Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Do I Need a Safeword?"~ Excerpt from my New Book~ Mastered

My new book Mastered is coming out this week! It's a BDSM menage romance and I ended up falling in love with each of the characters. I hope you do too!


Tom and Adam have been best friends for a long time. Hailey ends up at the BDSM club they are both part owners of and they end up taking her home. The catch is she's inexperienced and lied on her club application. They agree to teach her some things over the weekend and let her get her feet wet at being a submissive.

Tom got off of his stool and held his hand out to Hailey to help her down. She gave him a wary look but placed her hand in his and hopped down. He led her into the den. It was a large room and masculine in decor. He had a desk in the corner, but a majority of the room was occupied by a large leather couch. An ottoman centered before the sofa doubled as a coffee table and footrest. This was the room where he relaxed. It seemed like a good place to start things off.
He motioned for her to sit and she tentatively perched on the edge of a cushion. He leaned on the back of the armchair across from her, studying her, trying to pick up on her nonverbal cues. If she seemed overly panicked or distressed he would call a halt to things. Otherwise, he was really looking forward to opening her eyes to new experiences. She rubbed her hands over her bare arms.
"Are you cold?"
She shook her head.
"Hm, there you go again. You need to learn how to respond properly. That's a bad habit you'll have to break," he said. "Or I'll help you break it."
"Sorry, no. I'm not cold," she said, dropping her hands in her lap.
"I'm not cold, sir."
"What?" she asked, her eyes wide.
Christ, she was adorable. "When you're addressing me or Adam you will call us sir. Any dominant you're with, really." But he didn't want to think about anyone else being with her.
"Oh, okay." She nodded her head. "Sir," she added, almost as an afterthought, like she was testing it out on her tongue. He liked the way she said it.
He heard Adam walk into the room behind him. 
"The first thing you should know when entering any kind of scene is you hold all the power," Tom started.
"I do?" she asked, flicking her gaze from him to Adam. He knew what she was thinking, one of them could easily overpower her, nevermind both of them. 
"Yes, anytime you want to stop, or you feel uncomfortable, then everything stops."
"You mean with sex," she said.
"With anything," he clarified.
She wrinkled her forehead. He understood her confusion if she assumed this whole agreement was just about sex.
“Do you know what a safeword is?”
“Yes, do I need one?” Hailey asked, searching his face.
“You should have one. I don’t think you’ll need it, but I’d like you to choose one.”
“Mochaccino,” she said, then bit down on her lip as color infused her face.
“Okay, mochaccino,” he said, give her a reassuring smile. “Let's start with something simple. Come over here, take off your jeans and kneel,” he directed, pointing to a throw rug he had in front of the fireplace.
"Take off my jeans?" she questioned, a note of incredulity creeping into her tone.
"Lesson one, questioning will earn you extra," Adam said.
"Extra what?" She didn't move from her seat and she tucked her hands beneath her.
"She's almost making this too easy," Adam said to him with a bemused smile.
Tom walked over to the couch and sat beside her. She shifted in her seat but turned to look at him after a moment. "Your job right now is to follow instructions. You obey, without questioning."
"But what if I don't want to?" she asked, tears shimmering her eyes. 
She hadn't bolted yet, so he took that as a positive signal. If he was reading her right, she wanted this, but she was confused about how to go about it.
"If you can't, then you say something. But don't question, or try to bargain," he explained. "Just obey." He cupped her cheek and she leaned into his touch. She was more of a natural than he assumed she even knew.
"Now, go over there, take off your jeans, and kneel." 
She followed his eyes back to the carpet he had gestured to before.
"Do you think you can do that?"
She nodded and he put his hand under her chin. Turning her to face him he said, "Sorry I didn't hear you."
"Yes, sir," she murmured, her cheeks flushing under his gaze.
"Good, we understand each other then." He sat back with satisfaction as he watched her rise and cross the room. She stood in the middle of the throw rug, she kept her eyes on her toes as the shucked her jeans, kicking them to the edge of the carpet. She was left in a tiny scrap of lace that was partially hidden by the top she still wore. That would go soon enough.
He looked over at Adam who still stood in the doorway. He tilted his head in his direction as they both looked over at Hailey who had awkwardly sunk to her knees.
Adam took his cue and walked over to her. Placing a hand on her shoulder he pushed her to sit back on her heels. "Good. Spread your knees a little more." They both watched as she obeyed. "That's it. Now put your hands on your thighs, turn them over so your palms face the ceiling."
Adam took a step back to look her over. "You are a delectable little package," he commented.


Hailey needs money fast, and will do anything to get it. Even lie on her application to enter an auction at Fetishes, a BDSM club. One weekend. She'll get the money she needs and anything else will be a bonus. She can handle one Dom for a weekend...except she ends up with one Dom too many.

Tom's reluctant to get himself back into the BDSM scene since his failed marriage. Adam loves his carefree life—nothing tying him down or keeping him in the same place for too long. Neither of them are looking for a relationship. But then wide-eyed Hailey shows up and proves to be a temptation that neither of them can pass up. They offer her an introduction to the lifestyle, and they intend to show her what it's like to be a trained submissive. It's just one weekend...

The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred and soon Hailey fears she'll only end up with a broken heart. When she disappears, can these two Dominant men admit their true feelings for her?

Coming soon...

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