ll tell you when.”

“Sir, I cannot…”

“You can. You will. Do as you’re told or accept the consequences.”

Fleur groaned to herself as she struggled to suppress her response, grateful that at least he was not yet carrying out his threat to suck her clit until she screamed for him to fuck her. In fact, she might just scream anyway.

Ethan selected another ice cube and inserted that into her pussy along with the first one, now almost melted. He licked away the chilled water as it trickled from her, though Fleur was sure the towels would be soaked in any case.

“Bring your knees up to your chest please. I want your arse now.”

“But I haven’t… I mean, you said…”

“Do it, Fleur. Now, please.”

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