Thursday, June 4, 2015

A to Z Challenge~ A Derby Wife (Every Girl Should Have One)

Welcome to letter D of the Spanking from A-Z blog challenge, hosted by Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews

Today I have a special treat! I have a little piece of erotic fiction, not written by me, but by my Derby Wife.

What is a Derby Wife you may ask? It's this great little intricacy of Roller Derby culture. You end up getting to be really tight with your teammates, derby is a very physical sport and you get up close and personal in a short amount of time. There is no room to be shy.

I found this great definition on Urban Dictionary and I don't think I could explain it any better myself.

Mine is pretty awesome. We both started in our league on the same day and we have been inseparable ever since. She actually missed practice the night I broke my ankle and once she assessed that I was okay, aside from being broken, her follow up question was "Who do I need to take out?" That is a Derby Wife, she's got my back.

She's one of my only real life friends who knows about my pen name and the fact that I write erotic romance. She's supportive and asks me all the time how things are going, if I have been writing lately, and she's even expressed interest in trying her hand at it.

We hang out aside from roller derby, our husbands in tow, and we all get along great. Her husband is a great guy which is why I was confused when she first sent me this email.

She set it up by texting me when I was at work, saying she sent me an email. No follow up, that was it. 

The subject line was 'tweaked' and this is what the message read.

So I met this guy through work.  He kind of looks like a cross between a blond Brad Pitt & Chris Hemsworth.  First time we met I felt a MAJOR attraction, but thought it was just me.  I figure he's at least 5 years younger than me and there's no way he would be interested.  Second time we met, I discovered that it wasn't just me. He asked me if I could drop him home after a mandatory meeting last week, so I did.

He invites me in for a beer, I figure I can handle that.  In the kitchen, he starts walking towards me and I back up against the counter, with no where else to go.  Suddenly I realize its hard to breathe.  I'm trying focus on my breathing to slow it down and stop my heart from pounding, but it's like he's sucking the air right out of my lungs.  He leans in, I'm afraid to move.  I'm afraid to even breathe.  I want him so badly that I'm paralyzed.  I know I'm married, so I close my eyes and wait.  I secretly hope that he goes away, because I know I'm weak.  I know I can't resist.  

He leans in closer, his lips ever so lightly brushing my cheek... his body presses into mine and he pushes me against the counter, his lips on my neck and his breath hot on my skin.  His hips hard against me.  I can feel his cock through his pants and I can't remember the last time I was this turned on.  Just when I think my heart might actually stop because I can't take any more excitement, he grabs my waist, lifts me onto the counter and wedges himself between my legs, pushing my skirt all the way up my thighs.  

We totally start making out.  His tongue is in my mouth and I kick off my sandals so I can wrap my legs around his waist.   I can tell that his cock is even bigger than I thought.  Holy Christ! He manages to slide one hand inside my shirt and with the other he grabs my ass as he grinds his hips into me. My hands are all over him, pulling at his clothes, sliding my fingers inside his waistband, running my hands over his backside.  Then he whispers, "first time I saw you I wondered what it would be like to kiss you and stab you."   I thought it was a little odd, but maybe this is how this guy refers to his penis? 

 I pull away from him and mumble "what?"  

He leans in to kiss my neck again and says, "I think I can I keep it under control."   We start making out again, he's kissing my neck and begins to slowly drag his lips down my skin.  I am aroused in places of my body that I didn't even know existed, either that or they've been dormant so long that I forgot I had them.  

Then he steps back and pulls his sweater off over his head.  Part of his t-shirt raises with his sweater and I catch a glimpse of what's underneath.  Oh my.  He pulls his t-shirt down and I am so turned on that I don't even know what to do with myself.  I just stare, my mouth open.  Then he takes it off, slowly.  Oh my!  I inhale sharply.  I'm not sure, but I think I had an orgasm just looking at him.  I'm speechless.  His abs are chiseled and  I don't know if I should take a picture of him (because no one will believe me) or touch him.  Of course I end up touching him, and it's getting really hot.  I'm using muscles I had forgotten about, and these moaning noises are coming out of my mouth that I've never made before.   My body has taken over and I can't control it anymore.   I can't think of anything else other then getting totally naked with this guy and having his cock in my pussy.   

His lips are back on my neck and going lower now.  He starts to unbutton my shirt and his teeth tug on the lace of my bra when he stops cold.  He grabs my left hand hard and holds it up, high over my head.  "What's this?"  he says.  Is he going to tie me up?   I just look at him.  He yanks on my hand harder and pulls it down, in front of my eyes then growls, "I said, what's this?"  I realize he's looking at my ring.  

I tell him I wasn't trying to hide it from him, but I'm married.  That I thought he knew.  He stands back and our bodies separate, I hop off the counter adjusting my clothes. His face has changed, almost looks a little sinister, angry.  I grab my stuff and head for the front door when he tells me he was serious about wanting to kiss me and stab me at the same time.  He looks me dead in the eye and says, "I want the taste of your blood in my mouth."  

He grabs my arm and twists it behind me forcing me against his body.  I'm trying, but I can't move and he's just staring at me, kind of like when Lou Ferrigno changes into the incredible hulk.  He grabs my head with his other hand, pulls it towards him and smells my hair... this creepy, long inhalation.  Then he abruptly let's go, nearly throwing me to the floor and says "you're lucky you're married."  I take off like a shot out the front door, running towards my car in a panic... when I realize my keys are still inside and my phone is locked in the car.   Of all the times I've left my car unlocked, why couldn't this be one of them!!!  I can't go back inside.  I am majorly panicking, running around in circles, looking for people on the road... 

Then I wake up.  No Brad Pitt/Chris Hemsworth type guy at work, no nothing. 

What do you think? Should I pressure her a little harder to write a full length story?

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  1. Well, you know I'm going to say "Yes!!" As most people know, that's how I started hehe So please have her give it a go!! Great post! I've been enjoying your posts! Sorry about the ankle, but I'm glad it left you able to write to us every day :))