Thursday, July 9, 2015

"I Prefer to Call it a Spanking."~ April Vine is Visiting!

I have April Vine on my blog today talking about her new book His Captive Bride!

Thank you so much, Casey for having me today. I’ve brought two of my favorite people with me as well. Rajeev Yuvaraj, my sexy Indian billionaire and Hayley Kent, my sweet but saucy American heroine. Together they put the spank in His Captive Bride, published by  Stormy Night Publications.

When twenty-two-year-old Haley Kent’s best friend decides to elope with the man she loves and avoid a marriage her parents have arranged for her, Hayley agrees to help. She travels to India and presents herself in disguise to Rajeev Yuvaraj, the handsome thirty-two-year-old billionaire her friend was supposed to marry. But when he discovers their ruse, the plan goes badly awry and Hayley quickly ends up as not only Rajeev’s wife but his prisoner as well.

Rajeev is no heartless tyrant, but when his new bride bites him, swears at him, and treats him with general disrespect, he decides that it is time to take her in hand. Soon enough, Hayley finds herself over her firm-handed husband’s knee for a hard spanking on her bare bottom, with more to come if her behavior makes it necessary. Yet despite his archaic views on how a wife should be kept in line, Hayley cannot resist the powerful need his dominance awakens within her. But if the opportunity to return home presents itself, will she cast aside her growing love for him, or is she truly ready to spend her life with the man who took her as his captive bride?

Publisher’s Note: His Captive Bride is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Would she leave him with a scar for life? She shuddered. He’d deserve it for marrying her against her will. “Oh? What are you going to do, send me to my room without any supper like I’m some rebellious ten-year-old because I bit you? You are holding me against my will. Or, do I have to remind you of that fact?”
“No. You deserve the kind of discipline appropriate for a woman your age.” He rolled the sleeves of his shirt up. Powerful forearms, splattered with fine straight hair intrigued her more than they should.
She took a step back, placing a hand to her stomach. “Are you going to hit me?” Dread filled her stomach. God, what had she gotten herself into?
“I prefer to call it a spanking.” Done with rolling his sleeves up, he slipped his hands into his pockets and regarded her again.
The man couldn’t possibly be serious. No way. “You have got be to be kidding me, right?” She laughed so much, tears rolled down her eyes. He allowed her the amusement, just stood there with his legs braced apart, gorgeous and…staid.
She stopped laughing, bit her lip for a few seconds, and then said,“You’re serious?”
In answer, he unbuckled his belt. Moisture pooled in her pussy. No, totally wrong reaction. She had stepped backwards into an elaborate marble dressingtable. The leather swished through the loops of his trousers as he closed in on her.

Her legs couldn’t move. Her brain stalled. She watched as he held the buckle in his palm and wrapped the leather around his hand. She grazed his golden skin with her gaze and followed the contours of his wide shoulders to the powerful collarbones visible through his tie-less shirt; the angles, planes, and sinewy muscles of his chest and abdomen—not in the least concealed by the fine fabric—and lower to the impressive bulge in his pants. Hmm…what was she doing?

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Author Bio
APRIL VINE is a night-time erotic romance writer and a daytime professional dreamer. She adores books, chocolates and shoes, and is happiest doing all three at the same time.
She lives in a house with boys and a few four-legged furry things and has come to accept both species for the strange creatures they are.

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