Friday, July 10, 2015

Spanking it Out

I'm sitting here with a deliciously stinging ass. I wasn't looking to get spanked today. I can't say I even wanted it. But apparently I needed it, or so it was thought so by my husband. That is debatable, but I wasn't going to argue.

Have you ever been trying to figure out something in your mind and someone starts talking to you mid-thought and all you want to say is, "Shut up for a second!"

It was kind of like that. I was looking through some things and trying to get something sorted out and Mr. McKay started talking about something and although I didn't say what I wanted to say—I got snippy. And I'm sure my facial expressions were saying what I really wanted to say.

He went outside to take a work call and I figured out what I had been trying to figure out so I was feeling a lot lighter and my mood was a lot better by the time he came back in.

I motioned him over to my computer desk because I wanted to show him what I had been doing, and I stood up to give him a hug, because I felt like we could both use a hug. Tensions had been running high.

He hugged me and kissed me and then pushed me over the back of the armchair and tugged my pants and panties down.

It was in my mind to stop him, this wasn't what I was intending and I wasn't even sure I was in the right frame of mind.
*If you can't read the cartoon- "We never seem to have a discussion I can win!"

And what is this for anyway? Aren't I allowed to be snappish once in a while? Can't I have a few moments in my own thoughts to figure something out without having to be completely agreeable all the time?

He spanked and it hurt. I wiggled and whimpered out an "ouch" and he didn't stop. My skin broke out into a fine sheen of sweat and he didn't stop. I realized that it wasn't even really turning me on. But I didn't ask him to stop.

And then he did stop, and he pulled my pants back up. He said to the cat (who's nap we had disrupted on the back of the armchair) "Sorry, mommy needed a spanking."

Then we hugged and he apologized for snapping at me before his call. Who does that? Who gets into an almost argument and then spanks their wife and then apologizes to her?

But it made me smile, and it made things feel better.

And the aftermath got my juices flowing. The whole 'take charge-no nonsense thing' he had going on was pretty hot. It just took me a few minutes for my brain to process. 

Then we had an afternoon sexual interlude (I think I just like that term)—I really won't go into details because real life is less sexy than romance novels especially when you're wearing a medical boot. He helped me unfasten all the velcro straps and we both made jokes about how it was the lamest strip tease ever.

Also, my right ass cheek is smaller than my left now, from not using my leg for so long. It is really noticeable. Mr. McKay wanted to know if it hurt more, or if he should spank it less. Really, all I could feel was that it jiggled more. I need to do some squats!

There have been plenty of times that something has happened between us and I would think "I wish he would just spank me." This wasn't one of those times. And I wouldn't say that a spanking can fix everything, in fact if I were feeling more emotional it may have made things worse. But in this one instance it did get us both out of our moods and then into bed. It was a good day.


  1. Yay for spankings! And you know, I can't resist with the body mechanics advice. Try wall sit! I give it as homework exercise to all my knee clients because it's a static muscle builder. Start with 30 seconds and work your way up to 60. :)

  2. Grateful for you writing this blog