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A to Z Challenge~ "You Will Live Alone No Longer."

We've made it all the way to Y in the Spanking from A-Z blog challenge, hosted by Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews.

I have Sue Lyndon over today. I have never read anything by Sue that I have not loved, she has a way with writing stories that makes you feel like you are right there. Even when they are about Yummy Aliens!

She has a new series out right now and has just released a box set, so you can scoop then all up at once!

Thanks for having me today, Casey! It’s always a pleasure to visit you!

Y is for Yummy Aliens

I’ve been writing “vanilla” sci-fi alien romance under the name Sue Mercury during the last few months, and I recently released a box set with all the stories in my Reestrian Mates series. My favorite part about writing hunky alien heroes is the clash of cultures that inevitably occurs as they try to win a human female’s affection. Here’s an excerpt from book 5 in the series, Savage Alien:

“I see the passion in your eyes, little Mia.”
“Little Mia? I’m five foot six, for your information. That’s average height for a woman where I come from. Not that you’d know that. I doubt you know much about humans, and you certainly know nothing about me.”
“You are angry.” Confusion swept through him. Females captured as mating gifts were usually highly sought after beauties from powerful clan families on Reestria. She should be honored to have been taken by Heega. “You are not supposed to be angry, little Mia. You are supposed to be overjoyed to have been chosen for the honor of mating with a Warrior Reestrian.”
She laughed, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. She was right, he didn’t know much about humans. He stepped closer to her, only for her to back away. Her behavior confounded him.
“Overjoyed? Are you for real? I was kidnapped and told I’m to become some strange alien’s mate. What part of that scenario is supposed to leave me overjoyed?” Her hands curled into fists and she peered around him, her face lighting up as she stared out the small window, a perfect view of Rahatha’s streets below the landing site. “Let me walk off this ship right now. Please.”
“I can’t allow that. You belong to me now, Mia. If your family didn’t wish for you to be taken as a mate, they should have protected you.” He suspected her family didn’t care for her wellbeing, otherwise the males, her father and her brothers, would have kept her hidden. This thought saddened him.
“My family?” She made an exacerbated noise. “I live by myself. I’m a grown woman. I’m thirty years old and I’ve been living on my own for the last twelve years, thank you very much.”
“You will live alone no longer.” He closed the space between them and cupped her face. She flinched but didn’t pull away, and he stroked her cheeks with his thumbs, drawing circles on her soft, warm flesh.
“Please, Sekor. I am afraid of you.”
He dropped his hands to his sides and took three large steps back. The look of relief on her face to have him so far away perplexed him. Why did she fear him? He planned to protect her and love her.
“Does your heart belong to another, Mia?”
“Then why haven’t you taken your robe off and offered yourself to me?”
She tied the robe tighter and crossed her arms, preventing him from staring at the mounds of her breasts. “Unbelievable,” she muttered. “Do you really expect me to strip naked and fall at your feet? Keep dreamin’, asshole, because that will never happen. I want to leave this ship. Now.”
Nothing fazed Sekor, ever. Not until Mia. He was normally confident, so confident he felt no fear in battle, and so confident he had never considered a female might reject him. When he imagined experiencing his mating urge, he had always assumed the female he selected would try her best to please him. The female standing before him wouldn’t even take her clothes off. This human girl affected him, her rejection wounding him and her bravery garnering his deep respect.
He decided to continue on. He needed to mate her soon, needed his fever to cool and to feel the spiritual ecstasy of the mating bond. Clearing his throat, he reached for his towel.
“Would you feel more comfortable if I stripped first?”

Reestrian Mates: The Complete Series blurb:

Not long after their final growth cycle completes, Reestrian males experience a powerful urge to mate. This collection features 5 steamy, romantic stories of human women being courted (as best an alien can!) and claimed by the hunky Reestrian males who find them irresistible. 


Step Alien 

Sweet Alien 

Double Alien 

Boss Alien 

Savage Alien 

Note: The individual stories in this collection are available FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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