Monday, July 20, 2015

The Conversations We Have...

I always think Mr. McKay and I would make a pretty decent reality show. Well, at least, when we aren't just sitting on our respective laptops and not talking. We would be able to fill at least a half hour show once a week.

Instead, you'll have to live with some conversation snippets on my blog. Really, I share these to demonstrate that I am not always the weirdo in this relationship—sometimes I have no idea what this dude is thinking!

Me: Hey, did you hear the road work last night?
(I had gone to bed early the night before while he stayed downstairs working.)

Mr. McK: Is that what that noise was?

Me: Yes, it was loud, right?

Mr. McK: (thinks for a few seconds) I thought you were using your vibrator.

Me: (scrunching my nose in disbelief) For hours?

Mr. McK: (shrugging) I thought it went on for a long time, but who am I to judge?

I told him if he really thought that's what I was doing then he should have come to help me. He smirked at me. I have no idea what that means.

Later on in the day I was telling him the plot of my soon to be released book:

Me: So she sells herself in this auction at a BDSM club.

Mr. McK: And someone buys her for the weekend?

Me: Yeah.

Mr. McK: And she cleans his house?

Me: (furrowing my brow in confusion) No, but she goes home with him. Why would she clean his house?

Mr. McK: Look, if I'm laying out that kind of money for someone to come back to my house, she can at least dust.

Me: (shaking my head) You're a weirdo.

Mr. McK: You're selling people in auctions and I'm the weirdo?

Me: Yes.

Mr. McK: (walking away mumbling) Sex trafficker.

Then we made guacamole and watched a Lifetime TV movie. It is not a bad life.


  1. LOL! love that conversation! You and your hubs are so funny and witty together. :) Alexis Alvarez

    1. We definitely laugh a lot, thanks Alexis :)

  2. Okay, it's embarrassing when I have to prove I'm not a robot by picking all the pictures that contain hamburger, and I do it wrong THREE TIMES. But you're still funny as heck! -Alexis Alvarez

  3. I'm actually laughing out loud! "Sex trafficker"

    1. Yeah, I guess if the whole writing thing doesn't work out then I have a back up plan.

  4. Hi Casey, I have just posted a couple of our conversations, I am a babe in the woods compared to you! Sex trafficker...... Nope can't stop giggling
    love Jan,xx