Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Little Game to Get Things Started~ WiP It Up!

I'm excited to be back at Wip It Up Wednesday!

I have an excerpt to share from my new BDSM menage romance Mastered which will be out this week!

Tom and Adam have been best friends for a long time. Hailey ends up at the BDSM club they are both part owners of and they end up taking her home. The catch is she's inexperienced and lied on her club application. They agree to teach her some things over the weekend and let her get her feet wet at being a submissive.

Hailey's already lied to them and is still having trouble following basic protocols they've asked her to follow. Right now she's kneeling in front of her Doms for the weekend. 

"First we start with some basics. A little question and answer session. A little game to get things started," Adam continued.
"Adam likes games," Tom told her, with a tilt of his head, his lips formed a crooked grin as if he were sharing a secret with her.
Adam shrugged, unfazed by the friendly barb, not at all denying that he liked to play games. She was sure it was probably a kinky game, her heart sped up at the thought of it.
"Then, I think we need to address a proper punishment," Adam said, looking to Tom as if seeking permission.
"Most definitely. It needs to be taken care of tonight," Tom agreed.
Something quickened in her core and she could feel liquid heat seep into her panties. She resisted the urge to slide her thighs together. She dutifully held the position Adam had put her in, but her cheeks heated thinking they might notice a wet stain between her legs.
It occurred to her she should refuse. How dare they think they could punish her for anything? And hadn't Tom said she could tell them to stop at any point? She should say something now before things went any further.
"Any questions?" Adam asked.
Yes, a million. But she shook her head.
"Keep that up and we'll get to your punishment before you've had any fun." She blinked back at Tom, his voice had gone stern. And dammit if her panties didn't get wetter at his tone.
She worked to unstick her tongue from the roof of her mouth. "No, sir," she answered lamely.
Adam looked satisfied, but she still felt Tom's eyes on her. She couldn't bring herself to look at him again.
"First, our game," Adam said. "We'll ask you questions and then you are going to answer them honestly."
"No lying," Tom added, placing his hands on his hips.
"Do I get to ask you questions?" Her question flew from her mouth before she had a chance to think.
"After. When we're done you can ask either of us anything you like," Tom said.
"Why can't I ask mine first?" She had no idea what she would ask, but it didn't seem fair they got to ask her first.
Adam smiled. "Forty thousand dollars says you'll wait and like it."
She stiffened, she had almost forgotten. Tom glared at Adam.
"What?" Adam whispered.
But Tom just shook his head and turned his attention back to her. "You'll have your chance to ask us your questions, later." He was back to a reassuring tone and she decided she preferred that. "We shouldn't have any secrets between us."

Mastered Blurb:

Hailey needs money fast, and will do anything to get it. Even lie on her application to enter an auction at Fetishes, a BDSM club. 

One weekend. 

She'll get the money she needs and anything else will be a bonus. She can handle one Dom for a weekend...except she ends up with one Dom too many.

Tom's reluctant to get himself back into the BDSM scene since his failed marriage. Adam loves his carefree life—nothing tying him down or keeping him in the same place for too long. Neither of them are looking for a relationship. But then wide-eyed Hailey shows up and proves to be a temptation that neither of them can pass up. They offer her an introduction to the lifestyle, and they intend to show her what it's like to be a trained submissive. 

It's just one weekend...

The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred and soon Hailey fears she'll only end up with a broken heart. When she disappears, can these two Dominant men admit their true feelings for her?


  1. 'Fetishes'- What a great name for a club.
    I want to know more about why she needs money so badly and what has pushed her into submission in order to get it.
    I have a feeling though, that she's going to get a lot more than she bargained for with these two hot Doms. ♥

  2. Yep, she's in for a great weekend. Great scene. :)

  3. I LOVE the premise of this! Hot snippet ;)