Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Time... Or More Time to Waste?

I am still here, closing in on the two month mark of being home from work with a broken ankle. I'm able to put weight on my leg now inside the boot. And I have started physical therapy, but I am just finding the whole thing terribly frustrating. Nothing is moving as fast as I would like it too.

It is nice to do some normal things now though. I can actually walk up and down the stairs in my house instead of scooting up and down them on my butt. Showering is easier. I can make dinner. I even cleaned the bathroom this weekend with relative ease. Slowly getting back to normal.

Meanwhile, I am working on edits for a book I wrote while entirely during my "broken ankle leave from work". This is the fastest I have completed an entire book ever. Mostly due to the fact that I figure if I am home and can't do anything then I better be writing. But here is the thing I don't understand: on a normal workday I would get up, have some breakfast and then write for a half hour to forty-five minutes before going to my full time day job. You would think that now I have much more time than just a half hour to write. I should be getting so much more writing done!

The truth is I've really only doubled my word count per day. I mean doubling my result is nothing to sneeze at, I guess. But if you think about it in hours, then I am not doing too well.

I was just going to say what am I doing with my time? But then I popped on facebook and lost twenty minutes of my life. So that is what I'm doing!

Yes, I have more time, and more time to waste.

When I'm working full time and I have less than an hour to write before work I am super focused. When I have ten minutes to check my email between work and roller derby I get to it and go. When I have fourteen hours to spend endless time on the internets only stopping when my hands cramp or my butt falls asleep in the chair? Disaster. Complete disaster.

But hey, I did finish a book! Cover coming soon. And I am starting on the next. I think my time at home may be coming to an end. (Well it will be sooner rather than later, it was good while it lasted but I will be thrilled to have two working ankles again and get my ass back on skates!)


  1. Hi Casey, hope it's okay to pop in. I am glad your ankle is getting better. Don't worry about wasting time, just enjoy the fact that for a few weeks you can!!Glad you have written another book :)
    love Jan,xx

    1. Thanks for stopping in! Guests are always welcome :) And thanks for making me feel better about being a time waster!

  2. Glad you are getting around again. Can't wait for your new book! ;)