Sunday, July 19, 2015

Creeping Out of the Kink Closet

This past week was a big week for me. First off, in this journey of "the summer of the broken ankle", I am finally able to put full weight on my injured leg! No more crutches! I still have a medical boot, but it's nice to be able to stand on my own two feet.

Secondly, I finished editing a book I'm putting out this week. Completely started and finished while I've been out on medical leave. Stay tuned for snippets and teasers :) I'm really proud of this one. I feel like I really found a groove and for the most part it just flowed.

The big thing that happened (besides walking) was I had an article published in a magazine! You can read Remark Magazine online. My article "Was it Something I Said?" is on page 56 of the July/August Issue.

It's a post I originally had on my blog a while back, so you may have read it already, but something about seeing the words I wrote in a magazine made me giddy!

When I was contacted by Remark a few months ago I was so excited that I told one of my real life friends. She's my derby wife and she knows I write erotic romance. She's always asking me how writing is going and she's shown interest in possibly penning her own stories.

For a while I wouldn't tell her my pen name. I mean, she seemed open minded about it all, but what if she wasn't? I couldn't bear the thought of being judged, or having her think of me differently based on what I write (and what I blog about—which is my real life).

I did eventually bite the bullet and tell her my pen name and she downloaded one of my books. I waited for the walls to close in on me, for the sky to cave in, and the world to end. But nothing happened.

She didn't treat me differently, or make me feel like a weirdo. She continued to ask about writing and what new things I was working on. So when I knew I was getting published in a magazine she was one of the first people I told and it felt liberating.

Then the day came where the issue went live. I took another leap and sent her the link.

I knew it was very possible she would forget to read it. Or she would read it and have no comment. I was no longer worried she would have a negative reaction, but I braced myself for no reaction. 

She got back to me and told me she was proud of me and she loved my article. She also agreed on all points :)

I am lucky in the fact that I have an incredibly supportive husband. But it does get exhausting at times feeling like I am leading a double life. It makes me happy that I have stuck my toe out of the kink closet and not had it bitten off. 

And now I'm touting the wonders of anal sex to one magazine reader at a time :)


  1. This is amazing Casey! So proud of you! And it's awesome that your derby wife supports you too. ;)

  2. Very cool! I'm trying to get the magazine to load up so I can see!!

    1. It's exciting to see it in "print". I'm definitely going to buy a copy.