Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A to Z Challenge~ O is for Ouch

We're up to O in the Spanking from A-Z blog challenge, hosted by Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews

Today O is for Ouch. If you have been reading my blog at all or are friends with me on facebook you might know I broke my ankle about a month ago. I fell at roller derby practice and while it has been a wrench in some of my plans I have taken it as a sign to slow down and focus on writing for a while.

I got my cast off this past Monday and the doctor has me in a boot now. Four more weeks and I should be free! He also prescribed Physical Therapy to strengthen my ankle back up and get me walking again.

Mr. McKay (who had knee surgery in his youth) said, "Well you get off on pain, you should LOVE Physical Therapy."

I almost argued with him. Do I get off on pain though?

Well I do like to be spanked. And I do like nipple clamps occasionally. Hair pulling. Egh, okay, maybe I do kind of like pain. 

But I was about to argue that it is merely in a sexual context. Then I thought about how I got hurt. Roller derby. I play a full contact sport. I love playing. I love getting hip checked. I love knocking other people down, but don't mind taking my lumps as well.

If a really intense practice leaves me sore the next day? Even better. It makes me feel stronger, a little more alive, like I've actually done something.

Maybe I do like pain a little more than I realized. But I don't think that will make me love Physical Therapy. If it makes me feel better and get back on skates faster, then I will love it! And if I am in horrible pain during it, then maybe Mr. McKay can help me soothe it away when I get back home from an appointment...

Any of you have input? Pain can play a big part in pleasure—especially for a spanko, so what are your thoughts, do you get off on pain?

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  1. I'm always surprised by the number of spankos who suffer with chronic pain who get off on spanking, almost the pleasure of one type of pain removing the nastiness of another. That's me. I don't like pain, but I do like it given to me, not forced in a negative way or endured for the sake of it. A nice, soothing spanking, which I know is a contradiction!